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It's not oregano

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How NOT to grow a plant!! This is the worst starting plant I have grown for a loooong time, and pretty much all my fault.

She didn't have much growth and had twisted, yellowing leaves from literally her first set of serrated leaves, and I couldn't work out why. She was in exactly the same soil as all my other plants, and nothing had drastically changed from how I normally started seedlings off......apart from the fact I was keeping the water she was watered with in a new spray bottle I kept in the cabinet. After a couple of weeks of non growth I had an idea of testing the ph of the water - using some old ph strips I realised it was between 3 and 4. I was basically spraying/watering her with acid. For some reason the new spray bottle was drastically lowering the ph. Binned it.

She was kept in a small 1L pot for longer than I wanted, due to the plants in my main cabinet needing an extra week, but she was so small it didn't get her root bound. She has now been transplanted into a 10L container and is currently under 40w of led strips in my normal cabinet.

Temps in the garage where she is were 2ºC this morning, cabinet temps are 18-21 so not as high as I would like ,but struggling to get them higher. I am growing her then stopping until spring when things get a bit warmer.

She looks like she is nute burned on the tips, but she hasn't had nutes yet. She got transplanted about a week ago, so the new soil should be enough for a bit longer.

She also looks spotty, but I think that is down to the acid treatment as none of my other plants have ever needed calmag this early.

All in all she hasn't had a great start. She has shown small signs of perking up since her transplant, and she is starting stretch so I am lst'ing her down as normal. I don't want to kill her but I am not bothered if I only get an ounce off her, I have plenty in jars. A full grow only costs me about £25 so it isn't a major deal cost wise.

Basically I am trying to keep her going to try and give me something to do during covid lockdown and break me out of my depression. I am getting really down due to it. My neighbour is on a ventilator due to covid and doesn't look like coming out of hospital, the guy across the road died last week, I am pretty much having a 'fuck it, what's the point' about everything right now. In the UK I have been in tier 3 since before the month long lockdown we are just about finishing, and will be back into tier 3 after it ends on Tuesday, so pretty much housebound and not allowed to see family, go anywhere, do anything. I haven't worked full time since March. Properly pissed off with everything right now.

Wow, just typing that last paragraph really got stuff off my chest!

Anyway, back to the plant. This is her at 5 weeks. Tied down as I don't have a lot of headroom, but still really, really small
and sickly looking. Nothing to do with the plant, all down to me. She looks more like 2-3 weeks old not 5. The pot has black plastic around under the bubble wrap, so no roots will be exposed to light.

Do we have a shittiest plant award?

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6 weeks from seed, just topped the final time (8 colas now)... I'm training pretty aggressively with landscape staples. The two on the left are Sherbet (the other two are Kosher Kush from GoG).... it's always sad to cut off that much healthy looking growth. Stems are getting woody.



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Crap there's five pages already? I still haven't even got to plant a seed. Sorry for that. Lol. Just harvested the last plant in "Parts Unknown!" And still trimming the Passion Fruit plant from the last comparative grow. That plant was huge and I've got three more to go.

Hopefully I'll get the last three plants broke down soon and can get to starting the new plants.

Everones looking good so far! Can't wait to see more.


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Some very nice strains from Seedstockers and I always have a place for Blackberry Gum Fems.

Very nice plant to grow, massive yeild of rock solid nugs with knockout smoke.

Think I have a BBG on my signature but can't see whilst typing this. Have a look and see.


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Question for the people growing the sherbert strain.

How do your plants smell?

Mine are still in veg and omg they smell so potent already, they wreak of mango and bad BO lol.
I've got my tent running pretty high CFM so I don't notice the smell yet. I will say one of my Sherbet plants has a thicker stem than my plants normally do at harvest already! Woody AF, thicker than my thumb.


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Germination - 24hrs in a cup of water and 24hrs in paper towel placed in a zip lock.
Setup -
Lights - Mars Hydro Fc3000. 10% for seedling 24 hrs until sprout, I will adjust light cycle and intensity after a few days when it sprouts.
Tent - Mars Hydro 2x2
Fans - AC Infinity 6 in inline duct fan for intake
Soil - Fox Farm Ocean Forest bottom half of pot and Fox Farm Happy frog top half of pot
Pots - 3 gal air pots.

What I'm growing - 1 Seed Stockers Black Berry Gum Auto , 1 FF Strawberry Pie Auto and the wife wants to grow some beef steak tomatoes.


It's not oregano

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Anyone else growing the Blackberry gum auto?

I had problems very early on with her (my fault) but this is her just starting week 9 and still looking more like a small photo at this point in her life. I've harvested autos at 10-11 weeks before. She is nowhere even remotely near.

Samsung Led strips lights at 60w at the very top of the cabinet running 24/0. Done previous other variety autos like this and they have all filled the cabinet and touched the lights. I can't get temps higher than 19-20c in the very small cabinet, in an unheated freezing cold concrete garage, which along with stunting her earlier on isn't helping, but she seems miles behind where she should be. Convinced she is a photo.

I don't really want to flip to 12/12 to try and force flowering due to the cold, hence why I always grow autos so the constant lights help with warmth. She only costs a couple of quid at most per week in costs, so I am tempted to let her go for another couple of months, get bigger and see what she does.

I have started growing another different auto plant (a phoenix seeds super kush) as well as her, which is fine. Nice green leaves, healthy looking, growing normally. That one is going to be reversed using CS for pollen collection.

Just wondered if any other of the auto growers are having a similar experience?



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Autos are a strange and rowdy bunch, do what the F they like when they like, some will grow like mad others sit there like a bush just getting wider
last thing you want to do is put a whole load on one system.
I went for 40 on my system ended up with flowering finishing over a 5/6 week period. could not add any PK 13/14 to finish them off.
Lovely bit o bud but could have been a whole load better.
kicked these into flower @ 7 weeks of veg by giving them 12/12 they have only had 12 hours of light which has probably restricted the nugs a bit
but hey theres enough of themIMG_20201215_071904_3.jpg
Superskunk by seedstockers a couple of freebie seeds and there both different plants LOL