Crock Pot Cannabutter for Dummies

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    Hey Dirtsurfr :) are we gonna be seeing you in a couple weeks?

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    Hopefully the weather holds, and I'll be bringing the whole zoo.
    I have to get a Battery for the MH nothing too much.
    Looking forwards to seeing everyone again.
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    ditto that hun :)

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    Is the 24hrs on low still the way to go in the crock pot? I also have a full oz of high grade stuff since I can't smoke due to gastritis. Should I use the full oz?

    ero Well-Known Member

    I use a full O and leave it on low overnight. It doesn't have to be 24 hours. You just want to see that oily sheen on the top as in the photos. The variable is the quality of your herb. Low quality might make 1lb of butter whereas I've made 5lbs with one oz of quality stuff.

    omri9 Member

    1/4 oz of bud to 4 sticks of budder makes me concerned about the potency. I was thinking more like a 1/2 oz bud per 4 sticks. what do you think? will 14 grams of bud to 4 sticks of budderr be enough to give you some kickass cookies. anuy thoughts on this are welcome.

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I typically run 1 oz of bud to 1 lb of butter.
    But then again it knocks me on my ass if I eat more than one cookie or caramel.
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    fumble Well-Known Member

    I generally use 150gm popcorn trim (dry ice hashed) to 8 sticks butter

    cyberia New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Recently I was given some cannabutter that knocked me on my ass for a good 24 hours and decided to try to make my own.

    I've been doing some research and I know to decarb it but I have a question that I've not seen the answer to. If it's here somewhere, I must have missed it, sorry.

    I want to make this as scent free as possible. Am I able to take the oven bag that I'll be using to decarb, put my butter In with it, tie it shut and toss it in a crockpot with water in it and do it that way? I figure that will make it odorless, then once it's ready I can just snip a hole in the bag and strain. Is this an ok way of doing it? I've read about the mason jar way but don't have jars, I do have oven bags tho.

    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    My crockpot has a warm setting of 165-170 degrees and a low/high at 215, but they cycle differently (high having a quicker cycle to cook quicker). Should I use the warm setting?

    texasjack Well-Known Member

    just put 1.5 oz bud, 2lbs Kerrygold butter, and 1 cup water in the crockpot. We'll see how this turns out.
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    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    Kick up your water to 4 cups...

    texasjack Well-Known Member

    well I had about a tablespoon today in two mugs of hot chocolate. I got high but not high enough for how strong I want it. I cooked on "warm" for 10 hrs. I melted it back down today and added another 1.5oz. I'll only cook for 3 hrs this time. 3 oz in 2lbs. Surely it will be strong?

    also I noticed"warm" on my pot is 150F. Is that too hot?

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I don't think it's hot enough.
    I run mine on hot (around 240 deg f) until it really gets bubbling & then turn it down to "low" for 8-10 hours or so.
    A double rinse & it's off to make caramel's or cookies.
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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Just want to say I tried this canna butter method & it really came out great. Never really liked eating weed before but I've been enjoying this stuff everyday for the past week. Great tutorial - I got excellent results - thanks for sharing Ero
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    Welcome to RIU.
    Good to have some new faces about. :cool:
    Dave's Not Here

    Dave's Not Here Well-Known Member

    I want to try this method sometime, here's how we used to make brownies back in the day for parties and we called them "Space Cakes." These definitely had a bit of a weed taste to them and it's probably not the best method for getting the most out of your weed but it's fast and easy and the brownies were always strong.

    1oz of buds, of some of the better commercial mex weed (what was generally available back then, you could probably go with a half of higher quality.)
    2-3 sticks of butter

    Remove the big stems, grind up the buds in a grinder, melt a couple sticks of butter in a saucepan and add the ground bud, simmer until just bubbling, not boiling, add more butter if it seems like there's not enough butter to soak up all the weed goodies. Simmer for 20-30 minutes while stirring, not too hot... just bubbling, strain the plant matter out through cheese cloth (I always used a clean old t-shirt,) collect your butter, should be green, use all the butter you made, more than the mix calls for, to make one small 9" pan of brownies, bake at 300 until done, enjoy!

    I once got through a broken foot on these, one in the morning on an empty stomach would get me through the day and into the evening.

    If anyone tries this method please let me know your thoughts!

    Bacala Well-Known Member

    Just a quick "Thank You" for the tutorial. I've now got a 2lb disk of pretty green butter sitting in the fridge waiting for it's second wash this evening, then some will go to cookies for a tryout on the weekend.

    Also have a little tip for those that do not like, or cannot easily get cheesecloth. I am a beekeeper and always have a few nylon paint strainer bags around since I sometimes filter honey with them. Any hardware or home improvement store will have these for around $2. To strain the flower bits from my butter I folded a closed five gallon bag in half, then placed it into my strainer over a pot. This gave me four layers of nylon as a filter, and the product looks very clean after just one run. A little rinse in hot, soapy water got the bag clean enough to throw in with the next laundry load and it well be ready to go next time.
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    UnaCubiche Member

    How would you make the milk? I have "Cafe con Leche" (Boiled milk with expresso coffee) all the time. Would you have a recipe ?
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    NinjaGrowPwnz Member

    i've made THCtea with a motel room coffee maker, took the ready-pack which is just a coffee filter with coffee sealed inside, dump out the coffee grounds and put your diced bud in it, made 1 cup worth of hot water and use the empty pouch as your bud tea bag, pour the hot water in the cup and steep it like you would real tea, about 20 minutes and your set to sit it out >.< felt it within half hour as if i took a decent bong hit, zero couch lock but could have been the strain (green crack)

    Warming up butter right now in my crock pot, last time i made it i used country crock spread,
    do NOT use normal spread butter it WILL NOT SOLIDIFY haha, trial and error, using baking butter this time with my again, green crack. more of a head high then body high, can't stand feeling glued to the couch.

    Don't rush making your cannabutter, only my second time but already know if you want to get high and have cookies, crap a bag of chips-a-hoy and hit the bong while your butter is brewing, take your time and do it right.

    if your going to put a hundred or so worth of bud then don't skimp on the butter, higher fat content the better. and unsalted especially if cooking on high should help avoid boiling(salt makes water boil easier) which is bad for this.

    I'm a legal grower and user, enough for myself, daily smoker but 1/8 still lasts about a week+ been using for almost 2 years now, does wonders for migraines, not Those will lock you to not only the couch, but the floor. thumbs up to everyone using this to cope with pain and illness, and some fun now and then =D

    What started as my 2 cents worth has again turned into one of my mini-misadventure stories.

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