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    Acid, is it a portal to the Universe

    which Primus show man? i took two at the Detriot show, best show ever ha. that tour was bad ass!
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    DMT Extraction

    thats how i was doin it.
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    Help!!!! Bugs during week 4 of floweer lst

    those nats almost always mean a root problem. theres somethin funky goin on down there. nice healthy plant though!
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    Cannibus Cancer

    did you damage the stem at all?
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    Possible set ups.

    dude i would use maybe a 600 at most for that. 4.5 square feet is tiny for a 1k, but if you do i see no need for a led. if you can somehow keep it cool it should be sweet tho. good luck
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    def hydro +rep

    maybe cut a piece of cardboard and make a circle with a slit to fit around the stalk. i guess any material thats easy to cut would work though
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    DMT Extraction

    Duck are you gonna do in depth extractions for all your favorite stuff? hearing you and ANC talk is making my brain hungry! i know nothing about the cooling speed that was mentioned, and im sure we would all like to know why where doing each step. Come on Mr White, we dont wanna be Jesse no...
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    Arrogance is a Killer

    as a sativa lover i understand where your coming from i think, but to say indica's have no place in the cannabis world is kinda crazy. having been addicted to opium for over a decade i would never wish that on anyone. if you smoke indica's because that helps you sleep or alleviates some kind of...
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    def hydro +rep

    i hear ya on that. my mom used bleach for everything when we were growing up, house plants included. hell people think the 3% h2o2 can kill you still hah. i just remembered that you have a white grow pot.. if its not a pain, switching to one thats black or painting it would help. the light that...
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    How many and what Type CFL's or HID??? First Grow!!

    i would skip the cfl's, your gonna out grow those so fast. i would at least use 250 or 400w hid. the dimmable ballast are a marketing gimmick, if you go that route get one that can switch to different wattage's, not just use 75% of 400w bulb or whatever. it kills your bulb faster and it renders...
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    Arrogance is a Killer

    so basically anyone that smokes indica's for there pain relief properties should stop and switch to heroin because they dont like being high?
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    Arrogance is a Killer

    agreed man, its brutal out here. everyones got dank buds, best around for miles. :roll:.. i appreciate great growers that dont need the spot light for that reason. if its really that good you dont need to say a thing!
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    Arrogance is a Killer

    do you read? where was he talking shit about RIU? way to welcome the new guy by callin him a fuckin troll.
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    Help...male plant in my flowering room

    any light leaks? even red led lights on your power strip or somethin dumb? ive seen that herm a entire crop. and deffinately spray your plants off if your able. pollen cand sit and wait for flowers.
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    Dmt guidance

    by the time your hurling you cant wait to get the puke water you drank out of your system lol. good to know about the tyramine thing, when i made it at home i was done for. at least two days of the worst flu like feeling ever, third day i felt great tho, after everything came out for 24 hours...