Dinafem's Critical+ topped 4 tops, extreme LST budget grow.

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    Hello everybody! :bigjoint:
    Long time since i have posted anything (that long that my old posts have got deleted :D ), but recently put my one lady on flowering stage and i think its kinda interesting and worth a post.
    If anyone remembers me (doubt it), i posted some outdoor grows from Northern Europe in time from 2010 - 2013 i think, but now been expermenting with some indoor grows for last six months. At moment i have really cheap setup and growbox that isn't good at any standarts, but with some proper care it can pretty much do everything i need.. but yeah, kinda when you get all the idea of indoor growing, you can see things that need more investment, so totally looking further in it.
    Okay, off with this, lets start talking about the grow and the growbox. :leaf::joint:
    Some time ago i bought some some cheap Autoflowering Blueberry seeds from local store and they gave me one seed tube sample of regular " Critical+ " from Dinafem as a gift.
    So i put those 3 autos alongside with critical in paper towels for germination at 9 June, unfortunately only one of autos sprouted out ( YEAH, better don't trust unknown companies and stick with seeds with some real, known genetics :wall: ) , but all good with critical. Planted them in proffesional gardening soil with plenty of vitamins and silica, vermicompost, compost and perlite and with those leca balls (idk how you call them in english) at bottom of pot for extra drainage. Each time when i repot them, i just put them bottom of the pot and put the soil on it and it gives really good drainage, like really.. i actually think you can manage without perlite after first repot if you use this method.
    For lightning, when the grow started i used ony CFL lightning
    6 x 30 watt 2700 k and 4 x 20 watt 2700 k bulbs i got from the closest home depot. Actually im really suprised with effiency of them, i run couple grows earlier with only them and the taste of buds were pure magic, you wouldn't believe.
    and 3 x 30 watt 6400 k grow bulbs from Nelson garden.
    As the grow was going bigger and the potential of it i decided to get some cheap led lightning from ebay.
    So i bought the Mars Hydro 300 ( they advertise that it can replace 150 watt hid and runs at 125 watt) , haha guys i know what you think about it after i was looking for some feedbacks for it :fire::bigjoint: But all cool, they are working for 2 months now with no problems and the guys from the company said that if i have any problem with diodes, they will send me new ones for FREE. can you believe it? :clap: And for the price, i think its worth the money if you are a budget grower. LADIES LOVE IT!
    So for flowering now i use Mars hydro, 5 x 30 watt 2700 k and one 30 watt 6400 bulb. Approx 300 watts all together. Will put some more cfl's after i get air exhaust fan.
    For those who want to ask why i don't use HID, simply - not enough space to carry the heat, the growbox is in the corner of the roof room. I'm thinking to move it to farm building after i get electricity on attic.
    Size of the box - approx 110x80x80 but i can move it up to about 150 if needed.
    I have two fans from old computer running the air out ( still waiting for air exhaust from china :mrgreen: ), one desk fan inside the box running the air around and leak holes at the bottom of the box to get the air inside ( will put those computer fans there after i get that air exhaust fan).
    Temperature is good for now - about 25 celsius at day and 20 at night.

    For those who are not sleeping yet :sleep::sleep: here we go :bigjoint::bigjoint:
    So the grow started at 9.june, lets make it a day 1.
    They sprouted out off soil in 12. june.
    Runned them under 20/4 regime till 1st september, when i harvested Auto Blueberry, so the big lady got plenty of time in veg.
    So the interesting thing about this lady is - when i first topped it gave out 4 tops instead of 2.. Anyone had business with something like this?

    Day 18

    Day 20

    So there was nothing else to do then go for a extreme LST :hump::lol:

    At first i let it grow a bit.

    Day 29


    After a week or something i started with tying top nodes to side of the pot, pulling them down.

    Day 36

    Around day 43 i received LED panel and in principle was giving all the light to the Blueberry next to it, i think i had only 4x 30 6700 k on it, but i consistantly moved and rotated , cause there was all kind of lightning in box.
    Day 43

    Unfortunate i don't have pics after this, my cameras batteries went off and every time i went to the city i forgot about them :dunce: btw right now i live in the middle of nowhere :bigjoint:

    The next one is from Day 62, It would be nice to put it in flor at this moment and harvest blueberry, but i started flushing little bit late and was using some not so organic fertilizers, so i needed time. With almighty Blueberry in the background :weed:


    And then again i dont have a pictures for whole month, but i will keep you updated till the end if u fellas are interested.
    So the last pictures leads us to today, Day 93 and Day 12 in flower Its craaazy :shock::shock:
    And yeah - thats one plant.
    When i mean hardcore LST - than i mean really hardcore, i had to push some nodes so for away from and to the middle, so everything get the light, that i needed to be really careful not to snap some branches and connection points. It actually snapped once, but i tied it up with some gardening wire and so long all is good. Just hope the stress will not cause hermie.


    So let me know what you all think, have a great one!
    There is some bud porn for you from blueberry :bigjoint::weed:
    DSC01341.JPG DSC01329.JPG
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    oh shaizee sorry guys will use thumnbails further, those pictures are really big :bigjoint:
    There are some more bud porn for you -
    Blueberry dried for 10 days and cured in jar for 4 days.
    And one of my favorite homegrown orange haze.

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    Did some defoliation today and gave her some more nitrogen to not stress her.. it was getting pretty bushy on tops, hope it was the last one.
    Day 99, Day 18 in flower

    DSC01493.JPG DSC01496.JPG

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    She's in 25 day flower and starting to fill in nicely
    DSC01535.JPG DSC01534.JPG DSC01523.JPG

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    Day 33 in flowering and i'm drooling, still more than a month to go

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    Using any nutrients? Looking good:bigjoint:

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    thanks mate! :bigjoint:
    kinda experimenting on nutrients on this plant and one outdoor plant right now , since i used all my "fox farm dirty dozen" and bio bizz bloom which i used for outdoor plants. :???:
    i bought "bayer garden top bloom" at local store, which had pretty good nutrient value and was the only fertilizer which had higher K than than and N. ( 5.5 -5 - 7.5) Still have some Beastie Bloomz from fox farm, so i give a little chip off it in the mix. :lol: i figured i will get higher PK, if i do that, correct me if i'm wrong. it works pretty fine i guess
    Used bio bizz grow all through veg stage and still giving it from time to time.
    And borehole water all the way , kinda trying to give it more than anything else, since i really don't trust "my mix" :mrgreen:
    Will order bio bizz trio for next grows, had amazing results with them in outdoors ;)
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    Can't go wrong with bio biz man:weed:
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    Real Deal!
    Speaking it into existence :bigjoint::leaf:

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    40 days in flower... little burn on tips DSC01556.JPG DSC01581.JPG DSC01585.JPG
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