1. Canadian Growology

    Outdoors 2022 show ur grow!

    Welcome! Just about to start flowering Here's my recipe and what I did for this year's grow. This year's grow is a bit of a test between cheap municipal compost and a sunshine mix super soil. Roughly 30 gallons of soil inside cages wrapped in plastic about a foot and a half high amended...
  2. A

    First Grow Im Going To Do

    Hey all, Im starting my first guerilla grow in somerset , uk and was wondering if anyone had any useful tips and advice, im currently struggling to find any decent outdoor uk strains been looking at seeds from RGSC and RQS anyone had any luck with these seedbanks. Ive got a good spot in mind etc...
  3. stealthfader508

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Here it is guys, 2022 ... my whole family is locked down with the rona ... my son's out shooting baskets, my daughters are making tik toks, my wife's yelling at everyone, and I'm searching through strains for this years greenhouse candidates that won't mold .... I can't believe we shut down the...
  4. Buds420grow

    2 month 4 day old super skunk og

    Just wondering how these look for 2 month 4 day old plants ?? Fox farms trio w microbrew and kelp me kelp you ph adjusted water. 10.5-12 hours of direct sunlight. Topped them all a month ago thanks. Pics below taken next to 2 gallon watering can the plants are 27 inches tall average
  5. J

    Dr. Greenthumb's Gear

    Day 1 and 2 of grow. Used the paper towel method inside Ziploc bags. Germed about 80 seeds of Dr. Greenthumb. 40 or 50 goldmine, 4 of Iranian Cindy 99, 4 of Iranian Diesel, 4 of Iranian Chemdawg, 4 Of Iranian Bubba Kush, and 4 of Iranian G 13. The Cindy 99 was straight up poor germination. The...
  6. SwankDank

    Are these bugs good or bad

    Anyone know what those bugs are looks like a mite to me and i already removed the eggs from my plant but would like to know what they are
  7. P

    Where to prune please

    Where shall I prune this girl to help her grow evenly?
  8. P

    Is this ready yet?

    Looks like I may have to wait a week or two? Really not sure what to look for as I’m a first time grower. Any help much appreciated
  9. C

    Soil for outdoor?

    . I'm in North East Ohio... it's June 5th... can I still plant outside? And what is a good soil to buy to transplant into the ground? I was thinking fox farm ocean forest. What's also a good beginning strain that's easy to grow outdoors? Thank you for all your input. .
  10. Q

    Kind and expert growers, please help me with my first Setup for outdoor plants.

    Hi, I'm about to plant Bruce Banner (photoperiod) in 10 x 10 Gallon Fabric Pots Outdoors. I have Ocean Forest And Happy Frog Soil. And Two Bags of 10 lbs. Natures Living Soil in order to make the soil living with the bottom layer Super soil mix. The way I plan to distribute the soil mix...
  11. M

    I am a new grower, I am having trouble reading my plant.

    Hi guys, so I bought some regular weed at my hometown, they don't have top shelf stuff there, mostly weed with a lot of seeds. I decided to germinate 5 of these seeds, some plants died because of overnutrition, another was a male so I had to get rid of it. At the end I ended up with one...
  12. R

    Can you bend during flowering outdoors?

    Can you bend branches to create more bud sites in flowering outdoors?
  13. V

    Can somebody tell me what this could be?

    Hi everyone, Just noticing very few leaves on my very bushy plant that look like this. What could this be? I grow outdoors and i have tonz of insects around but am seeing both good and bad bugs and the plant is doing really well growth wise. Just noticed those weird leaves and wonder what could...
  14. UndercoverCopMuahaha

    My New Guerilla Grow of 2020

    Here is my YouTube video of the germination process I have completed. Go ahead and pull out the lube! Click here > 2020 Outdoor Guerilla Grow Plenty more videos to come that will include the hands on labor, techniques and processes throughout the entire grow. Let me know what you think! *rubs...
  15. R

    Second year of growing

    This is my second year and learned what not to do , I love growing its so fun and love watching the different stages. Last year I over watered , over fed and over trimmed . Made all the rookie mistakes. This year things are growing so much better. More patient this year . Next year I will only...
  16. R

    How well does Train wreck grow in Southern Oregon?

    Hi I was curious how good trainwreck grows here in Southern Oregon VS Humbolt or Northern cali? I'm on the very tip of Southern Oregon about 40 miles from the border of Northern Cali. And I'm about 50 miles inland from the ocean a little south from the Grant Pass area. I have a non heated hoop...
  17. W

    Is it too late for growing ?

    Hi guys I do not know if i have to small amount of time left to even get something to work with before winter comes.i can somehow speed up the vegitation process,because i did not know about that even(my first time,its pritty clear),i thought flowering time was ll together :D hh.plants are very...
  18. M

    Are my 10 days old plants okay ?

    I am not a professionnal at all, this is my first attempt at growing cannabis, a friend of mine had regular seeds that he gave me so I gave it a shot outdoors, no idea of the strain or whatever. The thing is that the weather were I live change depending on the day, it's not always hot and sunny...
  19. G

    Autos outdoors.

    I was thinking about trying some autos outdoors in a pail. I have a zkittlez auto started already and germinating a canuk quarter pounder auto. I'm just wonder if they will stay true to their auto traits or does being outdoors affect them in any way? The quater pounder is an 10 to 11 week "fast...
  20. dunphy

    2020 Outdoor Legal Grow

    Picture set 1 / 3: