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    Autos, lol
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    Sorry to be so misinformed but being from the UK Is it the case now in America and Canada that seeds are freely available to buy ( Maybe at the dispenseries) Is stealth still a big issue ? I'm not to well clued up on the situation Stateside at present--people tend to use the same seedbanks once they have had good results and service, Id love to try some of the seeds from US and Canadian seedbanks but like if possible to order direct--reason for this is some of the big European seedbanks ( usually Amsterdam) sell loads of US seeds but I wonder how long they have been sitting on the shelf--I buy at present from 420UK and tend to stick with old time or popular at the time strains as I feel they will be fresher. Then again maybe I'm just paranoid.

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    that's exactly where I was at, I got stuck in a rut because whom I bought from could deliver the goods. got to a point where nothing was germinating anymore and what did was shit genetics no matter the claimed breeder.

    for the most part, yes, seeds are "freely" available though not free at all by any stretch of the imagination. mail order, walk in, etc. no customs, no stealth needed at ALL. You can almost practically label them as weed seeds on the outside and they will arrive safe and sound.


    if you're across the pond and want seeds from the US, stealth is at least somewhat of an issue. Most US seedbanks offer some kind of stealth but not like the big euro banks and you have to make arrangements, etc. one caveat, most us seedbanks don't exacly have all the current strains featured in high times or weed world. I would say definitely fresher though. another caveat, most us seedbanks do not offer online payment, cash or money order.

    I don't think you're paranoid, I think you might be high though. It's not a crime, it's a cure.
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    Does that apply on everything they sell, cause all my seeds I got it from them, and many are reefermans'. How do I buy seeds directly from reeferman?
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    You gotta hit him up on Facebook thats the only way to get the real deal.. we asked him he said its not his gear.
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    @Naija if you cant find his page let me know I will help ya out.

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    I use to buy my seeds from smokeaway(.us) but now they only sell bud, you can buy bud from them and have it shipped anywhere though so thats great. I live in North Carolina and it can be hard to come by. You have to pay by bitcoin or moneypak though. It arrives within a few days here to NC, in a regular brown box and the bud is vacuum packed.
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    Swani seeds = great lances and old world genetics !!!!! worth a look !!!!!!!!!!!!! OOne must be nuts to order weed thru the mail, specially in no legal states !! ????

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    Hey Genius.... you realize this is a grower forum? Do your parents know you are buying weed online?

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