Barneys Farm LSD Feminized- FEEDBACK Please

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by C Moore, Mar 10, 2011.


    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm growing a couple of these right now. They smell VERY weird to me.

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean...I think. It is different. Mine is almost ready and it smells sorta like petroleum fumes with a hint of skunk. LOL best way I can describe it.

    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member

    I was smelling it one night when I was hammered and it about made me barf. It doesn't have a smell like I've smelled before on weed.

    Metalizerman Member

    I'm growing some right now, not a first time grower but first time with LSD. They are about 2 weeks into 12/12 and are starting to bud. I have 2 plants each in a bubble bucket. One is short and bushy and the other is taller and stretchy. They are Fem seeds and both are Fems. Although it'stt too soon to tell but they look healthy and realy haven't giving me and problems that wasn't my own fault. I actually like the smell mine smell skunky, a pretty strong skunky smell too. I will post a pic later. Maybe it's just me but strain is just a part of what the final smoke and quality is. How it's grown is just as important. My LSD may be nothing like yours.

    I have grow a few strains to name a few are Serious Seeds AK-47, Nirana WW, and some beans that a friend I met on an old forum, that is closed now, sent me. This person was a patient, anyway let me tell you was I surprised at the quality of the seeds they where one of the best smoke I ever had. Definatly the most potent I have grown. It was a 2 hit wonder but the effect hit you instantly, I mean before you even exhale your first hit you are HIGH. Was easy to grow looked lime greenish and smell was awesome. I later found out from this person that it was a local breeder she knew, so nothing that you can buy that I know of. I am really kicking my self in the ass for not saving this strain. I would love to come across it again. It was a keeper for sure. She said they called it a St Louis or Louie x with something else. I grew this about 6 years ago I will try to find pics.

    Anyhow I would say give LSD a try.

    Girdweed Well-Known Member

    J2M, what was your final yield? I'm popping a few LSD later today and am stoked about the grow.

    J2M3S Well-Known Member

    6 plants totaled over 13 ounces dry.

    reggae234 Active Member

    im thinking about this strain too i like to get high and go bike riding or do stuff outside, and i like tripping. Sounds like a prime candidate for my next grow ( just started my 1st grow which is Nirvana blue mystic

    jethead Active Member

    I'll be starting 3or 4 of Barney's LSD soon. Looking forward to see how many pheno's I get. Peace, jethead

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I started 4 LSD from seed a couple months ago. I didn't do much LST or topping with them, and all fouir appear to be the same. It's a fairly leggy pheno, with quite a bit of space between nodes. I just chopped the first one yesterday. While there may not be a huge number of buds, they are very heavy and dense. Huge bundles of calyxes. The aroma is incredible, like nothing I have ever smelled before really.

    Illumination New Member

    I love my lsd....unique smell and taste for sure but oh so very potent

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    I have some 7 weeks in flower. The smell is repulsive. Not overly strong, just thoroughly unpleasant. A little like green tomato vine with hints of meat just beginning to spoil. It is stretchy but great node spacing. Buds are covered in crystals and have patches of pink and orange hues. Looks beautiful but the smell leads me to suspect it wont make a second round in my garden. As for now I consider it a wasted purchase, perhaps a bad variant. Proof is in the buzz I suppose. My free kandy kush seed I received along with the LSD grew buds that smell like a little patch of heaven that's been cleaned with lemon juice.

    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm sad to say I pretty much feel the same way. I really do NOT like the smell. Mine aren't growing all that vigorous either. They seem a bit leafy too me as well.

    ChroniCDooM Active Member

    Here's my topped LSD day 26 of flower. I'm tokin on some LSD I picked up yesterday from the local dispensary. Very nice high. Tastes great also. I'm BBBaked!
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    Bargar Well-Known Member

    I would like to add my experience with LSD to the mix. So far I have tried out 3 of these seeds. The first one I ran with my first attempt at DWC. I ran LSD, Blueberry, and chocolope and I must admit I screwed up a LOT with my first DWC attempt. That being said, the LSD was the only good thing that came of that run. It was also pretty darn potent (suck your thumb and watch TV kinda stone) and smelled SUPER skunky. Here recently I planted 2 more LSD seeds (Soil), and I have one phenotype similar to the first DWC LSD, and one with "weird" jagged edge leaves. When I supercrop them my hands REEK of skunky goodness. All of the seeds I have run with this strain have leaves that look much more sativa than indica. The spacing between nodes is excellent! Overall I really like this strain so far. Since I did such a poor job in DWC the first time (and it did so well), I can not wait to see how they turn out in soil. Will post pics in the coming week. I would do it now, but I just LST'd the hell out of them and they look funny.

    ranga12341 Member

    lsd was my first grow and i loved it. massive colas and almost diamond shaped buds and frosty as.smell was low too which was a good thing for me but might not be for you.

    ps for me it was also pm resistant!!

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    I swore I'd never grow Barney's Farm gear again after purchasing Tangerine Dream and getting very,very disappointing results. Simply the worst strain purchased in a long time. Got a Barney's Farm LSD as an Attitude Seedbank freebie some time ago. I'm cleaning out the single seeds and the LSD actually germ'ed. So I guess I'll be able to write a review in a few months. Thanks everyone for your input.

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I tried the Tangerine Dream too. I had the same result, several seeds. Some cup winner, eh?
    The LSD was a strange one. Mine got these long stringy calyxes that just looked weird and were hard to trim. I didn't find it to be killer either, although admittedly it was several years ago and I was a lot greener myself.
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