1. S

    Help! Small brown spots only in the stem during drying (Rot?)

    Hi guys, I cut about three days ago and right now the girls are in the room drying at 62 degrees and 58/60% humidity. Inspecting in the middle of the flowers I noticed that in the center of a few flowers ,precisely in the stem, there are marks that tend on the brownish. Nothing like that on the...
  2. BigMoistDaddy

    Can I go To jail for growing weed on seperated state lines?

    So my house is divided in half. One side of the house is in a state where marijuana is illegal, and the other side of the house is in a state where homegrow is legal. If my house gets raided by police by the state where it’s illegal will I go to jail even if the plants are on the side of the...
  3. S

    Please help me, Broad mites?

    Hi guys, since I started the cycle all my babies seemed to be fine but all of a sudden this one started freaking a bit. it is full of discoloration, curled leaves and the smaller shoots seem to have malformed leaves. Initially I thought it was stressed because it was the largest and was...
  4. Blackketch

    Help!!! Strange spots and discoloration on the leaves

    Hi guys, today while checking the girls I noticed these marks in one of the leaves and I can't explain what they are from. In about two days I have to transplant them into prefertilized soil, so far I just gave them some rooting agent. Water pH:6,5 RO water (i think that could be a problem...
  5. D

    Peep my setup & Reccomend a veg light!

    Fellow growers, what's happening! I'm wrapping up my indoor set up and looking to improve my veg light. I run these (see photos). A 300w ufo led and a 200w cob? Light. They do fairly well. Not complaining. However I'd like to consolidate and run one light in the veg tent. This is a 3x3...
  6. max316420

    Advanced Nutes in promix HP question..

    So been using Advanced for a long time in promix and i have a strict schedule I stick to and seems to be pretty consistent, which keeps me happy. I’d like to hear anyone else’s feed schedule when it comes to frequency of feeding/plain waterings, supplements used, what ph you dialed your solution...
  7. Spiveysrevenge

    2.82 oz of sativa homegrown shit curing

    Not a big yield this yr but oh well what are ya gonna do whine about having weed lol . Almost done then gonna bag it n save it 4 when I'm less of a loser and deserve it more. This shit smells real good lol. Smokes pretty nice too. Im using El cheapo boveda knockoff humidity packets off Walmart...
  8. Spiveysrevenge

    2022 sativa harvest 6.6 oz

    Not baaaaaaaaad but not greatttttt either. But what are ya gonna do bitch about having weed lol? It was 6.6 oz in the end, well before I started smoking the last jar anyway. The rest has gotta last me tho cuz I don't even got a plug now. So it's off limits. Its actually pretty good. Also a pic...
  9. G

    11 weeks still no amber trichs.

    Hi . I'm new to the forum. Been growing off and on for years. But never really stayed solid in it. I have a green house now. And I'm currently building a winter setup. I have 2 really nice ak-48 ladies. Huge buds. And lots of them I imagine I'll get a pound from each at least. But. This...
  10. max316420

    Trimming machines???

    I’ve come to the point in my growing career where I absolutely despise trimming (been doing it for 20 years) and think it’s finally time to invest in a commercial grade trimming machine. Can anyone recommend a good trimming machine for commercial use that actually works right and doesn’t destroy...
  11. Blackketch

    Supersoil VS Liquid fertilizer

    Hello, for some time now I have been enticed by the idea of moving away from liquid fertilizers and would like to start approaching the world of super soil. I am about to buy a complete kit from lurpenatural with super soil (Charcoal, Bone Meal, Dolomite, Herb Blend, Azomite®, Kelp, Rock Dust...
  12. D

    G13 pineapple express & Barney's Ayauasca Purple

    Fellow growers, what's happening! *Disclaimer* I ALWAYS. Grow from seed and I ONLY purchase from the tude'. I usually grow synthetic in coco indoor but this run is pure organic. Outdoor. I'm so stoked...I've been an indoor grower for a long time - only my second outdoor run. This year I'm...
  13. Spiveysrevenge

    diagnosed schizophrenic at 28

    I was a late bloomer, a sweet summer child and i used to think i was ugly or short or a 6.5 inch penis was small and that was the worst of my problems....lol. I spent the last two years working manual labor with men who denied or negated the existence of mental health or the importance thereof...
  14. I

    My weed plant is starting to look worrying

    I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but it is at least 3 months in and 3 feet tall, I grow it outside. A few days ago I needed to get rid of some spider mites and suddenly the center leaves have started to change. Previously they had some whiteish dots from the mentioned spider mites and now...
  15. V

    Flowering stage

    How do I know when my plant is in flowering stage or any indicators before it enters the flowering stage ? I have attached the image of my plant
  16. C

    Terra canna soil peat moss

    First time using this soil, first time planting straight into 2gallon as there autos in a smaller space. I must not have wet the medium enough before planting and due to only watering close to the plant the outer ring of the pot has dried up and dosent except water deep into the soil. Should I...
  17. L

    Too many tops for outdoor?

    Is this an excessive amount of colas for an outdoor grow? I've been told this is overkill, but I don't really understand why it could negatively impact yeild. (I've also just fimmed 3-4 of the highest tops on each... so more stems on the way....) It's outdoor in a very windy environment, I'm not...
  18. C

    Airflow problems cheap tents leaking air

    So I was looking at the grow tent I set up the other day, bought from Amazon. When I realised there was light slipping thru the stitches everywhere, the zips stitching, ventilation holes stitching and even the side window panels it just uses velcro. Would this be enough to fault my air...
  19. BigMoistDaddy

    It’s been two months since seed and I’m wondering should I a flower now or wait a few more weeks

    I have four plants in a 3 x 3 tent. it’s been two months since seed and it’s been vegging rapidly for one month. So what I’m wondering is should I veg it for a little bit longer or start flowering now since I do have four plants in only a 3 x 3 tent.
  20. Spiveysrevenge

    Here We Grow Again (half-assed indica grow 2022)

    Let's just hope it's a girl.