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    Thanks Evil, it's nice to be back!
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    Dude it brings a smile to my face to see you dorking out again and in a bigger way. You were an inspiration to me so it’s sweet to see you back at. Onto bigger and better things!

    How do you like that Trainwreck From Sweet Seeds? Also what’s in your fungal feed and how often to do give it???
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks man! Trainwreck from Sweet seeds is delightful. Had real good reviews from friends who had some. Very fast strain, also smells really without a cure, even better with a cure. It's the strongest autoflower I've had.

    The fungal feed is called Envii Foundation – Mycorrhizal Fungi

    I'm going to feed them it on around day 7 and around day 30.

    I've never used it before.
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    It truly is great to see you back and good to hear your feeling better than ever and moving forward.
    Also nice to see you trying out the Quantums.

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    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to using the quantum boards. Should be here tmrw
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Got the boards teamed up with the Budmaster gold osram deluxe 90w blurple led. Total draw 330w in this 3ft tent.

    Looks like it will be a nice blend of 3000k with absolute peak red at 660-680nm, plus plenty of light in blue.

    Question. What do I do with the power supply/driver? Does it just sit on top like that? It was getting quite hot. Anybody know this please? Going on holiday tmrw, but haven't got this tent lit up. Not until I sort something out for the driver.

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    Aolelon Well-Known Member

    There are holes for it to screw on in a diagonal angle. The driver on the right in my picture is the proper way how its suppose to be mounted. The one on the left is a different driver

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    Aolelon Well-Known Member

    There Should be anyway.
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks. I messaged the guy I bought it from and he said just keep it on top like in my picture. It will get hot, but will be ok. He does that with his and it's been on constantly 24/7 for 6 months. I will see if there is somewhere I can screw it to though.

    9th dr90 on the way, but that is it now, there will Not be a 10th. Decided to remove the 2 little budmaster xg panels from my auto grows and just use them in their own tent. Just going to veg plants ready for the scrog tents in there.

    Not much changing here, plants slowly filling out their scrog screen, whilst returning to good health.

    I will be using 1800w between 10 tents. 3100w on full power, but that will be a while away yet.
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    Aolelon Well-Known Member

    I would put it diagonal. You will be running across more of the heatsink that way and will help dissipate the heat. But they do get hot. Their running temp is around 120-130° F with a max temp of 200°F so they are made to run hot.
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Ok, so up and running now in terms of veg. The plant have been rooting away in their pots for another week or 2. Starting to fill the screens, some have lots to do

    Cheese clone


    Cheese mother, now cheese scrog


    Blimburn Cindy's x 2 scrog, but only put in this tent today from my veg tent



    Blimburn CR+1


    Green poison fast version


    Back left is my Brother Grimm Cinderella 99 elite clone#2

    Back right is Cindy which I'm not scrogging. It was weaker than the other 2.

    New cheese seed germinating. Also Sweet Afghan Delicious CBD which is on day 1 of veg.

    Also threw 7 Sweet skunk auto's in to soak earlier today.


    Fevs. Active Member

    day 1 of 12/12 for green poison fast version + CR1.

    Others still vegging, but will flip them in a week or 2.

    Fevs. Active Member

    Day 1 of 12/12 for cheese, Blimburn cindy, sad cbd + another cheese plant. They are not quite ready to flip, but I'm going to Spain in August, So must flip now. Even now is late.

    Fevs. Active Member

    Veg tent. 4 x fast bud#2, some clones of current flowering plants and b g Cinderella elite clone

    latest 3 ft tent. Sweet Skunk auto's, age unknown. I grow auto's better when I don't know how old they are...

    DSCN4317.JPG DSCN4318.JPG DSCN4319.JPG

    The other 3 sweet skunks from the 7 pack...

    DSCN4320.JPG DSCN4321.JPG
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Blimburn CR+ elite clone. Love this plant!

    DSCN4322.JPG DSCN4323.JPG DSCN4324.JPG
    She's on day 11 of 12/12.

    So is the Green poison fast version, also in her own 3ft tent.

    DSCN4325.JPG DSCN4326.JPG DSCN4327.JPG

    Cheese clone, looking pretty small, but I'm off to Spain in 10 weeks, so day 1 of 12/12 today. No option, but to flip all these next plants. She has her own 3ft tent.

    DSCN4328.JPG DSCN4329.JPG DSCN4330.JPG
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Cheese mother plant. Doing ok. Looked good after her 1st ever sleep.

    DSCN4331.JPG DSCN4332.JPG
    Pretty happy with her now..! It's been a right battle keeping an old mother plant healthy and bringing the ol' bitch back to life lol

    Last is my random tent.

    2 blimburn cindys at the back. A new cheese seed and cbd sad at the front.

    Front plants are doing a bit crap, but just have to flip now. I've got a buddy that is going to keep vegging plants alive whilst I'm away. So I'm keen for my unrooted clones to root. Will consider revegging some if I f*ck up the cloning.

    DSCN4333.JPG DSCN4334.JPG

    I keep causing lockout by overwatering so they don't dry out, then going camping. lol Don't care really, I'm having a great summer so far! I go to a camp site every week now for at least 2 days. Chill out with my family, dog etc. Growing used to be more important than it is now. Tmrw morning I'm off again, back Tuesday. Catch you guys and girls later...:lol:

    DownUnderDoper Well-Known Member

    Have fun
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    sup Fevs! real good to see ya back, mate - Health wise too, stoked youre on-top of that, man. i need to sort my diet out, i eat a lot of healthy stuff like fish and fruit but then i'll do half a kilo of dairy milk, haha! Sorry to hear about the loss, its always tough.

    im on a grow break but looking forward to getting back on it and checking out this diary, always thought you were a quality grower.

    Welcome to the white light club! still rate my budmaster but the sammy diodes kick ass, easier to work under too! see ya around
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    Fevs. Active Member


    Fevs. Active Member

    My Brothers Grimm Cinderella mother plant looked so good when I got home after 3 days, that I put her in to flower with the 4 others. One of her clones has rooted too. Also 1 Green Poison fast version clone. Very keen to get new mothers of 4 strains. Still waiting on cheese and Blimburn CR+ to root.
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