1. giantcola

    DWC Single GIANT Girl, Timelapse from zero

    Hey growers, hope you had a good year start! At least about your gardening, like my case :eyesmoke: In this thread i'd like to post a diary of the first girl I'm growing in DWC since a long time ago, DIY set up! If anyone may be interested in more details about whathever I'll post more about...
  2. O

    When to trim and what?

    Hey guys so I’m a few weeks into flowering my plant. She’s healthy but growing into the walls of my tent. I’m noticing some very small bud sites on the bottom and through the canopy. Any recommendations on training/ training?
  3. ddeck96

    First time with photoperiods. Any advice with training?

    First photoperiod grow. Only done autos before. Been playing around with topping and trimming on the photos. How am I doing? Any advice? Strain: huckleberry (Thebank) About 30 days old
  4. frankenbong

    Dark Star Kush, TH Seeds, LST

    This is my first grow in a few years, moved around etc, finally got a box up and running and this is my first into budding.
  5. OGcloud808


    Just finished doing some HST this morning. Really my goal here is to keep the canopy nice and even as well as I can. So far it seems to be working pretty well. All have been topped, some more than once. I am bending the the stems without breaking until they feel soft and rubbery where I need...
  6. E

    Advise Requested - Outdoor SCROG, pruning, 2nd top ?

    Hi All, Its great to be part of the community! This post is a bit longer for which I apologize but I have some real noob questions about my current grow and how to take it further Questions: When can I TOP them again? (A) Can I top or FIM the side branches (B and C) ? I want to set up a...
  7. MicroGrowerTim


    Hello there my fellow growers So, for my next steps I am considering both topping and lst. I think the best option is to top first and then lst. But I am not sure if she is ready to be topped. Anyway she is getting too close to the lights and that will be no good for her... So there she...
  8. G

    Yield estimation??

    Hello, Im a newbie to this Group, im looking for someone that can give me some advice, on what people would think my end yield estimation would be for these girls ive got growing, currently in a 1.2x1.2x200, 3 girls in 25L Smart pots, Scrog net 2X 600W lights and vegged for 8 weeks minimum of...
  9. M

    Circle LST help!?

    I am running into a few problems and I feel like I’m either doing really good or I’m setting myself up to fail. I need more experienced eyes to maybe help guide me and drop some opinions and tips about my grow. My plant is currently in its 5 week of life (33 days old). I have been giving my...
  10. G

    Sea Of Green Canopy

    Hello, Question. I have 3 plants in 25L Fabric pots with a 1.2m scrog LST and 2 600w ballasts, if i supercrop all vegetation from screen under, also half way up wards, where light isnt penetrating, would that result in maximum potential end yield. Im in 2nd week Flowering today (Saturday) Many...
  11. City_Farmer

    4x strains (greenpoint seeds) 3000 watt grow room

    :peace: 4 strains from greenpointseeds * purple crunch x6 * ice cream punch x6 * crunch bubble x5 *lemon tree punch x5 **************GAMEPLAN HIGHLIGHTS************** * I PLAN ON STARTING ALL SEEDS IN A 1 GALLON POT. * SEEDLINGS WILL BE GROWING IN A 50/50 MIX OF COCO AND FOX FARMS OCEAN...
  12. MicroGrowerTim


    Hello there my fellow growes I am very excited to say that I am starting my very first grow. For a lot of reasons it must be a PC micro grow. I am currently germinating one WHIDAK 47 (AK 47 X WHITE WHIDOW) seed with the paper tower method and awayting other seeds to arrive. And I am now...
  13. G


    Hello there my fellow growes I am very excited to say that I am starting my very first grow. For a lot of reasons it must be a PC micro grow. I am currently germinating one WHIDAK 47 (AK 47 X WHITE WHIDOW) seed with the paper tower method and awayting other seeds to arrive. And I am now...
  14. Lagged

    Is my micro-grow ready for some mainlining or fim/topping?

    Hey all, we've got a micro-grow here and we're looking to do some training to keep the size down but the yields up. We're testing different methods to see how they work in our specific situation. These are all photoperiods, soil medium, started in solo cups and transplanted after 2.5 weeks to...
  15. L

    To remove or not to remove (thinning out limbs)

    This is my first grow so bear with me. Her name is Sharon. Just growing for fun so I can be Sharon bud with my friends. I just started my fourth week after switching to flowering and just defoliated most of my plant. However, there are a few limbs that are smaller and lower on my plant that I’m...
  16. M

    HELP! Buds growing above light bulb

    PLEASE HELP! My buds are flowering and growing above the light bulb, as it stays in a stealth PC grow 40cm×40cm×20cm. Although my efforts to keep it low height, it seems it was effortless. Does any body know it's a problem or how to solve it
  17. A

    Tangerine Dream Auto “Just Bent Her Over” Last Night

    Tangerine dream is the second auto i’ve ever ran. First one is just about finished up & had no interference whatsoever. Currently exploring New techniques. So i bent her over & Very lightly defoliated. Tell me what you guys think
  18. KnewpKnewp87

    Organic No Dig - Winging it!

    Ok guys, gonna try to lay it out here. I pulled the trigger and decided I'd just figure it out as I went. 40 gallon tote. Was vermiculture bin. Worms drowned (oops). I added peat/perlite/sand to the worm compost / organic matter that was left in the bin to fill it out. Along with a little...
  19. K

    Herm after supercropping? Help identify please

    :o about 2 weeks into flower, dealing with slight heat and humidity issues...(highs of 80 degrees farenheit with an RH of 70...but an average of 73 with 60 RH. One of my girls was stretching pretty bad so I supercropped for height control, same as I have in the past. Today I see this, wasnt...
  20. M

    Emergency question ‍♂️

    Guys what should i do, go with low stress , fim, top? Im confused a bit, pack seed 3 weeks old under one cfl, after 2 weeks switch to 2 bulbs, third week 4 bulbs.. so around 2 weeks to flowering im gonna put more light. Q: what fertilizer can get small one to can do the crop, if i was growing...