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OP! CHOEMPI!! I have a TON of questions to ask you, so please respond so that I know you are still here!

I've done the legendary PF tek BRF jars last year, only yielding a minute amount (26g dry).

I know my stuff when it comes to science, I am a bio major at a university and mushrooms are my thing now. My buddy and I are teaming up to do bulk and I have some very specific questions I need you to answer!

Q1: I see how you pasteurize your sub, hot boiling water. My question is, what is your ratio of hpoo, verm, coir and do you use gypsum?

Q2: according to your tek, you do a sequence of grain and substrate to a T that ensures quality growth. What is the difference of substrate and a casing?

Q3: I'm confused on the part about when "fruiting" should begin. You don't go into much detail about this, but I'm wondering, after you stick it all in your tub, holes in it and everything... And the 10 days go by.... Please describe to me what I must do WHEN the 10 days are up. It sounds like I take it out of the garbage bag to let FAE occur and then proceed to let pinning set..... But I'm confused about this. Maybe I just need someone to better explain what happens after those 10 days are up.

The answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated if you could respond back... I know how busy you are tripping on shrooms and whatnot.... ;-)
Well, since he's been MIA, i'll provide what I can.

#1 Mason jars in boiling water, 1 hour or so. U want the temp to be 150-160 not much higher or u can kill goodies. The ratio I've been using is 25% coir, 20% verm, 7.5% gypsum, 55% hpoo. Gypsum is like food to them, helps build their walls. You want to get it as fine as possible (powder ideally), required being ordered from the net for me.

#2 Substrate is a nutritious layer you want to be fully colonized with myc. Some strains require a casing to fruit, which is basically a non nutritious layer you do not want colonized, its purpose is to cover the myc and simulate the surface of the earth basically. For most cubensis its not needed, in fact i've never cased.

#3 Fruiting should occur once the myc has fully taken over the substrate. I usually wait an extra day or so just to ensure, but that is when you should induce 12/12 lighting, and start FAE. Put your poly fill in the sides and fan once a day maybe (kinda optional imo). This is what will trigger the fruiting, the myc basically thinks it has reached the surface of the earth with the change in CO2 levels and the light, and boom, fruit in a week or so.

I have a question. What if i do not have 6 qrts of substrate and lets say two or three. Should i just cut the amount used to half or whatever the ration is in a smaller tub or can i still do it just colonizing my bulk subtrate at a slower rate
Yes smaller tubs would be best. You could attempt with less grain, but it will colonize slow thus increasing risk of contams and the possibility it will run dry on water faster causing a smaller harvest. I use 4-5 quarts of spawn for 13.5 quarts of substrate personally.


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This is how I Pasteurize my coir except I put it in a trashbag inside a bucket with a towel inside for insulation. I "plug" the top with a pillow since I have no lid. Easily stays at 160-170 for an hour.

I also use 2 quarts of verm instead of 1 quart of verm and coffee.

Figured I'd share how i bulk pasteurize coir
You could cook/spawn 10 bricks in a day... easily.

You need to go to Lowe's and get their 3.5 gal buckets and a lid.
(These are extremely high quality buckets with easy grip handles
i like them because liter and quart measurements are listed in increments all the way up each side of the bucket.)

I used the following recipe per bucket:
4.5 quarts water
1 brick coir
1 quart coffee
1 quart verm
It came out to an avg 10 liters per bucket (almost 3 gallons)

Here are the exact steps i take:
1. Heat water up to 170 in PC
2. Throw in coir - let it expand for 5 minutes
Keep the lid off
3. Throw in the coffee/verm - mix it all together real good
4. Close lid on PC - set it on high for 5 minutes
The substrate will heat up to about 195-200
5. Turn off the stove - remove PC lid
6. Dump substrate into one of the buckets - cover - let cool
Repeat steps 1 - 6 for each brick

I put a small hole 1/4'' in the middle of my bucket lid w/ polyfil so it can breathe. The polyfil is overkill, oh well - i like insurance.

With a long-stem thermometer it easily stayed above 175 in all buckets for over an hour, all the buckets cooled in 6-8 hours.
You should also put a liner of trashbag in the monotub to prevent sidepins.


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there really aren't any subtypes, per say. all the same genus.

I have panama and z, they do have different growth characteristics, but not so much as say an indica and sativa let alone a ruderalis. Cube is a cube, no escaping it.
With exception to penis envy and albino penis envy. Correct? Lol
Let me dig this discussion up with a question. First attempt at this technique and I just checked on my tubs (day 13) and 1 is starting to colonize the top surface and the other hasn't and has a rancid smell. I don't see anything growing at all in that one. Is that one a lost cause? I made both tubs at the same time so I'm not really sure how one went wrong and the other seems ok. The only thing I didn't do was put holes in the tubs because I didn't have a hole saw and figured it could be done when I introduce to fresh air. Can anyone please give me some advice?


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Time to bump this thread again. Really this should be a sticky. All the methods in here work GREAT!

5 years ago I made a Liquid Culture and recently tried it, it worked great! Hard to believe all it took was a couple drops from a syringe I was using to noc up wbs anyway, and after 5 years of living in that jar it is atill alive and ready to noc up countless jars.
This thread should be a sticky.



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It's crazy to log in after years of relative inactivity and see a thread from a person I used to chat with on the daily bumped up to the front page. I wonder from time to time how all my old psychonauts are doing these days. All the old homies that used to spend our evenings in the psychadelic riu forums around 2011-2012. Shouts out to you all.. much love.