An introduction to Michigan Medical Marijuana - How to get started

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by deprave, Aug 13, 2010.


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    hijackin away...hey lead what knot u use to bend your namesake(leadcore for the none fishermen is a weighted fishing line) to a mono ???? I started with a blood Knot.

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    For long leaders 50ft of fireline or mono I use the Willis Knot:

    For short 8-10ft river trolling setups I just use a tiny barrel swivel (ant swivel). Fishon! SmokeOn!

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    Never knew its name before!! thanks

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    did someone say fishing? <")))>< :hump:

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    Hi I live in Port Richey Florida , I am trying to find someone in MI that has a MM card and has first hand knowledge of the process needed to obtain a card . and has went through the process from the point of not being a resident and ending up with a card and growing their own MM
    My goal is to move to Mi , obtain a MM card and grow my own MM to produce Rick Simpson Oil for health purposes , and also what do you think about the health benefits and the Rick Simpson Oil , as I research MM it looks like a good thing and something that may help me .

    Getting a step by step plan on how to achieve that goal is the hard part , and finding someone who has reached that point would help a lot .

    Thank You

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    How long do I have to live there before I can go apply for a card? Ive been hearing you just need a id through michigan and then you need to live there 6 months all the way to 2 years so im just trying to find out

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    Once you have address and get a valid state identification, then you are a resident. No six month or 2 year probationary, practice residency either. lol. Good Luck. Come and Grow.,4601,7-154-35299_28150_51869_52137---,00.html

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    sweet deal, how hard is it to become a caregiver/working at or with a collective/dispencirys?

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    Depends on location, location, location. Yes that is lame answer, but serious shit.

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I guess some what by the indiana border or by the lake. Dont want to smake dab in the middle of mich but maybe like annarbor or idk. would like some property starting to look now but not moving for a few more months' what wpuld you rec for a nice laid back town thats easy on pot.

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    im new here, wth is w all the bumpin? pls explain....and +'s?

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    After no attention a topic or thread falls down the line of topics. When you Bump it, you are simply typing anything in to move the topic (or bump it) back to top of list. It took me a minute, before I had to ask myself. lmao. On a forum with lots of people, after a week a topic can be a page or two back.

    +'s or +rep is hitting reputation comment in lower left to bless a member with a better reputation. There are power bars by your name, and after you hit a certain point, you can then start to lie and more people will still believe you. lmao. J/k kinda. lmao.
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    Whats up MI!! I have been browsing RIU for years and finally decided to sign up and make my first post. I figured the MI forum would be the best place to start with an introduction. I just moved to MI a couple months ago and want to get my card. My question is: Do I need to have a MI drivers license or ID or will my passport do? (also have out of state ID). I noticed that the MI mmj forum has an "other" check box under ID, just don't know if it is acceptable. I probably will not be getting my MI drivers license until sometime next year, so If I could use my passport that would be awesome. I have found a couple of websites that have conflicting info regarding this. I've got proof of MI residency (bills and a lease) just not MI ID. Thanks

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    As far as I know you need a State ID or a Driver License from the State.
    You can be homeless and qualify; but I think you need that Michigan ID.

    Sencha Active Member

    Thought you needed a MI address to get a driver's license.

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    My friend uses a P.O. Box. He worked at apartments and was laid off so he lost his apt. at the time he first applied for card. Somehow he got app filled out proper for P.O. Box and it is legal. Obviously he does not check "Possess plants". I believe he works a deal with a Caregiver to take his plant count. You will still need all the stuff Secretary of State needs for ID - you just don't need a current rent receipt, etc. if you claim homeless. I remember as a kid hitch-hiking in California we applied for Food Stamps claiming homeless. They had us draw a map showing a railroad overpass we said we lived under, and 2 days later we went down and picked up our food stamps from the social services place. My friend has done this for his MMP card 3 years now.

    jblaze221 Member

    Sorry to invade your group but I have a few questions about mmmp. If I had 6 1000 watt lights and yielded at least a pound per light what would I do with the overages? Would I only legally be able to keep 2.5 oz in my possession ? Is it legal for me to supply caregivers? There is just so many things that just don't add up.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Sad to say , but nothing adds up right in Michigan !

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    Quick question for ya. The state recieved my application on the 5th, when will I be legal? I know it's 21 days after they cash your money order, but how long does it normally take for them to cash it? I have to pay $15 to find out if its cashed so just trying to get an idea before I spend the money.

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    that just rando takes me to my events pages

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