1. NanoGadget

    Promix hp users, I'd appreciate your input and advice.

    Hello all. This is gonna be long, but I need to pick your wonderful brains so stick with me. Going to be doing an indoor winter run in my 2x2 (partially to help heat my room. True story.) and I want to hear from folks who currently or previously had success with promix. I've only used it...
  2. T

    Seedling trouble

    Seedling has been out of soil for 2 days. Planted in promix bx, under cfl for the early stage. I pre moistened the promix a few days before planting. Only 2 plants show these symptoms. The rest are perfectly healthy. Anyone seen this before. Could it just be a dud seed?
  3. T

    Sensi Grow pH Perfect Problems

    Hello all and thanks in advance for the help!! Im 20 days into my first R-drip system using hydroton (thoroughly rinsed and soaked properly) with 9 girls under 2 600 watt lights My concern is this: Like so many others, after mixing AN Sensi Grow at a ratio of .75 ml/L (im starting a couple...
  4. T

    Ph of water going into promix HP please help!

    Anyone growing in promix hp would be a huge help if i could get some insight on what the ph of my water and feeds should be. Also should i feed nutrients on every water since your supposed to tet run off with ptomix HP?
  5. websurfer

    Soilless flower outdoor problems

    Hello, Outdoor grow Coco soil less Feed GH flora series with cal-Mag everyday 4 gallons of tap water per pot about 20/30% run off Cal-mag 1/2 tsp per gallon Flora micro 1/2 tsp per gallon Flora bloom 1/2 tsp per gallon Flora grow 1/4 tsp per gallon Feed at 5.8 PH Little back ground my plants...
  6. CaptainSnap

    Growing in Pittmoss (The alternative to Peat)

    Hello all fellow organic soil growers! I'm not new by any means to this site or growing but have been off this site for a few years now and in the midst of the winter blues need to do some posting! I hope everyone is experiencing positive results in their gardens this year! I recently trashed...
  7. nobodies

    SuperSoil Recipe (Any Suggestions?)

    Hey all. I'm working on a supersoil recipe that I will be using(and tweaking) from now on. So far this is the recipe: 3.8-CF Pro Mix HP High Porosity with Mycorise Perlite in a 1:4 ratio with the pro-mix -- which is about 1 cubic foot of Perlite here. 5 pounds organic worm castings 1 Pounds...
  8. R

    Lets learn about soilless mixes!

    OK I'm relatively new to indoor growing and I started with a dwc system. Its OK now that I have it figured out but it's still a lot of work with Res changes and what not. Any way I'm thinking about going soilless for multiple reasons one of the biggest it the use of beni's and to get a little...
  9. Uberknot

    Questions using RO water and soilless mix.

    Basically this type of mix doesn't come with any nutrients or fertilizer right? If you use RO water with this type of soil would you use a lower dose of liquid fertilizer every time you water? Or would you use it like the directions say every 1 2 3 etc. weeks? Just starting to think about...
  10. G


    Hi, i seem to never get the watering time right... over water, under water and all of the above :C how often should i water my plants? I looked around ALOT picking up and feeling the weight, well im having a really hard time and the finger test well its like i can't feel if its moist or not...
  11. F

    DIY Recipe for Promix (Or any other unfertilized soilless mix)?

    Promix says it has * peat, black peat, fibrous peat, perlite, worm humus. Anyone an idea about the percentages? Toying with the idea just to buy peat and worm humus and mix something. Perlite I have already. I need it once I put my Hempie stuff outdoors for flowering, people said to use...
  12. O

    Red and Yellow leaves spreading fast w/ pics. Im stumped

    my plant is in a soilless mix in its 5th week of flower. a week ago i noticed some yellowing in some fan leaves and didnt think much of it cause i hear some yellowing in flower is normal. however, now the yellow leaves are way too yellow and there red areas on leaves. i am using technaflora...