1. W

    Need a caregiver

    Need a caregiver in east Mesa . I was hit by a car. went to a marijuana doctor , qualified. Received an approval email from the state of Arizona saying my mmj card is on the way. It’s been a month and I have no card and no medicine. Have all paperwork and approval email. My doctor says I can...
  2. AverageJoe1

    Selling to Dispensaries? - Michigan

    Does anyone know what is going on with Michigan legislation (2019) exactly? Can caregivers still sell to dispensaries, or do they have to be licensed? Also, what is the best way to find patients for a caregiver in Michigan? Any other resource information for Michigan caregivers to generate...
  3. BulkDistillate

    Best way to sell "Bulk Distillate" under a Maine Caregiver License? (Within Legal Limits of Course)

    Hello all, thanks in advance for any helpful ideas. We are newly registered medical Caregivers in Maine, sitting on our first batch of Distillate. Leafly Article about what Distillate is, if unfamiliar: Can't post links yet so please Google "leafly what-are-cannabis-distillate-concentrates"...
  4. D

    starting my first organic grow next week. ASK ME what I am doing to setup.

    How do you handle nutrient deficiencies in your ORGANIC GROW? any special teas you are using? How do you mix your soil? what organisms are you adding? do you recommend a certain top dressing? Can you recommend a reputable research site? I am going to document my experience with writings...
  5. M


    I have grown for myself for several years and I just became a caregiver for my husband. I am currently looking to take on 2 patients. Are there other caregivers out there that can give me some advice as to how to find patients? I have left my card at all the MMJ doctor's offices that I know...
  6. C

    California Caregiver Laws

    If one has a felony for "manufacturing marijuana" in another state are they able to become a licensed caregiver in CA? If so how does one become a caregiver?
  7. A

    Seeking caregiver with "clean" product

    Hi everyone. I got my card due to debilitating chronic lyme disease. In addition to this I have developed some mold and chemical sensitivities. This is why I am looking for a caregiver that grows mold/pesticide free cannabis. I know this can be difficult but I would like to find someone who...
  8. J

    Las Vegas, Nv collectives, co ops.

    In short, you cannot be a caregiver for more than one patient. So that limits you to only 12 plants. That is until "Question 2", recreational may get passed. Now I was seeing that there may be a way around this. If you have caregivers or mmj patients all have "residency" for a place of...
  9. M

    MMJ Caregiver software?

    Been working on some software for a little while to help caregivers manage their patient interactions. Things like making renewal applications easier, storing all the legal documents for safe keeping, alerts to send new product to patients, finding new patients, etc. It would also be a place for...
  10. J

    Making a Living as Caregiver in AZ

    Is it truly possible to make six figures as a caregiver in the state of Arizona? I have a couple patient's and could get all 5 wich would be 60 plants total but I mean is it really worth it? Where is all the product going to? Is it even legal to sell lbs to the dispensary's out here or is the...
  11. H

    Trim in Maine for sale or for the taking

    Any trim for grabs or for sale? Willing to travel if reasonable. Can also turn your trim into concentrate of you want
  12. H

    Process for Caregivers

    Hey everyone, my first post ever here with hopefully more to come. So I plan on becoming a caregiver through the state of Maine. My question is how long does the process take from payment to the state, to legally be allowed to grow for another patient? I know you have to find a patient first...
  13. kindasobr

    What do RI patients / caregivers do w/ excess harvest weight?

    As I'm sure most of you know, the possession weight limit of "smokeable" mmj is 2.5 oz. While I'm all sure we can agree the law is vague at best and full of gray areas, what I want to know / am curious about is; if you legally grow in the state of RI and you keep it legit, what do you do with...