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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, it's finally back on! :hump:

    We are off and running with four plants this time around, got 2 of Bigworm's Prime Crystals and 2 Fallouts (a sugar x chemdawg91 x chernobyl cross).

    There was a small issue with the borg but Cat slaughtered them and got us going in spite of the little bastards. I won't be posting any pics just now (pardon us, we're a bit embarrassed--they are pitiful right now) but I promise as soon as they perk up a bit we'll gladly oblige :bigjoint:
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Here I will break the ice for you on shitty looking plants lol. Do they look worse than this?

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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    No...they really don't...

    he ain't gonna let me post any pics, nice try though ;)
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    That pic was after a 6 day vaca away and it was a couple days after watering again and taking off all the dead and yellow so they really looked worse lol......

    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    your tallest ones are close, but ours have no wilt, and the stalks have been stripped of all growth. they look like palm trees atm...
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    When these guys perked up they looked like palms it's an old pic.

    I ended up with one keeper fem she looks like this right now:

    And the little auto from that pic looks like this now:

    Sorry for all the pics I will take them down if out of line this is your thread just breaking the ice for you here is all..... :mrgreen:
    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    lol, no buddy, it's fine. we'll get some pics up in the next day or two, i just don't want the first picture to be the before version with no after... we did take pics, i just wanted to do a side by side comparison once they get over the transplant shock.

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    I bet! hey, we've all been there. Shit happens ;)

    give it a week or so then we should be able to show some progress.

    giggywatts Well-Known Member

    i'm in, let it begin.

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    They already look better than they did. I'm really pumped about this grow, I've never had Chemdawg 91 and only tried the Chernobyl once when our hydro guy smoked us out.

    I'm ready to experience some major Fallout ;)

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Yea my cat always fucks with my grow too
    Good luck

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Here are the first shots of the new ladies! Keep in mind we are battling spider mites, doing another application this evening to try and finish them off. We will get rid of them, just a matter of due diligence and time.

    The first set is the Prime Crystal and the second is the Fallout, the tops in the same order, left to right..

    Let the games begin!






    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    they look like palm trees. had a BAD childhood. fortunately they live in the land of opportunity!

    ppm 1580
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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    We are officially in flower as of 9 pm last night! It's been two weeks and three days since we began vegging. They are doing great!

    Here's some shots of the ladies, the third (to the right) smaller one seems to be a poly so Cat topped it (which I took cuttings from) and now its filling out pretty nicely. We'll have to keep a super close eye on that one to make sure it doesn't get moldy with all that super dense growth.

    The borg seems to be held at bay but we'll be doing another spraying this evening before the lights come back on to keep them gone.

    Prime Crystal

    Fallout DSC01202.JPG

    The one on the left in this pic is the possible poly. See how thick it is? The nodes are so tight, it's possible it won't do well once it hits flower. Fingers crossed she turns out ok!

    single shots, left to right...


    The poly..

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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Some side by sides..

    Not bad for just 17 days vegging and a borg invasion eh? :mrgreen:

    PC's on September 26


    FO's on September 26


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    How'd this come out?
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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    We still have three of the four, they are all so different!! The one we pulled turned out to be male. Sucked too, was one of the PC's. The other three look good, I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow. The Fallouts (ChernobylxChemdawgxSugar) are really different, the shorter one is still full of tight ass nodes but she's budding like crazy and thriving. The taller one is enormous and loaded with bud sites as well so no shortage in flowers there ;)

    As far as the borg goes, we've beaten the bastards down pretty good, Cat thinks one more treatment should finish them off on the PC that's left. Seems the mites don't like the Fallout so much, can't find any on them, but the PC's were swarming with the little bastards.

    I will do my best to get some pics up tomorrow, we just have a lot to do and a busy week ahead so please bear with me. I was going to do take some last night but we had to do our res change after a really busy day so I was too pooped to poop.
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    giggywatts Well-Known Member

    Hey rose and cat. tried the cookies saturday and had to do it again sunday morning. pretty damn good, thank you very much. looking forward to seeing pics.
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    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear it buddy!!

    We just got back from voting, got some work to do in the yard today but if I get done early enough, I'll try and get those pics up today. If not, when we clean the grow room tomorrow I'll take some then. Cheers! :bigjoint:

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Here it tis, the long awaited update..

    I took these pics with my phone so they aren't the best quality, next time I'll use my real camera.

    The biggest Fallout, and this isn't all of it. The other side wouldn't fit in the pic! lol

    Here's the poly crazy Fallout that has been a slow starter. As you can see, she's starting to catch up a bit :)

    A nice bud on the big FO. It's stacking like crazy 1108162102b.jpg

    and finally the Prime Crystal... 1108162101a.jpg

    a closer shot of the poly-like FO..see how tight the nodes are? We're praying for a good pull off of her, she's got buds all over the place 1108162103.jpg

    That's my hump day update for you guys. Comments, questions, tips, bring em on y'all..

    on that note, I'm going to bed now.


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