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In the Alaska Patients thread CBD, (https://www.rollitup.org/t/cbd.886701/), in a now-deleted post, a poster going by DaveBean907 posted:

"I'm. Rep for seedsherenow.com so if you don't like seeds coming to your spot or your spooked I have them here now! Well waitn on re stock"

Well honestly s/he felt shady and has now deleted his acct so even more so but I did go to the seedsherenow link and found a genetics company I'd never heard of before- "AK Built Genetics."

I Googled a bit but couldn't find much... Anyone know anything about these guys?

FireweedMenu-450x480.png NorthernPineberryFront-210x210.jpg PurpleAurora_Back1-450x480.png PurpleAurora_Front1-450x480.png SiteLogo.png


I can't see any frost on those plants, that aurora looks like garbage.
Yea they don't look great - and it looks like they are growing them outdoors too. I would venture to guess these guys were born/lived in AK at one point - and now just use it to market their shit, since everyone has some weird thing for Alaska these days.


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I can't see any frost on those plants, that aurora looks like garbage.
I was thinking the same thing, looks leafy as hell and little/no frost. You have to figure they use a photo of their best for an advertisement also.

Im not an auto fan to begin with so this ad is not pulling me in. Even has the pheno descriptions and 17-21% ......lol. personally I won't buy another auto strain unless I can smoke it first and am blown away, thats me trying to keep an open mind about them. Look like the usual marketing hype so far, be interesting to see some grow/smoke reports.
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