Bulk Mono Tek Pictorial


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Ok, this is a monotub tek for 6 qts of spawn. This is not my tek. I have grown lbs using it and it is by far the easiest and best producing tek for shrooms, bar none.

This tek came from the evolution of the invention of the very first and original mono by Ohm. The bucket pasturization part was invented by large_dose. Ozz put it all together with his recipe. So, Ohm+large_dose+Ozz=Ozz Tub.

7 qts hpoo
2 qts vermiculite
400 grams coir
2 cups gypsum
7 qts H2O
1 5 gal. bucket with lid

OzzTub 001.jpg Hpoo

OzzTub 003.jpg Vermiculite

OzzTub 004.jpg Coir

OzzTub 002.jpg Gypsum

The hpoo must be dry and totally leached. Crumble it up well, should be fluffy, and put it in a 5 gal bucket with the verm and gypsum. Mix it up well. Process the coir to also be well broken up and fluffy. Put the coir on top of the hpoo,vermiculite, gypsum mix.

OzzTub 006.jpg Coir on top.
Do not mix it into the above, it only goes on top!!!!
This is crucial for the pasturization method and the crux and beauty of this tek!!!!

The coir will expand and cap-off the ingredients underneath it, allowing the mix to stay in temperature range for pasturization.
So, bring to a boil 7 qts of H2O, then let it continue to boil for 10 minutes. The next part could be very dangerous, you could spill the boiling water on your feet or something if you do not proceed with care, 7 qts of boiling water is heavy and steam will be rising straight up as you pour it gently into the bucket and saturate the coir. You can't just dump it in all at once. The idea is to saturate all the coir, so pour it over all the surface area a little at a time. I open my oven door and put my 23 qt. pot that I boil the H2O in on the open door with the 5 gal. bucket on the floor right up against the door, and then tip it carefully, keeping my feet under the door and my face well back from the rising steam. Please be carefull!

OzzTub 008.jpg

Put a lid that has some holes in it on the bucketOzzTub 009.jpg

and then cover with a towel or blanket.
OzzTub 010.jpg

Let it sit over night or till completely cooled. Just touch the side of the bucket, you should feel no warmth. You are gonna be sticking your hands in there.

I will spawn to the tub tomorrow.

Also a shout out to sandman who told me he taught ozz.


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fucking sweet ive actually been meaning to talk to you for awhile now.
after i saw your tubs and your incredible pinset ive been wanting to
ask your meathod but thanks for sharing! =) +rep and im subbed


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How Many Jars and whats whats your average yeild??
First sentence says "Ok, this is a monotub tek for 6 qts of spawn." I will not go over things that I have already written in the thread.

Yield: first flush between 5 and 7 oz. These tubs will flush 5+ times easy even with absolutely no dunk. Total yield on a tub between 11- 15 oz. There are many factors involved in a given tubs yield. Ozz can get 9 oz first flush and 16+ overall, but that is using clone. I have a couple qts of clone lc that I have not tried yet due to having already so many ms qts ready to spawn.

Thanks for adding to the thread. :mrgreen:


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6 qts wbs, Panama from ms lc...

Spawn 001.jpg

Break it up...

Spawn 002.jpg

The bucket of substrate...

Spawn 003.jpg
then mix it up really well, dig right down to the bottom Spawn 004.jpg

Put down a fresh garbage bag, then dump out a quart, and spread it out...

Spawn 005.jpg

put down a layer of sub on top, then dump another quart and so on till you have 2 quarts left... Spawn 006.jpg

put the last 2 quarts down in the same layer, doubleing up, then top with the last of the substrate...

Spawn 007.jpg Spawn 009.jpg

Now trim the plastic at the level of the sub...

Spawn 010.jpgput the top on...

Spawn 011.jpg Spawn 014.jpg

Put in a fresh garbage bag...

Spawn 015.jpg and stick it in a closet or whatever, anything under about 72 degrees is alright but will be a bit slower, 78 being about optimum, I throw a blanket over it for extra darkness. DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 DAYS MINIMUM! Leave it alone, or you risk premature knotting before substrate is fully colonized and that could lead to big problems. I sometimes wait 2 weeks...:hump:


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Nice man! I've been waiting for something like this to come along as well. I'm running 3 different sets of PF jars and thinking about trying a bulk once it's all said and done.


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Waiting for my downstairs neighbor to leave so I can cut a vent hole in the attic for my new ganja grow. Got my dewalt cordless sitting in my loft, all I need is about 5 minutes. His girl is gone and I have to keep an eye out for him to leave. Might not even be today, but I'm in no hurry yet, just at the ready for my opportunity when they are both out.:mrgreen:

So, I have 1qt of Z strain left and need to spawn it, so I can make a clone lc of it. My best advice for anyone is when they get spores, make a few jars of lc. You will never have to buy another syringe. :hump:

Gonna break up a little more then a qt of hpoo, 1 and 1/6th of a quart if I was to be exact (which you don't need to be) for 1qt of spawn, since it is 6qts spawn to 7qts hpoo.

About hpoo, and some peeps worries about going to a horse farm and asking for it. You could say your granny or someone asked you to get some for her garden or something. Never offer to pay for it, they are happy just to get rid of any they can. Never get hpoo out of a stall! Farmers often put wood chips in there and usually it is ceder because it has anti- fungal properties, which of course is very bad for mush. Also it is gonna have extreme amounts of ammonia from urine, which also is unacceptable. You want the stuff that is out in the pasture and has been rained on for a couple months. Farmers often make big piles. It is right if it has zero smell and has a greyish white mold on it- that is the primo stuff! :hump: (Doesn't always have the mold but dry and zero smell = leached)

I happen to just tell peeps openly, if asked, that I am growing mush: medicinals or edibles! Peeps don't know one mush from another. I grow them openly. They are for "farmers markets" so I can make extra cash! Ha! :roll: By openly I mean I have them in my bedroom and not hidden. I hardly have anyone in my place anyway, but my cover story is ready.

One more thing about hpoo, when you break it up it's gonna have straw and grass and horsehair and stuff in it. All that stuff is a bonus! Do not pick it out like I saw someone on a thread here say :evil:! Mush love texture, that's why they love coir too. Those pieces of straw and hair are like highways for the myc, they run right along them and spread through the sub more efficiently and quicker!:hump:

Ok, gonna do this 3qt tray with pics just for fun. Will post it up later sometime tonight.


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the "greyish white mold" is called firefang...and indeed...when you have firefang you will get a nice yield...good info and thread...;)


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Mission acomplished! Had to crawl through a mountain of blown in insulation, which sucked, but my vent is in. Glad it was just a one time thing.


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Forgot how to post full size pics here.

Well, I made up a couple 3qt trays and stuck them away to colonize. Decided not to take pics cause it is basically the same as the beginning of the thread only reduced to use single quarts of spawn per tray. I will post when I put them in the fc, cause my automated fc is different then any I have seen, definitely not a shotgun or a martha.

So, I need to make up some grain jars so I can use my clone lcs, cause I only have a few colonized jars left. I will post it in a seperate box.