Anyone else make blends with Sativa and Indica?


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This is NOT about flavors it’s about knowing the exact effect that I’m going to get from my Smoke. I’m not looking to discover the ultimate strain it’s the fact that I can’t find the right strain for me in a hybrid ( other than that Blue Dream which I lost). I like to have a few drinks and smoke a few joints on the weekend. This keeps it exactly where I want it. Plus the XJ13 is a few years old so it’s not as potent as it once was. I enjoy the smoking part almost as much as the effect. Just try it sometime if you have enough to play with. Just 1 joint or bowl


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Im on the hunt for a type of high...

Heavy narcotic + Trippy + Trance/Lucid
This has lead me to Landrace plants.
Kinda like remaking skunk & haze

We have so much breeding already done for us but we arent taking full advantage.

Respectfully...Fuck Thai.
When you start to look at breeding it all adds up.

brazil sativa x Indian indica = white widow
colombian x mexican x afgan = skunk
mex. x colombian x thai x india = haze

fast foward to TODAY.
paki x thai x nepal** = og kush

WTF are we doing 30 years later bro!!!??

We should have been LIGHT YEARS from where we are....
We should have had 20+ Staple strains...
Not just Cookies

I get it...
We all got caught in a strain vortex...with everyone learning how to grow & chuck.

Plus we got side tracked with pheno types from the breeding projects of the old school.

with all the legal states we should have had another strain vortex by now.
NL5. Super Silver Haze. Widow
AK47. BBerry. Gdp
sour diesel. OgK. Urkel
Blue Dream. Zkittles. Cookies. Purple punch.

Its time for a vortex bro.