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    Hey guys,

    This will be my first thread and log here on RIU, even my first post I think :p

    I'm currently running 2 grows at home, a 2x2x5'7 growlab tent and a 1x1x2 homebox evolution tent . This will be about my micro grow.
    The setup is ;

    Homebox Q30 tent (1x1x2)
    50w warm white Led - DIY cob 5500-6000lumen
    1 x pc fan for ventilation
    Passive intake
    DIY scrubber with bathroom exhaust fan (will be remade to use a pc fan instead)
    1.5g square pot with soil mixed with perlite
    Big Plant Science Part A + B + C + Ghe bio roots.
    Ripper seeds "Double Glock" cutting from the ones I have in my other tent. This is the 3rd grow with this strain, absolutely amazing indica with knockout power that still amazes me.

    The plan is to veg until 2/3 of the plant is in the net, this strain doesn't stretch much when flipped to 12/12.. I water the plant every day with .1-.3L water, currently holding an EC of 1.2 and ph 6.2. First picture is from the day it was put in the soil, day 1 veg 25/10-16. Second picture is today, I performed son LST on her . I was thinking about topping her, but that would slow veg down and I really don't need that right now :D the stems are a bit purple, I veg under a china led UFO, I suspect it's making some strains use up magnesium extremely fast. Should be better soon under this light


    Stay blazin'

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    My growlab tent today - plant in the front is "Double Glock" and the plant in the back is G13 "Blue OG"


    My veg/clone cabinet

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    Looks awesome!
    I was able to find a nice pair of those old school speakers at a thrift shop haha.
    Their area in terms of ft^2 are the exact same as your smaller grow tent.
    Been wondering what type of lighting to do and couldn't figure out which would be best cfl or led?
    Cob Led is really interesting to me and I would actually like to learn on building one similar to yours. Specs?
    Hope the best of luck!
    Sub'd for sure

    StonedMoe87 Member

    Hey man! Sounds great with the speakers, I would definitely go for the DIY led.. CFL is a lot easier, but to get 7-8k lumen you would need 140w ish.. my cob is 5500lm @ 50w , which actually should be able to grow out 1-2 oz easily.. you won't easily make 2 oz with CFL in a grow this small.. It is also very easy to make your own lamp, and cheap if you don't go bridgelux/cree..

    Specs ;
    50w White warm led chip - 45mil*45mil
    50w driver - 20-36v @ 1500mA
    Pc fan
    Aluminium heat sink (i use one I found in an old computer!)
    Wires and connectors


    I made a 2nd Micro grow in an empty room in my veg closet.. You can see the DIY scrubber / lighting setup.. will be running straight 12/12 clones in that room, also under 50w DIY led :)
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    NeonAsian Member

    :-D:-DYeah I noticed CFL don't do much yield- wise for avg growers (although I have seen some dialed in grows just with those and yield amazingly) but perform well for quality.
    Glad to hear that it's easy!
    Trying to read up on DIY Led but feel like there's a lot of jargon being used which makes it hard to understand what they're talking about. I'll keep on reading up on it and wait for that one day everything makes sense haha.
    Got a couple questions for you if you don't mind me asking:
    What's the ft^2 of that veg closet?
    You say it's being lit by just 50w of LED, like your speaker box. I'm assuming right now it's about the same in dimensions.
    Are there any specific tutorials you highly recommend to read/watch on building those cob led?
    Curious to know how you made your scrubber. I've made a few of those pencil case scrubbers using carbon and a stocking to hold it all in. Works pretty damn well haha.
    Have a good one!:-D

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    You can definitely have an awesome grow with CFL's, but as you mention they are a lot harder achieving good yields with.

    The DIY led part made absolutely no sense to me and it still doesn't hehe. But I know what to get, but talking effieciency is way above my level.. I suggest you read the led forum on this site, should be able to fill you in. Otherwise they got a good section over at Thc talk :)

    Specs veg room is ; 1' x 2.5' x 2 . I will change it a bit and throw in another 50w cob so it draws 100w. There's just not enough action with 1 x 50w . The small room with the scrubber is a part of the veg room , except they are separated in the closet. So I can run the light separately. The bloom room is 1x1x2 , adding a few inches to each side..

    The scrubber is made with a pencil cup, following the guide for DIY scrubber on uk420 mag.. fairly easy to make, will make 2 more to remove the smell of fresh plants in my veg room :D

    NeonAsian Member

    Haha after reading up a lot of posts about DIY cob, I am finally starting to understand the basics :hump:.
    Where did you source your parts for your cob (chip, drivers, hs, etc..)?
    So far I've noticed a lot of people mentioning Arrow and using a comparison website to find the cheapest site for their parts.

    My plan for my two speakers is to turn them into a mini perpetual grow setup. One speaker for veg/cloning and the other for flower both on a 4 week plane. Not set in stone though.

    Read up on SupraSPL from thcfarmer that veg rooms/boxes don't really need much wattage to have a good veg with LED.
    However, it's a different story with cobs in veg.

    I'm also interested in getting my feet wet with growing in hydro. Do you happen to have any experiences with hydro as your medium?

    Can't wait to see how this grow turns out!
    Hoping for the best :D!

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    Sounds great man! I also took me a while to learn the basics, but once you finally understand it you are like ; "how could I not get that" haha..I just bought my cobs on ebay (DE), cheap 45mil*45mil led cobs warm white 50w 5500-6000lm .. £8.. Cheapest drivers from ebay also, china .. PC fans I had myself and the heatsinks I bought privately.. I don't know the site you mention :neutral:

    Sounds like a good idea, if you could veg in another room you could run them both with clones in 12/12 with 4-5 weeks between each harvest!

    I would agree on that, my ufo led 138w (60-70w ish drawn) promotes better growth than my 50w cob did. I know it draws more , but the difference was quite staggering. That's why I put in 100w in my veg room, I took 10 clones of "Hashplant" a few days ago , preparing to fill the bigger then once its harvested in 2-3 weeks!

    I have tried a small DWC setup under my ufo, and it was quite easy actually.. Unfortunately they were males and it was taking up to much spaces. Might give it another try at some point. Have a friend who did a hydro grow which he didnt really ph adjust and the flowers were actually quite nice :D unfortunately he had to harvest early , but potent shit.. Give it a go in your veg room perhaps, plants just veg better in hydro/soilless. Will upload pictures later

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    It's growing on, no problems what so ever. I water every day with 1.6EC which is a little low, but I know this plant don't need more right now. Once flowering is induced, I will also up the nutrient feed.. will prolly end up at 1.8-1.9 , this is a heavy heavy feeder once in flower! I've filled 6-7 spots in the net and I will continue vegging until at least 10-12 holes are filled, I expect to flip the switch this coming weekend!

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    Been a while, but she is still growing and is now full blooming.. 3-4 weeks into flowering under the China led UFO , looks fairly decent to me :)

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    El Stinko

    El Stinko Well-Known Member

    Nice tiny grow. Have to give us a weight total or at least another pic.

    sillyhead Member

    nice grow. Can these tents be stacked? so veg on bottom/flower on top?

    heckler73 Well-Known Member

    Do you feel the 50W is enough? Or do you think another 20W would be useful?

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