Bleach instead of H2o2


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So all plants bounced back and then 4 days ago I dosed 1.5ml into my 35 gal res to see how they reacted and this time my big plant (which was uneffected by the big dose may have gotten to a point of no return as my smaller plants are doing just fine (other than minor yellowing of some leaves). Now this is a way smaller dose and actually less than 1ppm total using the calculator posted by Wastei. What is going on??? What am I not doing right??
the big girl does not look happy at all.

take a pic of her roots would help.
It's better to use an oxidizer from the get go. Don't only use 1ppm in DWC. You need to keep it at 3-5ppm if you're not running a chiller. Plants and particularly roots need time to adjust to it.

If you had an ongoing root issue a dose of bleach could actually temporarily worsen a problem.

What other things have you added to the res? I add that amount every third to 4th day to my res in Aero. Res changes about every two weeks.
That doesn't explain why a way smaller amount than you described is causing this, the roots were never bad and the plant was never in this state until bleach was added as an alternative to beneficial bacteria