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    I don't have a jug so i don't know what the amounts are. I don't really know if those jugs are a complete nutrient, and i don't know what kind of ratios you are getting going by the jug instructions.

    Like @Dalek Supreme said about the perlite from MG, you could try watering more often. Since the ph of the solution in the reservoir could be swinging over the time of 4 days because of the instability of your nutrients or the swings caused by MG perlite.

    Shoot for an NPK of 3-1-2 or 3-1-3 since hempy's are a form of container growing (even though they are a passive hydro system).

    Without pictures most of this is just basics to try.

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    Dalek glad to hear from you again. Are you still dabbling in couch cushions?
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    Dalek Supreme

    Dalek Supreme Well-Known Member


    Couch Cushion, or Polyurethane foam is a staple for my cloning method.

    Hydroton is my main medium. Polyfil cannot support a large plant. If I ever went from micro to macro growing? I think a 60% Hydroton & 40% Polyfil mix in Hempy would be Tits?

    I remember your name & avatar. I think you were the guy putting nutrient pellets in your Hempy, or did you have 5 gallon bucket outdoor grows?

    Good to see a familiar face even if the details are sketch.

    Once you go Couch Cushion, Buds you be a pushin.
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    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    Happy 4th all US Hempy Fans. I haven't updated any grow in quite awhile. It's just harder to post bad stuff. Anyways my Malawi & Zamaldelica grow went south then circled twice before the flush. I wasn't paying much attention with the new feeding regime. I had a serious ph problem and I never checked anything. The Mal took it worse and was gone by wk 8 (was supposed to go 17-18wks) I finished the 2 Zam's and there's nothing there worth smoking, the buzz is there but the flavor is gone. maybe water hash. Also during this grow I had my first ever bulb explosion, good thing I had the hood glass on.

    16-05-14d46_M&Z 04riu.jpg

    Solis Tek 1K explosion riu.jpg

    My current grow is clones of the Zamaldelica, gone back to my regular feeding regime, and I'm trying to force balls using CS and make some fem seeds. Photos 6/14 transferred into hempy then today day 12 of flower. Front right is the spay subject, front left is an added subject that I thought would be a good candidate for the Zam pollen, its a Purple Heroin.

    16-06-14.3 riu.jpg

    16-07-03d12.1 riu.jpg

    And finally an upgrade to my 2gal bucket line, Black buckets. The old ones after 1/2 a decade of service are dumpster bound.

    Buckets 3 riu.jpg

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Hey Watt, good luck on this run!
    I have a stack of different size Hempy's, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 gallon,
    Yay I guess I should do the same and send them to be recycled, but I know as soon as I do I will need them, LOL


    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Hey Watt, do not mind the missing Malawi....I never came back
    with mine either, you may realize. LOL....yeah, I actually have a decent
    Golden Tiger from Ace going. I will post a shot later, after lights on.

    Breeds that can go 16-20 weeks are fairly insane. :0)

    It was good to see the heads chiming in.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member


    I must take it at first opportunity but that will still be 9/4

    I need to clean up my grow area....worked with way too many breeds this
    last year and it got tough to keep up.

    Take care!
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Good to see you too there my friend, I agree that too many strains are a pain in the butt.
    If I had a good place to just keep some mom's that would be the way to go.
    I lost my Exodus Cheese mom a few months back and just had to plant my White Rhino in the ground a couple of days ago, and I don't think she is going to make it.
    Have two strains going now, Blue Cheese from Big Buddha seeds and Barneys
    Farm Critical Kush which are in solo's right now.
    Changing grow method, trying a vertical grow, 5 plants in a new 4x4 Gorilla Tent Lite. Getting it all set up now, have seedlings in there under a 4 light T5 at present.
    Check it out when you get a chance, this has been a whirlwind grow, so many changes.

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    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    As far as the Malawi I am releaved. But I'm still disappointed I couldn't make the time fruitful.

    The Golden Tiger looks like the shit's and should fill out, but that's just what I've seen in the promo photos. The Zamaldilicia is a cross of the Golden Tiger and Zamal. At 2wks hoping stretching will stop at 3 or soon after, can't raise the light much more. Still haven't seen any balls on the colloid silver subject yet, but not sure how long it might take on a 14 wk plant. Best of luck with your Dragon.
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    ISK Well-Known Member


    was that bulb that blew up a HPS or MH (and I'm assuming it was 1000 watts) ... how old was the bulb?

    makes me worry a bit, as I don't have a glass shield on my hood, and my floor is carpet.....I may need to address this risk factor before my next grow
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    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    It was a 1000W and a hi red spectrum MH bulb that ran on a HPS ballast. So you might call it a conversion bulb. That's why I have loved using the 400W Philips CMH it has a built in safety outer shell and is rated for open fixtures. Philips is now pimping the 315W CMH and it is rated for open fixtures also. Most HPS and MH bulbs are not rated for open fixtures.
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    ISK Well-Known Member

    I had heard that MH bulbs are more likely to blow-up than the HPS, but that may be just another RIU myth.

    I may look into the CMH, as I want to get a lower powered HID, as my 600 HPS produces too much heat for me to deal with in the summer months

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    I've been looking at the 315 since the 400 is no longer available. There's a thread on the bulb and fixtures I'm looking to buy the conversion kit
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    grapefruitmarmalade Well-Known Member

    Have you ever considered a DIY LED light?
    I'm going with a [rough percentages] 40% 3000K + 40% 4000K + 10% 2700K + 10% 5000K chip on board array for a 2'x2' space. Everything 80 CRI
    I'm still waiting on the 3000K LEDs
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
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    Growdict Well-Known Member

    10 cobs in 4 sqft?

    grapefruitmarmalade Well-Known Member

    6 in total. two Cree CXA3050 3000K, two Vero 18 4000K, one Nichia NSCLJ216A (2700K) and one Nichia NSCWJ216A (5000K).

    A real frankenstein build
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    Wesley Snipes

    Wesley Snipes New Member


    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    Got some Purple trainwreck going in what i'm calling a modified hempy setup until I come up with a better name. what do hempy experts think about this:
    I've got airpots filled with a 75/25 perlite/coco mix and OC+ CRF nutes. These airpots have open (grid-like) bottoms so i've positioned them in deep catch trays with air stones in the catch tray. Water can enter through the sides of the containers as well as the bottom, so its very much like a hempy bucket from the perspective of having a reservoir the roots can grow down into. I've added the airstones mostly because I had a pump, stones and tubing just lying around not doing anything. But in principle, this should be very similar to a hempy setup, no?
    What do you hempy folks think about this?
    I could see there being a problem with diluting any water soluble nutes into the larger reservoir, or at least not really knowing whats in there at any given moment--say in the event that I have to add calmag or something. I can also see there being an issue of measuring the pH of the single large catch tray for both plants, but active hydro folks have to monitor their reservoirs all the time, so this shouldn't be too terrible.
    Love to hear your thoughts!
    Be easy,
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    ISK Well-Known Member

    It sounds more like a DWC than hempy but with your background and experience, I'm sure you will be successful.

    My first thought it will lack oxygen, but with the airstones I don't think that will be an issue

    As you mentioned, the large reservoir may cause you some grief...if you had a way to pump it out, you should be able to control an undesirable situation.

    good luck......keep us posted
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    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i guess its more like a shallow water culture, semi-passive hydro set-up. I'm not sure i'll really need to drain the catch tray/reservoirs, though. Its actually a little like dankswagg's phogs experimentation i guess, but instead of using organic soil, i'm using OC+.
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