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WOnderful upclose flowerring pics my dudes.

My girls are just finishing up, took longer than expected but they grew fantastic without being picky so I cant complain

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I cut the Sherbert at exactly 60 days (the strains recommended harvest time). Normally I like to let my plants go to week 10, and the clone i took off of her will... but for the comparative I thought hitting the breeder recommended harvest window would be the better choice, just so I can give my honest review of that, as well as the strain itself.

Anyway, here's a few pics. She wasn't looking the greatest towards the end, but she grew some nice, chunky, healthy buds, and smells amazing so im happy!



(Sherbert is the one w/yellow leaves. The other is my DoSiDo33 I had cut a few days prior)


Will add in a smoke report with my final weight when she's all dried up. Im guesstimating roughly 2-3oz, which id be happy with! But ill let you guys know in a few weeks

It's not oregano

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Blackberry gum auto at 19 weeks!!

Still throwing out white pistils, but trichs look cloudy and she looks to be near the end overall. Buds feel nice and firm. I will probably give her another week then chop - more than 20 weeks is taking the piss a bit for an auto.

The purple the plant is supposed to have came out more in the last few weeks.




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I have some Kosher Kush I've been thinking about starting too. Is that bud around the average or is it one of the biggest? It looks pretty tasty! Nicely done friend!
That's about an average cola. Maybe ~12 that size per plant.

Probably going to have close to two 1 gallon bags of smaller buds/trim per plant (I'm being super lazy and only trimming the best), a buddy is gonna run the rest into live rosin for me.