general hydroponics

  1. TripleCCCannabis

    Grape Rock Candy by Square 1 Genetics(no pistol pheno)

    Spent about 60 days in flower. GH 3 Part nutrients in coco coir 3 gl grow bags. 1 month veg, 2 month flower. Fed twice daily around 1000 ppm
  2. calvin.m16

    MaxiBloom Feed Chart Recommendations do not match application?

    I've been using Maxi & CaliMagic with RO water for a while now, there are a couple issues with this situation, I think Maxi is designed to be used with tap water, I do not have this option because my well water is 400 ppm (TDS) of bullshit. That said, when I mix up 5ml/gal of Armor Si, 7...
  3. T

    Dwc ace killer og grow follow on YouTube

    Hey everyone new to this forum wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been growing around 3 years started in soil and quickly moved to hydroponics. I still do soil every now and then on the side but will always have ladies in my grow room. I grow from seed to get a mother started then I run her...
  4. N

    lucas Formula with LEDs - wtf!?!

    I have been growing with T5 in veg and HPS on bloom for over a decade. i just switched to LEDs... ( GC e420ROI & fluence SPYDRx in Veg ) and GC e4720ROI in bloom... I used to use the 5/10 with GH flora series in veg under T5, the bump it up to the full strength 8/16 in bloom under HPS. never...
  5. the marijuana don

    New to growing DWC looking for some advice

    Starting a dwc non Recirculating. I have two plants and ones been pretty stunted and the other now has a spot of gold coloring on the leaf. The pictures below show it better then explaining it. Thanks
  6. BigMoistDaddy

    First month into my first grow. Just topped and need opinions on a few things

    a few of my leaves on just one of the plants is showing problems. I just topped my plants today and I’m hoping I didn’t mess anything up. Other then accidentally snipping a leaf. I’m using General hydroponics nutrients along with their pH up and down. I have three SF 1000 and a additional...
  7. Gift.weed.exe

    Yellowing tips in flower

    Hello all, I got thoses clones from my brother 3 weeks ago, and they were about 1/3 of the size they are now. My brother is notoriously an heavy feeder and he was always giving them about 1700ppm or more of ghe nutes WITHOUT any problem. I give them 1500ppm each watering. Since you guys always...
  8. L

    Did I messed her up?

    Hey guys.. this is my 1st time growing an Auto and im using coco as my medium and General hydroponics as my Nutes I have it in 4x4 tent with 480 QB light.. with 18/6 Lighthing They are in week 2 flowering basically i have issues in my tent regarding the temperature its so hot around 86-90...
  9. IIVIIetal

    GH FLORA PRO in ebb and flow, grams/gal

    Hey everyone! Just thought ide make a post here about mixing a reservoir with the flora pro nutes. i saw one thread on here from earlier this year, however they didnt really touch on what im wanting to know. What does the grams/gal work out to when you factor in dilution in the stock tanks and...
  10. H

    So far soooooo ok…..

    the set up: So far everything is going .. ight. Lol. Started with four, lost 1 of each (one I think I knocked off the roots doing a nute change, other one not sure about, stress?) replaced the two I lost. 2 wedding cake, 2 Girl Scout...
  11. H

    Supplementary nutrients

    So I’m gonna us general hydroponics for my main nutrients. I also plan on using calmag and I have hydro guard for root protection. Anything else I should pick up before hand or is the basic three + 2 good enough?
  12. H


    So this is my first setup and honsestlh ive enjoyed it even though I’m WAY over budget :roll: lol hasn’t hit too hard though, I’ve taken my time I’m setting up over the past 6 months or so. •I’m running a 5ftx4ftx6.6ft vivosun tent Doing DWC in two 17 gallon totes with 2 plants each. •Using a...
  13. H

    Initial well water quality

    I have some questions/concerns with my well water quality. I think it’s a bit harsh for hydro but RO isn’t an option at the moment. Have the potential to set up a rain barrel down the road like next spring lol. So my well water is about all I have to use results: Hardness - 336ppm EC - 0.93ms...
  14. H

    What it do

    What’s going on newbie here. Just putting some of the final touches on an indoor dwc hydro. Hopefully acquiring some clones shortly to start my first batch of tomaters. Hoping I can find all my answers to questions on this forum or at least annoy some of you OG’s for asking the same question...
  15. Jhef

    General Hydroponics Nute Cost Break Down

    This chart is for the recirculating feed cycle - will post a breakdown of the drain to waste program also. Figured someone might find this helpful..
  16. K

    My very FIRST Grow // Any Suggestions?

    Hey guys! First real post on here, and first time EVER trying to grow these beautiful ladies (hopefully ladies) Just looking for some insight on whether im going about this right, i dont have many friends whom dabble in this so im relying on these forums for some feedback. Had some issues with...
  17. 6 Leaf General

    DWC Starting. Questions for the experienced.

    Sup guys, Been doing some "dwc research" for about 3 weeks now. I think I've gotten everything I need to start. My plan is (5) 12g totes (HDX black with yellow tops) Painted the lids black with reflective foil over just in case, with 6in holes for the netting pots. Will be using hydroton pebz...
  18. J

    Can anyone tell me if this is calcium deficiency?

    Looking for helping identifying this yellowish brown spot
  19. L

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Any idea whats going on with my two girls here? One is about week 7 The other is week 5 GG#4 Autos by ILGM Grown in coco/pearlite mix 70/30 with general hydroponics tri (micro, gro and bloom) at about 1/4 strength between 1-3 ml per with .5-1 ml of bloom and about 3-5 ml of calmag per feeding in...
  20. Metro_Detroit

    Foliar Feeding Advice

    I’ve personally never used any sort of foliage feed but am increasingly interested. Mostly I’m looking into doing an epsom salt foliage spray but wonder what you guys/gals might be using and recommend. I veg under t5’s and flower with 1000w phantom DE’s, 24 plants in each room using general...