1. N

    Day 10 - Leaves kind of twisting faint yellow spot

    This grow going much better than the first seedling I murdered. We're 10 days in and the plant is already 3 times the size of my 1st stunted seedling. Fixed a lot of things like water, light, medium for germination, and even the cup I have it in. I have it in a Coco Perlite Mix watering about...
  2. N

    Seedling Drooping Bad. Need some help

    First time growing. Plant is under LED for this photo I was out of town when it came out of the soil but I planted it 12 days ago. Its been in about 82 F in the tent and usually around 60% RH. Everything was going decent but I posted 2 days ago and I had some people saying I could be...
  3. RF90

    How’s it looking?

    Dwarf low flyer auto day 5! How’s it look? on track? And yep I just watered. About a shot glass of water every two days! -RF.
  4. RF90

    24/0 with 40w light.

    Okay guys. Here’s a question I’ve never seen asked. I’m doing a small closet grow with low flyer dwarf auto (4 square ft grow area). My seedling just sprouted. My Vivosun 300w LED is getting the closet WAY to hot (90s). I have a weaker 40 watt LED that keeps the temps at a much better range...
  5. My-Private-Stuff

    Seedling stopped growing

    Hi guys, I am again posting a question here because my plants are dying again haha. So, I planted two White Widow seeds a few weeks ago, I let them germinate and then I transferred them in coir to make the seedling grow. I first used a 300W light for both plants, now I use two 300W lights for...
  6. W

    White spots on my auto, plus stunted growth

    I'm pretty sure its mold, I just wanna be sure. I already sprayed it water with olive oil been told it works like neem oil, this is my 1st time growing it I do have more knowledge that most beginners but I am not experienced, It's in the seedling phase just a week old, I am growin in rockwool...
  7. U

    Should we worry about our seedlings? Amnezia and Gelato

    We are growing 2 Amnezia and 2 Gelato in a 3x3 Vevosun tent. One of the Amnezia was planted 5 days before the others, because we overwatered our first few seedlings to die... and this is our 2nd try. The oldest one have sprouted about 2 weeks ago, the three others 1 and a half weeks old. They...
  8. Tolerance Break

    First grow seedlings showing discoloration

    I put my first round of seedlings into rockwool about 16 days ago, decided to do a trial run with my seedsman freebies before I try and pop some more expensive phenos. Im vegging in a tent w/ 1 HLG 100 4k placed 32 inches above during germination to first true leaf, currently between 28-29 as of...
  9. L

    My seedlings are always growing really slow

    About 10 -12days old. I forgot exact age… I feel they should be much bigger. I am a total noob and have killed many seedlings. Although I have done very well before in a cooler temp city with different tap water. Temp is usually around 81 f. This is because it’s hot outside and I can’t use that...
  10. B

    Newbie grow, plant bottoms turning black

    Hey there guys. Super newbie here. First time planting seeds ever, and they came up now they’ve been sprouted out of the ground since June 2nd-June5th (June 16th today). One of the plants, the runt of the litter I would say, has been sprouted since the 2nd, it has more leaves with the set on it...
  11. V

    Slow growth and twisted leaves

    Hi guys, need some help! The plant is about 4 weeks old since sprout and it hasnt grown much, top leaves are starting to turn very light green color and bottom leaves are starting to twist. I've also noticed that the soil takes about 3 days to dry out. Isnt that a little too long? The pot have...
  12. 3rdworldgrind

    Seedling Problem In Hydro

    Hello. Me and my wife are trying to grow indoors. We are very much newbies. Since we started we lost 3 batches between seedling and 2nd/3rd week of vegetation phase. With each batch we made some adjustments based on online input to no avail. Currently we use ALIEN® RDWC 12 Pot 20L PRO Silver...
  13. My-Private-Stuff

    Seedling not growing

    Hi I planted two seeds but both have stopped growing since the beginning. Initially I put them in lose soil (it was like sand) but when I saw that they didn’t grow I’ve changed the soil. I have a 300W LED lamp, the humidity is always around 55-65% and the temperature between 22 and 25 degrees C.
  14. ChewChellios

    Planted the seed 7 days ago

    Hey guys. I just planted the seed 7 days ago and it looks smth like this. Is the sprout dead or do i still gotta be a little patient? The germination process of the seed was a lil slow aswell it sprouted about 4 days into the process.
  15. Miacchi

    First grow Seedling day 4

    Hi guys, so this is my first grow ever, im super excited!! Seedling popped out of soil 1 day after planting. Its a RQS Bubble Kush auto. Day 4 currently. Does it look healthy to you growthwise for this day? I saw photos of seedlings being bigger on this day.. Also im using biobizz...
  16. H

    Drying seedling leaves

    Hello everyone! My seedling's leaves are drying and I don't know why. It is a bag seed,unknown strain.Previously last year I grew a bag seed which happened to be a female.But I remember that when that plant was at this age,that didn't have anykind of leaf drying problems. It is at day 25 from...
  17. S

    Growing a Seedsman Lemon Autoflower strain. Slow growth problem

    Hello All, I am growing a seedsman lemon autoflower strain. seedling coming out of the soil date - 15th April, 2021. Soil Mix - 50% Coco, 30% Vermicompost & 20 % Neem Granules. Watering Schedule - 300ml once in 48 hours. Nutrients - None till date. Light Schedule - Balcony grow. 6 hour direct...
  18. Pinkosaurus

    I tied my leggy seedling in a knot

    I read about this last year but now I can’t find anything about it. Has anyone ever tried this? I did it to a leggy seedling that fell over and I thought was damping off. Now it’s clearly permanent and she’s doing great. I’m kinda excited to grow a “crazy straw” plant.
  19. B

    Advice please yellow tips 6 days since germination

    Hi guys. After some advice I have recently germinated my first ever seeds there currently popping out the shells with their first leaves my problem is a couple of them have yellow tips. I have only fed them PH water so far however when mixing I did overdo it with the ph down and went down to...
  20. Mackdizzle420


    I left my seedlings out of light for about 3 hours I took them inside because of a bad storm we had in the area...but I woke up light so now they missed out on about 3 hours of day light. I've been reading about hermaphrodite plants and was afraid maybe that could stress the seedlings into a...