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    Flush with ice or light???

    Bud that gets you drunk and high is a real next level move
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    Flush with ice or light???

    The beer tours through the breweries used to be pretty epic. Several mediocre brands at each one.
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    In House Genetics Thread

    Thank you LOE. I dont think it will match yours but I am trying. I know you cant see the trichs up close but from these pics how much longer would you run? I am early middle of week 9.
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    Revision..I hate harvest day.

    Lol I love this thread and your feelings about it. I convince myself that the LONGER it takes the better. It hasnt really worked but it helps to think that way. I have found that planning an hour per ounce is a good amount to plan for. Each strain and grower is different, and sometimes I...
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    Estimating leaf surface temperature w/ LED quantum boards?

    Everything I have seen including a bunch of posts about it is 2f to 4f is typical, but as mentioned above some are close to the same.
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    In House Genetics Thread

    Time for the next Forbidos update. It has really started swelling up and frosting. Looking like a few weeks to go potentially. We are now into Week 9 flower.
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    In House Genetics Thread

    L O E - How long did you run the Forbidos to get that incredible result?
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    adding a digi W/mah meter to diy LED,

    Wtf are you talking about? The thread is about using a meter for the light system. Post #5 the OP asks how they are set up. Nobody asked? Jeezus dude you are a fukstik. He wants to adjust his lights and see what wattage he uses. I do this now with these type monitors. Lol you fools act...
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    Day 10 Yellow Dots on leaves

    25 to 100% is a big jump. Be careful. Twisting leaves is not calmag. Cal def shows as spots that start gray and quickly turn orange or brown. Mag def typically is a light green striping. The only goal I have with seedlings is healthy growth without a lot of stretch. You want to baby...
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    Sudden issue.. please help guys!

    Ok that makes sense. You should check it in a day or 2 and see how it moves.
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    Sudden issue.. please help guys!

    Your soil ph determines what input ph would be ideal. So the choice to ph down to 6.2 does make general sense, but depending upon the ph of the medium 6.2 could be low.
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    adding a digi W/mah meter to diy LED,

    If the outlet is far from the lights and you want to know how many watts each light is using...and adjust the kilowatt meter the best choice? Have you ever used the product being discussed? Imagine you might learn something while snickering in the corner with the other burnouts lol.
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    Organic nutes - to flush or not to flush ?

    Have you ever tasted the sxxx that mushrooms are grown in? There is your answer!
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    California Outdoor Show and Tell 2021

    DOG, You have got skills! I'm laughing that you are not on the grow team at work...I realize you are new there but wow you really put a lot of TLC into those plants. Are the growers at work more skilled than you?
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    Humidifier for inkbird humidifier controller

    I split the difference by running my tap water through a Pur filter then dump into the humidifier. It removes a lot of the minerals that make the white specs.