top dressing

  1. giantcola

    Cover crop over Clay balls, need some advice!

    Hi guys! I'm now setting up a new outdoor grow in Organics (Autoflowers, a bit late but in my country it's still good).. I was looking for an advice about covering the soil to avoid pests and water evaporation.. I got 40 liters air pots with 50/50 coco perlite in em, covered the TOP layer...
  2. C

    Soil King Big Rootz

    Anyone ever ran Big Rootz through flower? Wondering how long the soil lasted until you had to add anything. They’re going to veg in a 5 gal, for a month then transplant to a 10 gal for flower. I don’t want to burn them, wondering if anyone has top dressed this soil and if they did, when did they...
  3. C

    Big Rootz/Mr B’s green trees

    How long will Big Rootz sustain a plant before I need to add nutrients? They will be vegging in a 1 gal to a 5 gal for the entire veg. Going to veg for a month and a half and then transplant to a 10-15 gal pot, wait two weeks then flip over to flower. Was going to try Mr B’s Green Trees 2-8-6 as...
  4. ApoPNW

    Guerilla grow watering

    I have 3 plants (from clone) on a river ranging in distance from the water. As it’s difficult to read where the moisture will land later in the year only 2 of the plants is in what I like to call the “golden zone” wicking just enough water from the river for a good chunk of the season. All the...
  5. C

    Top Dressing

    When top dressing your soil how long does it take the soil to breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the top dressing into the plant's roots? ( the ph is 6.4) Is there a rule of thumb for this, or does it depend on the plant itself?
  6. B

    Top dress feeding with worm humus?

    Hi everyone.. Im growing 2 autoflowers from fastbuds, lemon ak & Blue dream. Around 3 days from seed. I am using automated watering, so i won’t be able to feed the plants nutes automaticly. Therefore i wanted to use top dress feeding instead of my biobizz collection. i am using biobizz light mix...
  7. ElectricGrowerOKC

    Happy Frog 4-5-3 Organic Fertilizer

    Has anyone experimented with this stuff? I'm going to try and make a tea or maybe top dress half way through my grow with this. It has some good ingredients and I'm getting away from liquid nutes. I'm also running Ocean Forrest soil. Let me know if you have tried this stuff personally or anyone...
  8. Weouthere

    Top Dressing Before Preflower, Advice Needed

    Hey y’all! Running 2x Farmers Fire (1in, 1 outside) 2x Icicles (both inside) 1x ATF (inside) 2x Mystery seeds Doing good so far, going to stick 2 plants in the shade outside tomorrow and start hardening them off. The other 4 are about ready to flip. I’m gonna tie down the tops (or throw a...
  9. Dontjudgeme

    Terp tea “ bloom “ By roots organic

    Just wondering if anyone uses this fert. I understand that it can be used as either a tea or top dressing. I use as a top dressing. Don’t really have the equipment to brew. I’m wondering how many times you top dress throughout the flowering stage, I’ve dressed just once the first week of flower...
  10. olaf687

    Best organic blood meal brand?

    Whats the best organic blood meal brand? I plan on making a mix of blood meal, allpauco poop, and crab meal for a top dressing. Is it ok mix these all together? I do know to be very careful with the blood meal. Adding half the recomended dose or less.
  11. olaf687

    Best top dressing for vegetative growth?

    Anyone know the best top dressing for vegetative growth? I just planted 12, 8 inch plants in 30 gallon fabric pots about a week ago. Money is not an issue so looking for the best top dressing. I heard blood meal and bat guano is good. But what are the best when your not held back by cost? And...
  12. Jimmy Verde

    All in one organic bug sprays

    Howdy newbie here wondering if there is any type of organic multi insect spray... lol I know silly question. I wad just tending today and noticed I had run into my first bug problem ever. . I'm one week into flower growing in a tweeked sub cool super soil basically n top dress just last week...
  13. E

    switching to Top Dressing in flower from non-organic nutrients, how do i do so?

    Hey guys i am a pretty new grower and i had a buddy of mine make me a top dressing consisting of: - Bat Guano - Bird Poop - Bone Meal, - Feather Meal - Fish Bones But i have been feeding my plants non-organic nutes (with RO) and i want to make the switch over but i dont know how id go about it...