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    THC gummies

    I don't think mct gives digestive issues as long as you use it moderately?
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    30gr weed = ??? gummies

    It actually depends on you.
  3. G dog ate the ..

    I think it will still grow since your dog only ate the leaves. Good luck with your growth!
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    How long till harvest?

    The average is 6 to 10 weeks. Give it a time to develop to get the best results!
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    Magic mushroom microdosing tincture recipe, anyone?

    Start with about as many fresh or dried mushrooms as will fit into a quart-sized mason jar (or a combo). 1. Shake occasionally while soaking half of the mushrooms in 190 proof Everclear for two weeks. 2. Strain, keeping the solid mushroom pieces, and set liquid aside. 3. Using a crockpot on...
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    Is she ready?

    Hahahah so true. Any plant needs a period of time to develop. Rushing it will not give good results.
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    RIS - On-going grow log

    I would like to start growing mine too. Yours looks great by the way!! Good luck and hoping to see some updates.
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    The Ultimate Odour Control Thread

    What a nice and informative thread! Thank you for this.
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    Highest THC Strains

    This is true. There's so much more the bud can offer other than thc.
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    Testing my thc?

    I've read somewhere that you need to completely dry the bud before using it. It takes around 5-7 days for the buds to fully dry, however it will vary depending on the climate and drying location. Hope this help!
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    Highest THC Strains

    Thanks for this, Bud!
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    Testing my thc?

    Would like to know as well. Hope to have some alternative and not spend a hundred bucks hehe.
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    Did I Make The Cookies Too Strong!?

    I think consuming one or a half cookie of your recipe is enough for you to get the result you wanted haha best to put it down to your experience.
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    To trim or not to trim?

    Read a lot of growing threads today! Thank you everyone for sharing your ideas.
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    how to grow mushrooms the easy way

    Thanks for doing this! I’ve learned something new today. Will surely give it a try!