1. G

    Lolipop colas

    As you can see on the pics, top part of the buds are developing quite nicely, but the lower part of the colas are small. is there anything i can do to enhance the development of lower cola parts.Cut top leaves maybe? Or place bulbs on sides? Ripen? Lst?
  2. Towelie29

    First Grow, About 3.5 lbs

    Grew 4 plants in a 5x5 tent, started them outdoors. I thought they were 3 X Purple Kush and 1 OG x Haze- but there are definitely at least 3 different strains. They all have a very distinct smell and flavour. 3 of them are definetly indicas or hybrids. Two indicas have very sticky and sweet...
  3. D

    Impact of training/topping on yield?

    Hello all, first time grower curious about the difference in overall yield when comparing plants that have been trained to plants that have not. Would a shorter bushier plant produce more weight than a plant that’s much taller and untrained? I’m sure the quality of buds would be much denser on...
  4. 4

    How much do you think this plant will yield? (Educated Guess Game)

    This will be my last grow for a while. It is my first non-auto grow (I've grown multiple autos). Anyone have a general idea of how much wet/dry weight i'll get out of this? I know it won't be exact but if anyone is experienced enough to tell, let me know. I'm hoping for something above 2oz dry...
  5. G

    Yield estimation??

    Hello, Im a newbie to this Group, im looking for someone that can give me some advice, on what people would think my end yield estimation would be for these girls ive got growing, currently in a 1.2x1.2x200, 3 girls in 25L Smart pots, Scrog net 2X 600W lights and vegged for 8 weeks minimum of...
  6. G

    Sea Of Green Canopy

    Hello, Question. I have 3 plants in 25L Fabric pots with a 1.2m scrog LST and 2 600w ballasts, if i supercrop all vegetation from screen under, also half way up wards, where light isnt penetrating, would that result in maximum potential end yield. Im in 2nd week Flowering today (Saturday) Many...
  7. G

    Help!? What will 8 weeks veg Yield?

    Hello, Everyone new to this page, would love some friendly advice, on what people think. im thinking of Vegging 3 Girls for 8 weeks but wanted to know a rough estimate what it might be near... There all in 25L Smart Fabric pots,.. Canna Nuts,... 2x 600w dimmables, and a 1.2x1.2 tent with 1.2...
  8. KnewpKnewp87

    Organic No Dig - Winging it!

    Ok guys, gonna try to lay it out here. I pulled the trigger and decided I'd just figure it out as I went. 40 gallon tote. Was vermiculture bin. Worms drowned (oops). I added peat/perlite/sand to the worm compost / organic matter that was left in the bin to fill it out. Along with a little...
  9. natebythelake

    Afghan landrace yields?

    Sup y'all! I got my hands on four types of afghan landrace seeds (Balkhi, Mazar-i-Sharif, Badakshan, Kunduz). Balkhi and Mazar-i-Sharif both seemed to yield heavy from google searches, but I've heard from people that landraces generally don't yield much. I wanted to know if anybody has grown...
  10. C

    Is this plant ready to harvest in a few days?

    This plant is about 45 days into harvest i posted about my other plant earlier i feel this one is a bit further along, its my first time growing and i have to have them dried by the 16th. I would like to trim large fan leaves today and harvest in 3 days, all the pistils have turned orange/red...
  11. Cannabis.Liberation.Army

    Average Yield Per Watt Infographic

    I'm helping a few people grow so I decided to create a series of infographics rather than overwhelm them with unnecessary technical details. This one is a comparison between HPS, standard LED lights and the new quantum boards (Samsung LM301B). Can anyone confirm or refute the numbers, please...
  12. E

    First Grow - Northern Lights x Big Bud

    We did world of seeds northern lights big bud for our first grow. Gorilla grow tent, two 1,000 watt LED. Started seeds on April 28. (64 days from seed). We are 2 weeks and 2 days into flower. I was going to flower for around 8 weeks. Any idea what yields might be close to based on pics? Is it...
  13. Dontjudgeme

    Pot Size Matters

    So I just harvested 5oz, dry weight. All clones, same strain, 5 plants in 1 gallon smart pots. Previous harvest was about 11oz, same strain, but 2 plants this time grown in 5 gallon pots. I only did the 1 gallon pot grow to prove to my father in law that pot size matters when it comes to yield...
  14. P

    Does the true watts gona tell my yield?

    Hi this sound stupid but if my mars hydro is 600w but the true watts used is 100 is that gona mean that if Im able to get 1g/w its gona be based on the true watts?? (100g)
  15. I

    Expected Yield

    This is my first plant. Unknown local high grade. Only "training" I did was cutting some side branches for clones. Currently in week 3 of flower. Very excited that the plant survived this long, cannot wait for harvest. So what yield am I looking at given the size of this plant and its 30+ bud sites?
  16. Dr. Doob

    Help! New to hps - distance/heat concerns

    #1 I used a 300w led on my last grow, the results were 32g of dry bud, great quality but just tiny buds. Thought I'd give hps a go to see what differences there are aside from the obvious bigger yield. My set up is a 60x60x150 tent, lumii 600w hps dimmable ballast, RAM carbon filter attatched...
  17. davethepothead

    4oz in a 3 gallon pot? Outdoors?

    What’s up rui family. Like the title says, is 4oz in a 3gallon even possible? If so what strains would you recommend?
  18. Yesyes3000

    What yield do you pull from a 4x4 ?????

    Hello all ! Me and a friend are looking at different t options for tents and thinking of useing 4x4 tents in different rooms. Be that as it may .... could people share what they have gotten for yields from 4x4 ? Please include what type of light, how many plants, and growing medium please ...
  19. Mr snail

    Sorry to be that guy... Worried my efforts are wasted...

    Obviously I'm a super new grower ...I've got a couple of little tiny grows under my belt but this is my first of this size or level of care. I'm going to flip into flower in a week/10 days, and just have no clue what to even expect harvest wise. The two on the very left that or the bigger ones...
  20. Mollywhopper

    What is YOUR "Golden" rule for a heavy healthy yield?

    Mine would be, "Bigger the root, Bigger the fruit."