monster cropping

  1. SpawnOfVader

    Monster Cropping attempt 1

    I was regretting not grabbing some clones off my two strongest Lilac Diesel RBX2 girls before flowering so I figured it would be a good chance to finally try monster cropping. Went ahead and took two clones from each of my two strongest... if even one survives it will be worth it. Didn't do...
  2. .Smoke

    4 wks after M/C. Are they on track?

    These came off my first grow so I've never cloned or M/C'd before. Mother was 2wks into flower. Was just wondering if the growth between the pics for 4 weeks was average/normal for a soil grow? [Cuttings in cups I'm trying to keep small for a future grow]
  3. H.A.F.

    Monster-cropping 101

    Howdy again! Comments are welcome! I have tried and been successful getting a clone taken during flower to re-veg and produce, it was mostly luck because there is very little info out there. I have a regular grow journal on here, but thought this might be a good public service thingy. Here's...
  4. doctordetroit

    Monster cropped grow journal

    Let's start by saying I hope I get to complete this journal :) 11 clones monster cropped from 2 different mothers that were roughly 3-4 weeks into flower. They are in a DIY bubbler for 8-9 days now and the back ones are just starting to break roots (taken from lower portion of the doner plant)...
  5. Zbud94

    can i move a flowering indoor plant outdoors in spring ?

    hi all. have 2 critical kush by barnies farm that are just starting to receive 12/12 because i would like to monster crop some clones for this years outdoor season. my question is can i flower for a month indoors and may 1st move the flowering plants outdoors and continue flowering until june ...
  6. Alwayslearnin

    May be bad idea

    Ok, this may be a stupid question but, i haven't found a straight answer either. If a flowering plant gets pollinated, and is discovered before major seed production starts gaining, will it stop seed production and go back into veg still female? If so when jt comes time to flower the clonez...
  7. Dimensional Entity

    Monster crop experiment

    I had an early indoor harvest july 10th . i cloned from the mother 707 headband (humboldt) during flowering probably back in may. I kept them alive in a dome and planted them in June. I chucked two clones in a 20 gallon fabric sack outside. And this is what I have 30 days later.
  8. Gurthquake

    thoughts on my crops?!?

    I have 2 lemon fizz in dwc buckets 5gal 2"airstones 2 per bucket. Using AN connoisseur AB grow bloom and voodojuice. 2 weeks since I brought them home from club. Im kinda experimenting with them im fimming them and LST. One in a "V" the other I bent completely over so the stem lay flat. I LOVE...
  9. Rman18

    Help!! I think im revegging two weeks from harvest....

    Hey guys, the current set up going right now is a flowering clone received that I revegged and grew out. Vegged for about 3 set up a scrog. Threw her into flower been having some deficiency and other issues with this... never once was a plant ever this much of an issue and had so many...
  10. StumRumbler

    Clone a Blooming Auto?

    So I've read a little about monster cropping, but came across a comment that said you can NOT take a clone from an auto flowering plant in bloom phase, and expect it to produce. I've rooted some cuttings, but do not want to find out I wasted my time two months from now.. Thanks!
  11. TigerSquad

    light cycles and flowering questions

    So what I'm asking is do you have to keep your flowering plants in a 12\12. cycle. I flipped to 12/12, but a friend told me to increase production to push the cycle back to 18/6 but, there are 3 clones. If they revert back to veg that is called "monster cropping" and is any of this sensable...
  12. D

    Do you guys like trees?

    It's my first outdoor crop (second crop ever). What do you guys think? The second one is my attempt at monster-cropping.
  13. F

    MONSTER crop Lifecycle

    Hello to all.... I am starting this.thread so the community at large (or maybe even just myself) can acquire,accumulate, and culture knowledge on the growing technique named MONSTER CROP(ing). Simply enough and essentially its the process of taking a clone fron a plant that is already FLOWERING...
  14. F

    Questions on HEAT STRESS

    I have some clones that have heat stress..... What are some good methods to manage them.....and would foilar sprays be recommended
  15. F

    When to transplant?

    Hello.... I hve a few clones that look promising.... They are monater cropped or flowering clones.... That i have been veggibg since 6/26... The bottom leaves have almoat completly browned off and new growth has since been happening near the browned off leaves And im wondering if they are...
  16. D

    Opinions about my outdoor monstercropped plant

    Hey guy what do you think about my outdoor re-vegged plant? I flowered and harvested her indoors and moved her outdoors where she survived the shock and turned into this. The pot has it's bottom cut and roots go directly in soil so don yell at me for having her in a small pot.
  17. F

    Is this a N deficiency

    This is a "Flowering Clone" that has been "Monster Cropped" from a plant in bloom.... Is this clone showing signs of N deficiency ot something else.... IM STILL A NOOB.... Im using olivias cloning solution as the nutes untill the roots start forming.... If it is a N deficiency. What is a good...
  18. F


    First and foremost i would like to give a big shout out to all the people who diligently hone their skills whilehelping others to achieve success.I would like to thank RIU for being a medium for people like myself to "soak up" vital bits of information. I plan to become an active memeber on this...
  19. F

    FBF 1st Grow Journal (Noob CFL Grow,Help WELCOMED)

    First and foremost i would like to give a big shout out to all the people who diligently hone their skills while helping others to achieve success.I would like to thank RIU for being a medium for people like myself to "soak up" vital bits of information. I plan to become an active memeber on...
  20. HamGreasy


    So without knowing what monster cropping was, i clipped a flowering clone for fun off of one of my snowcap plants. I stuck the cutting in water for 2 weeks and noticed roots. Stuck the sucker in a solo cup with some FFOF, put it in my window and didn't give it any special treatment. Here it...