1. S

    All of my plants keep yellowing. *****I can not figure this out

    using miracle grow organic natures care soil. Growing mostly auto flowers. Growing under a phlizon 450w. But I only use the Cobb lights at around 250w for seedlings. Ph in at 6.5. I did a slurry test yesterday and it read 5.9. Using house and garden nutrients. I’ve barely fed anything. My tap...
  2. B

    The whole plant is yellowing

    Hello, a strange thing is happening to me in my grow room ... basically one of my 4 plants (same strain, same soil and same water) has become completely a very bright light green color, almost yellow, and I started to notice purple veins between the leaves. I just can't understand what it is due...
  3. Bushbaby11

    1ST TIME S.O.G....

    what's up fellow gromies This 1 here is for you Sea Of Green specialists! I have been growing for a few years now, i know my fair share, usually run dwc average 9/10z per plant after 6 week veg. Im switching to the sog method as i want fast flips every 10/11 weeks. My grow space is 72sq ft i...
  4. D

    Is this pest damage? If so can you help identify?

    I have checked the bottoms and looked over my plants I’m not seeing any obvious pests.
  5. D

    Can you tell me what’s happening?

    Hi I am a new grower I have 12 plants 4 bubblegum, 4 Ak47, 4 white widow. I’m using a T6 Ac infinity to vent my area to outside and a smaller ipower to feed fresh air from the next room. I’m running 3 spider farmer sf2000 dimmed to 65 percent currently 24in above canopy I dimmed them recently...
  6. S

    Kola (our puppy) with some Kolas

    Just a shot of my new puppy (mini aussie) with this years outdoor buds in the back. Strains are White Widow, Harley-Tsu, Purple Punch, Blueberry and Strawberry Sorbet. Nothing like canines and cannabis!
  7. caddymix024

    After 20 years of smoking, I'm finally gonna grow some

    Giving this grow thing a first time go.. we have two strains, OG and Alien, being grown in three different indoor tents. the plants were given to me as rooted clones about seven weeks ago and are in their first 10 days of flower now. all of them are in soil that's a mix of black gold, fox farms...
  8. K

    Help diagnosing issues

    I am having issues with my plants and I am wondering if anyone can help me diagnose and correct the issue
  9. Miacchi

    Cat loves it, must be good

    Left the tent unattended for a while so it cools down... Left the door ajar slightly on grow room. Tent had zip up halfway... She somehow jumped in anyway Looking at the plant thinking wtf how did a slug get in. After spotting the dark fur, culprit was known. The culprit The damage 1...
  10. Buds420grow


    Moles burrowed through my plants roots pic below how fucked am I. Got mole traps use them or hope it fucks off ?
  11. shattascam

    Shatta's adventures in legal hell

    Mid-may. Had a few puffs, went to get coffee. Pulled over for taking turn in wrong lane. Thought it was turning lane. My bad, my mistake officer. Officer Jimbob wouldn't let it go. Out of the car, roadside olympics (stand on your foot, wave your hands in your air like you just don't care, do...
  12. shattascam

    My monster plant is flowering in July (help)

    I am based in new york state. My grow that I originally started on march 28th has finally come to fruition and within the past week - two weeks I've noticed it has started flowering. Little early no? :| The thing is about 5'7" (same height as me and Tom Cruise) and four feet by four feet. I'm...
  13. sherry lee

    Celebrities jumping on the weed bandwagon

    As cannabis legalization spreads across the US, more famous people are getting behind the industry. There used to be a time when every celebrity wanted their own wine label; It was almost a sign of making it in the world. The likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas, and Dan...
  14. 3

    Questions about vaping weed.

    I smoke weed everyday for my anxiety however I only smoke around a gram every three days. The problem is I'm smoking so much tobacco to consume such a small amount of weed. I've been thinking about getting a dry herb vape and wandering if anyone has any suggestions. My budget would be about £50...
  15. K

    2 of 15 sick // what’s the issue?

    Two of my girls of 15 so far are having major issues Can anyone tell me what’s going on with them?
  16. fowleraa91

    So many problems :(

    I have been trying to figure out wtf to do with my nutrients and when ever i try and fix it, i just keep making it worse. I really need help guys. I also don't know if I have any light burn so please advise on that pictures are here. Please feel free to ask questions.
  17. Codeman34

    Can anyone solve this mystery for me.

    So I got a question, I was growing two cherry gar see ya strain by Ethos genetics. They did really good I got maybe 9-10 oz from two plants which seems good to me but when I pulled the plants out of the pots the roots just wasn’t there it was super compact and the roots was small and everywhere...
  18. Z

    Micro Growing Setup Advice

    Yo guys, I'm new on this forum! I'm from The Netherlands. I grow for three years now, on my Balcony (so outside). Since this year I can use a closet (40 x 40 x 80cm). I want to grow one plant, that can be an autoflower or a normal plant. I was thinking of a setup of 8 CFL lamps with a wattage...
  19. sherry lee

    Does Anyone Still Smoke Spliffs?

    A spliff is a joint made from a blend of tobacco and cannabis with a long history in the weed culture. It has been the subject of pothead art, movies, and countless songs, most famously the Bob Marley song "Easy Skanking," released way back in 1978. The song begins, "Excuse me, while I light...
  20. sherry lee

    American Express now bans the delivery of vaporizers

    The United States now prohibits the delivery of vaporizers by express delivery, otherwise a fine will be charged.Can any friends in America tell me the reasons in detail?I am currently in Hong Kong.