1. B

    RDWC vs Coco Nutrient Consumption

    Hello. Long time member here (I'm talking since Nugbuckets was here and was an unknown in the "pop" cultivation world (RIP TGA)) just been through a few different email addresses and screen names. I have been cultivating since, roughly, 2013 and Have always been in dry mediums. I started in...
  2. W

    Looking for suggestions on water pump

    Using an 800gph pump but not getting the water movement I expected, thinking about a Drummond utility pump but not sure what to expect for water temp fluctuation. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also thought about adding another of the ones I have?
  3. D

    Preparing room for RDWC

    Hi everyone, I'm contemplating the feasibility turning an upstairs bedroom into grow room using RDWC. I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on protecting the floor from leaks and/or system failure. Any thoughts on what one would do if setting up a new space that is not on ground floor or...
  4. C

    fertilizer issue rdwc (ı m new)

    Hello guys. I have a question about rdwc. This is the system I will get https://www.growkent.com/Harvest-Master-RDWC-6,PR-3625.html. Fertilizers that I plan to use in these...
  5. R

    Rdwc browning/curling leaves Help!

    Hey there I've done a cycle in this rdwc system with little issues, I'm pretty new to hydroponics but giving it a good stab! I have had some browning leaves in my system, I gave it a good water blast out after last cycle done by best to get it clean! I use goliath garden of eden nutrients...
  6. ddeck96

    How many plants in a 4x8?

    I plan on running a a RDWC/Aeroponic hybrid in a 4x8 tent. I will be growing from seed and would prefer a relatively short veg. So, how many plants per 4x4 space for a 5-6 week veg?
  7. U

    Am I the only one using Air lift water pumps

    So I have been growing recirculating deep water culture systems for 10 years and I have never used a submerged or external pump to circulate water. I use air lift columns, it’s a tube in your reservoir connected to one end of a circuit of plants that displaces the water held inside by means of...
  8. ddeck96

    Pheno hunting, strain choice SOG

    So, I’m starting out by growing 20 plants (soil) in a 4x8 tent to pick the best pheno. Questions: #1: I am thinking about doing 2 different strains so I have a variety? Is this a bad idea for my first pheno hunt? Should I do just one strain? #2: Any strain suggestions that work well with a sea...
  9. DEA Raider

    Help diagnosing deficiency/burn?

    Not sure if they are deficient or experiencing nute burn or root rot.. RDWC setup. 4 week clones recently added to the system.
  10. bubblescrogs

    New DWC System Ph Climbing Wildly

    Solved but future reference for others since I couldn't find an answer... Ph was needing adjustment 4 times a day - waiting until it hit 6.3 or so and then dosing down to 5.2 with a citrus based Ph down. Switched to a phosphoric acid based Ph and now it's stable as a rock. Suspected there were...
  11. D

    White Slime RDWC

    Hey everybody, Wondering if anybody has any insight or success stories on how they have dealt with white slime. I am getting this chunky white snot looking slime proliferating throughout my system (PA Hydro Fallponic - waterfall/airstones). I have ran in this systems 3 times prior with very...
  12. agustinthea

    My Hidroponic Indoor RDWC (x8 Mars Sunflash 153E + Super Lemon Haze)

    Hi everyone, My name is Agustin, i'm a grower from Argentina, and this is my first grow using hydroponics. My growing room specs are: 18m2 indoor - Mars Sunflash 153E (150w consumption, equals 400w sodium) 8 units (covering aprox 80cm x 80cm for each plant) - 6" Intractor with a flow of...
  13. giantcola

    Beneficial Bacterias in RDWC?

    Hi Growers! Just cleaned up my 4 buckets RDWC system for a new run, the seedlings are already waiting in rockwool cubes to be put in the system. I plan on flushing the whole system with a run of R/O water and Hydrogen Peroxide (in addiction to the main clean up i've already done), before...
  14. BurntByFire

    Strange Sympoms with ideal conditions - any ideas?

    Ok a but stumped on this one. Clones planted 7 days are growing slow and showing some signs of what looks to be nute burn or lack of nitrogen. Details: PPM(ECx700): 280ppm Nutrients: Current Culture Water temp: 70 degrees PH:6.0 Inside air temp: 75 degrees Humidity: 73% CO2: 1000ppm during...
  15. Marcc100

    My first grow! DRWC setup. Looking too bushy?

    I have a 5x5 tent with a 650 scorpion Diablo. I took me a while to figure out how to go from germination to seedling. Had to start over on a couple of the girls as you can see they are a couple weeks behind their older sisters. Big ones are 3 weeks old and babies are 1 week. I topped the older...
  16. S


    hi so I've been struggling for a year after switching over to RDWC with root issues, I've tried live and sterile res. I've had crops but been a struggle, then two back to back fails, early on in veg, the second one i seemed to have pulled back from the dead and now white roots appearing. I'm...
  17. K

    My first hydroponics grow (Custom Made RDWC)

    Hey Growmies! so I’ve been growing for all of a year now lol I’ve been posting here on and off throughout my first outdoor grow which resulted in a great yield! Finishing up my second outdoor now in a few weeks which went incredibly well and so much easier than the first. Now I’ve also...
  18. B

    Rdwc and maxibloom please help

    I been using maxibloom and maxigro and dry koolbloom please share the best way to use this I’m in week 5 flower their not putting on any weight one week ago I had them at 1000ppm checked today it’s at 600 so I bumped up to 1200 ppm if anyone can help
  19. K

    Newbie question : RDWC Grow

    Newb question: Popped 3 seeds (autos) For my 3 bucket RDWC system 2 sprouted, 1 seems dead They are on day 4 of sprout. Is it too late to germinate another one to fill the 3rd bucket? Wondering if by the time they go in if nute requirements will be a challenge for 1 of them.
  20. BadnBouji42

    Fan Leaves Yellowing, One Cola Looks Burned, Week 7 of Flower

    I'm wondering if this is from nutrient burn? The ppm was increased slightly from 550 to 650 (baseline of well water is 200 ppm). I wouldn't think that wouldve had such a big effect. They have been happy around 500-550 ppm (currently at 500 ppm)...See photos below: