1. shattascam

    Shatta's adventures in legal hell

    Mid-may. Had a few puffs, went to get coffee. Pulled over for taking turn in wrong lane. Thought it was turning lane. My bad, my mistake officer. Officer Jimbob wouldn't let it go. Out of the car, roadside olympics (stand on your foot, wave your hands in your air like you just don't care, do...
  2. E

    CBD and hemp legalized

    Good news for Ohio CBD users! On July 30th, Governor DeWine signed Senate Bill 57, officially legalizing CBD and low-THC hemp in Ohio. CBD had previously been illegal, aside from its availability as medical marijuana at dispensaries, although tolerance and prosecution varied widely across the...
  3. Budzbuddha

    Confusing California laws for homegrown medicine

    As one tries to stay “ compliant “ ... it is hella hard to know the best information for both recreational/ medicinal growing .... some say 6 plants , some say 24 and some say 99. Looking for the right way to keep the po-po in check seems to be a very grey area. I reached out to Sacramento but...
  4. AverageJoe1

    Legal Question

    If one has a non drug related felony, and is on probation without mandated drug testing, can a Michigan Medical Marijuana card be obtained? For personal use only.
  5. J

    Does LE ever give up?

    Ahem, a buddy of mine had a few small "autos" outside last summer, as well as some inside. LE did flyovers in late August/Early Sept., looking for outdoor stuff. He knows this for a fact and knows for a fact that the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation was in on it. Needless to say, my...
  6. cannetix Inc

    What do you do for SECURITY in your grow area?

    As the title implies, this thread will focus on all things security. Tried to find a similar thread but had no luck, so hopefully, this isn't a duplicate. My apologies if it is! What are some of the tips, tricks, and tools you use to protect your grow space? We're mainly focusing on physical...
  7. RIPE

    Make It Legal_Aug 2017 Petition
  8. Lilvacationland

    Stopping Neoliberalism.

    I am at a cross roads because I don't want to come off too bitchy. I'm super progressive, which means I am totally disgusted with the level of corruption that is in our government now. Let's talk law, because if it weren't for the law, cannabis wouldn't be legal in my state ! If you have...
  9. C

    California Caregiver Laws

    If one has a felony for "manufacturing marijuana" in another state are they able to become a licensed caregiver in CA? If so how does one become a caregiver?
  10. John Kitchen

    Montana says rape ok, Weed, NO, NO, NO!

    Seriously, Montana has some of the harshest marijuana related drug laws in the country. Mandatory minimun sentencing, as per dot and 'T', can see a person face between 2 and 40 years for any amount of marijuana. I wrote an article a while back, and laziness prevents me from attaching the link...
  11. X

    Growing Personal Plants on Medical Farm

    I've been looking everywhere to find an answer to my question but I can not seem to find anything. Anyway, in about a month I will be moving to Oregon and living on a commercial medical cannabis farm. I think they are growing 48 plants and they have patients which the plants are assigned to. So...
  12. I

    Cops entered Home and found Personal Grow Operation

    Hey guys, like the title suggests, the cops had a "domestic violence" call due to a heated argument between two family members, and entered the house. Upon entering they found the grow room and asked if anyone had a "permit" to grow this, to which I responded by showing my doctors...
  13. Mateuszpl

    Craigslist add claiming rollitup gives ip to law enforcement lmao

    I figured i would give everyone a good laugh about a local add when i was looking for some genetics.
  14. GroErr

    Nice: A Quebec Judge Slammed Canada’s 'Antiquated and Ridiculous’ Marijuana Laws

    Too bad we didn't have this judge instead of Phelan, finally a judge with some common sensi...