Crock Pot Cannabutter for Dummies

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by ero, Jan 22, 2011.


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    One of the best cannabutter recipes Ive seen in a long time.
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    Welcome to RIU my friend. :cool:
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    Don't forget about the budder. Had this in the toy hauler fridge. Unplugged the trailer and forgot about it for severraaallllll months. Look at all the pretty colors.


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    Almost September here so I trimmed some of my plants and have about 2.5 Oz of shake with one pound of butter in the slow cooker right now. Will let you know how it goes. First time I have tried this.

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    I wonder if one could melt smooth (not crunchy) peanut butter and cannabis together, let it sit on low for a few hours, strain and cool. The straining might be tough, I don't know how thin peanut butter gets when cooked.

    Thems be some wicked PBJs...

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    I've stopped using butter..I use Olive oil in the crock pot now..huge ass jugs from Walmart cheap..much better.
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    I've been thinking about infusing coconut oil. I made a salve with a coconut oil base that wasn't edible due to wax and other additives for aroma that works great as a topical pain killer. If I just infused plain coconut oil, it could be used topically or in recipes.

    On another note, I'm humbled that this post still keeps popping up after all of these years. I still think it's the simplest way to make budder, although certainly not the fastest. Lots of great input from other posters about their methods, I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to comment. It's great hearing how everyone does their own thing. That's what makes this plant so amazing!
    Getting ready for the long weekend here... everyone stay safe and have a great one!

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    I take decarbed trim, grind it into a powder in a coffee grinder and cook it into peanut butter. I use 1 gram per ounce of peanut butter. Crunchy or creamy ;)
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    Hey everybody, thought I'd add my two cents to this great thread. I make cannabutter using a crock pot, I use either vape or bud, vape 2 oz. to 1/2 lb of butter, bud 1 oz to 1 lb of butter. I always decarb my bud first (not vape, obviously), by grinding it up fine and baking it in a pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes at 240 degrees. I'm not sure why the slow-cooking process does not decarb the bud but I think it is because the temp does not get high enough, especially if you are slow-cooking at 190 degrees or whatever, since the optimal temp for THCA to be converted into THC is about 250 degrees. For anyone who is interested here are a couple of links about decarbing in general:

    Anyway, after decarbing I set my crock pot to the lowest setting, add the butter and the weed and enough water to cover everything, put on the cover and forget about it for a few hours until it is ready to be stirred. I have gone as short as 4 hours and as long as 24 hours before straining. I read somewhere that the longer time extracts more THC, especially at low temps -- see the second link (above) for a chart that seems to bear this out. I generally go about 20 hours in the crockpot and that seems to work well.

    I use a metal basket strainer lined with cheescloth for straining (and yes I always burn the piss out of my hands squeezing out all that buttery goodness, I am def looking into that potato ricer thing). I strain once, then do it again with fresh cheesecloth. I have not tried actually remelting the butter with fresh water straining it again after refrigeration; that sounds like a great idea and well worth the extra time and effort. If I start with 4 sticks I usually end up with the equivalent of about 3-1/2 sticks when it's all done.

    As far as potency/recipes go, toll house cookies with walnuts are always a big hit (the nuts help the cookies taste less weedy). Just use canna where it says to use butter. I smoke daily and 1/2 of a cookie gets me high as a mf. Casual smokers should not do more than 1/4 of a cookie.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone for some great contributions to this thread!
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    Great guide. I read this and followed it through and made my butter Sunday using bud. I got my measurements wrong and done 8g of bud to 250g of butter :clap:, It wasnt the best weed in the world so i should be ok, i hope! When i got it out Sunday night it was pretty green (first pic) and smelt quite weedy still. Ive since heated it up and washed it through twice more (other pics), the water at the bottom ended up clear on the second wash and the smell was a little more buttery. I have a sponge cake in the oven now :hump::hump:

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    Here's my lemon sponge! cake.JPG

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    I read that about 350 is boiling point for thc and cbd so i believe u are right. Id been wondering the same thing.

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    i'm a newbie, please answer me this question:
    the trim has to be dried out before making butter out of it, right?
    just to be sure i understood right
    sometimes i cook milk out of ruderalis that grow randomly in the country side and for that the leaves have to be fresh and green, freshly trimmed

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    Yes, the trim should be very dry and even decarbed for best results.
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    I bake cookies and brownies out of the budder frequently at 350 or 375 and have zero issues with potency.
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    Looking to try coconut oil in place of butter. How do they get by without using water? Is the coconut oil capable of handling higher temperature?

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    coconut oil is has higher burn temp than butter, but your wont be getting close to either if you do it right. you will still want to use water.

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    also if smell is an issue, you can cook it in the grow room and the carbon filter will take care of that.

    Olbalman New Member

    Thanks for the quick response. What value dose the water bring to the coconut oil?

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