Crock Pot Cannabutter for Dummies

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    Chico420 New Member

    I was told I should do decarboxylation prior to making the butter. Any info?

    diamonddav Well-Known Member

    2 lbs butter, 2 1/4 oz trim/sugar leaves about 2 cups water. low setting for 14 hours. made a pretty good size batch! now to learn how to bake!! lol[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    R&Jbudder New Member

    i am having trouble writing a message. this is my first attempt so lets see what happens... i have 1oz dried trims and 1 lb butter.. so i just use the above directions and whats the best setting for the crockpot because im reading that leaving it on low will over cook it?? i dont want that to happen!! i wnt a very mild butter. i have no tolerance and dont enjoy people crazy high. thanks!

    HI_Life New Member


    New to the board. Thanks for being here. Everyone seems super chill and I look forward to delving further into the depths of these forums.

    Thanks for the instructions.

    Giving this a try right now. I'm using 2.8 ounces trim/shake : 2 lbs butter. Strains are: White Widow, Guerilla Glue, Girlscout Cookies and White Rhino. Been on low for 7 hours now. I got nervous because it came to a slow boil and thought it may be getting too hot and turned it off after stirring (see video/picture below...but doesn't really show the boiI guess )

    Going to bed and will allow it to sit. I'm guessing it will stay pretty warm for at least a few hours and then I can turn it back on and allow to simmer again. Any advice would be awesome.


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    HI_Life New Member

    I would love to know about the tincture !
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    caperjoe New Member

    wondering if you can drink the water that comes off the butter.can any tell what u can do with the water.

    fumble Well-Known Member

    pour it down the drain

    Aksala49 Active Member

    Thanks for the pics....nice job! I make mine with coconut oil. I don't have an oven so baking is out. I use a turkey baster to fill 1 tsp silicone molds then vac seal the wafers in pint jars. I really like the flavor and just stick one under my tongue an hour before bed time. No more all night spasms!
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    fumble Well-Known Member

    What a great idea !
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    ero Well-Known Member

    I suppose you could drink the water... I mean, it's not dangerous or anything. If you can choke it down, you've got a much stronger stomach than me!! Do you drink bongwater? I would assume it's a little stronger tasting than well used bongwater. Gross...
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    LuckyTedOG Member

    y0 420!
    In my video i added it abit in my flour mix.(Bang, not bongWater) Otherwise next time cook your medicine in milk, than add butter, do canabutter as regular but cuzz u used milk insted off watter u can make some good chocolate puding ill record video how to do it. :)
    :joint:My CanaButter:weed:
    Don't Bogart

    Don't Bogart Well-Known Member

    Found this about decarbing.

    NuggODank Active Member

    super late on this thread but......does anyone know how sativa trim will turn out when making butter does it keep its uplifting high or will it become sorta of a body high like most edibles? thanks
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    Aksala49 Active Member

    You should experience traits similar to that of your source material.
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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    eating cannabis is always a bit differant to me than smoking it, I would say yes the sativa will retain some of its smoking high ,, but because of decarbing and cooking some of it turns into other good things,, ( high tech i know) hahaha
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    Strocat Well-Known Member

    I just made my 2nd batch of butter and its literally 100 times better this 2nd time. I decarb trim/bud in oven at 240 for an hour. Bout an oz and a half of trim and popcorn buds.. then i used 5 sticks butter and 1.25 cups water. Let it go for 8 hours cheesecloth n strain. Turned out stupid potent. One chocolate krispy treat and high as hell for 5 hours. The trick is to decarboxylate your weed first it makes all the difference
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    Strocat Well-Known Member

    always decarb anything youre making into oil,butter,tincture, etc..... basically.. if you're gonna ingest your dope.. decarb it
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    sleepless_canuck Well-Known Member

    I've done this since high school.

    I use a new pair of panty hose full of my herb.

    Than once cool enough I remove and squeeze it out.

    Bam - Clean butter.

    stellarjay Active Member

    i've enjoyed reading all the posts on this thread. i find the various opinions on whether or not to decarb very interesting. i'd theorize that depending on one's crockpot, and the temperature settings used, decarbing may be taking place in the crockpot.

    older crockpots from the 70's era do not heat up as hot as the more modern version crocks. these are the true "slow cookers" some of us used back in the day. seems the fda decided that people don't know how to cook their food properly with lower heat so the required minimal wattage of crockpots was increased for our "protection." higher minimal wattage = higher minimal heat.

    if one were to google 'fda requirements of crockpots' one would find a more detailed explanation.

    i also can't help bud wonder if the plant material is being decarbed by means of a lower than commonly believed to be required temperature held constant for a certain period of time?

    aw, who knows? all this and i'm not even baked! go figure? now it's time to have a cookie!
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    idfuckmyplants Well-Known Member

    Friend of mine just gave me a load of trim .

    Would you say use the whole bag or half bag ?? I want the butter as strong as can be but wouldn't mind if I could get 2 batches and it still be stupid strong :P

    First time cooking lol IMG_4226.JPG

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