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    VRZ711 Active Member

    Im starting a new thread about my new grow, and i will constantly update you guys with the results.

    To give more details about my setup,
    • I have 10 Gallon res with 3 lids on top, completely light sealed using aluminum foil.
    • im using hydroton as medium and rockwool plugs
    • the area is well ventilated temps don't go above 70
    • lights 250 watts MH for veg and 250 HPS for flower
    • also i will add plenty of CFLs maybe 6 more
    • i have small 15 watts LED, i will use also.
    • there is plenty of CO2 in the air as im a smoker and the grow room ventilation will suck all the CO2 from my room to the grow room
    • i have GH flora Trio only
    • i have subculture B and M (no way i can get Ocean forrest)
    • calibrated PH meter
    • i use frozen water bottles to keep temps cool in the res
    • i will grow Auto Caramelicious Feminized from MSNL
    • Humidity is 35-50% as i live by the sea
    • i have top feed line for the 3 pots
    • i keep the grow room clean all the time
    • and i use fountain water with cal mag in it PPM is 130
    • 2 airstones with powerful 2 outlets air pump
    currently the seeds are being germinated in paper towel after being soaked for 20 hours, I have to make a decision the following:

    Should i make the water level 0.5 inch into the net pots and remove the top feed? or should i only fill 4 gallons of water and continue with the top feed ?

    how much nutes should i go for ? Lucas method or normal 3 parts ?

    should i run 24 hour light or 20/4 knowing that i dont really care about electricity bill?

    should i move the seedlings directly to the DWC or wait untill the roots are coming out of the rockwool plugs ?

    i will be posting pics for the whole grow here, and thank you so much for the continues help on this.

    VRZ711 Active Member

    Day 1
    Soaked my Rockwool cubes in Subculture B and M tea, just trying to do my best to stay away from the rot,

    and after 5 hours,


    im so happy till now. seems like a good genetics,
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    TheWizZ Member

    Good luck bro! I would look into the whole smoking thing. I believe a little bit is ok but a lot of smoke will clog something in the plant. Id just do a little research on that. Hope this one goes smoother for you!

    Oh and somehow I got signed out, that's why I couldn't post lol
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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member


    post detailed pics. i want to see you get yields.

    i would not be using any cultures yet. not even nutes. at this point a drop of rapid start in each might be overkill.
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    at this stage no nutes and no subculture, as you said... maybe 2 or 3 days just before i move to the DWC and the roots grow down. i know you have been asking me to see my setup. but its not ready now as i have all equipment submerged in clorox, just to kill the shit of anything living before i start my grow, thank you so much keep on coming and give me guidance.

    and also i have invested much in this grow it doesn't even matter if i spend more on crazy results, i have total of 250 HPS and 400 cfl, and 1 small 15 watts led i just have, im expecting 200 grams from this grow of 3 plants initially, maybe ill just select strongest 2 ill be posting here all the updates.

    maybe my batch of GH subculture is bad, but i have read the reviews about the recharge, they all say its just magic, and a noob like me could use some magic.

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    At 650 total watts I would expect at least 300g. But if you are building a perpetual, then 150- 300g per cycle.

    Agreed on the recharge. But reviews on subculture (amazon) are identicle. I am in no way knocking recharge. When I run out of subculture, I'm switching to recharge as it is a one part with a little bit more variety of bennies.

    Your subculture is not bad.(unless it got wet or too hot) Shit, I'll buy it off you (at discount) and use it myself.

    I want to see step by step what you do to your seeds/plants as you raise them. That is why I keep asking for pics. Troubleshooting means I need to see what you are working with.
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    WOW that will be my dream man, if you can help me achieve this you will be my hero.
    all what i have is 75 grams packs only, not worth it lol, like all i wanted is to try subculture. and its not wet.

    ill get you covered, ill be posting images on daily basis.
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    first batch of the tools i use.
    set1.jpg day2.jpg DSC_0358.jpg PH TDS.jpg pump 2.jpg pump1.jpg
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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    Great start. Identical to mine. I used a bigger air pump and my TDS and ph meters both gave bad readings and the ph meter failed quickly.

    As far as air pumps, I take my max gallons and multiple by 2. So for my setup, that means 3 x 5 gallons x 2. That is 30 watts. I bought a 40w pump as I occasionally add extra lines via swapping manifolds for things like nute premix and brewing tea. I also use 2 stones per bucket. So 6-8 lines running from my pump. 8 lines at 5 watts per stone. Make sure your air stones can handle it.

    Remember, 1 watt per gallon minimum. If you have a 10 gallon tote you are using, it needs at least 10w.

    I suggest the com-100 TDS meter by HM digital. Super simple and has both of the EC readings and 3 or so ppm conversions.

    Any ph pen that costs more than $30 should work. So long as is is one that has a moisture cup to protect the probe. I currently use the bluelab ph pen.

    Those are important, but so long as you have a way to reliably record numbers, you should be fine with trial and error. The TDS meter will give you a baseline, but it may use a strange equation so I would always start low on ppm. When you start feeding, go for 100-200 ppm. Try to keep it as low as possible and add more if it shows deficiencies.

    I recently dropped my phone so all my picture come out sideways. EDIT: fixed.

    So, the subculture lives in the fridge, and I don't use flora grow after it goes into full veg. (It just makes things "Lucas" simple) Rapid start is used at full strength for seedlings and half when in veg none is used during flower. I almost forgot, I just got in a bottle of superthrive... time to do some testing. :wink:

    Since I'm down one plant, I'll be using the additives (super thrive) on one plant and my custom lucas mix in the other. Either way, experimentation is best for getting your preferred results. next grow at least one plant is getting a high phosphorous bloom booster.

    I can't think of any other suggestions.

    Thanks for putting up with my shit. I hope this helps. .

    EDIT: i just spilled 35% peroxide all over myself thinking it was alcohol. damn, if this stuff eats skin this fast it should be used as foot fungus treatment. yowch it burned my feet and left hand.

    here are some peppers im starting in rockwool plugs. all i have used so far is unfiltered non ph'd tap water strait from the sink. when it dries out, i will add a tbsp of tap and when the top is moist again i will dump it out. the rockwool does the rest of the work.

    20170115_105924.jpg 20170115_105940.jpg 20170115_105949.jpg 20170121_012319.jpg 20170121_012324.jpg 20170121_012329.jpg

    i place 2 seeds in each plug when starting veggies. cannabis seeds are much more expensive , so i do one at a time.
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    i will be having 70% filled of my 10 gallon just to reach to the net pot,so a minimum i need 7 watts, this air pump is 4, also i have other smaller model that comes 3 watts i can also add.

    i am not trying to make a setup for a long term grows, i just 1 grow from a time to another as i have to leave the country for work, so My PH meter is good for this reason, and i was not planning to get TDS meter, until i found this one with good reviews, so i got it 2 days ago and got it today. it has temps conversion also that gives better results, but i have no idea what conversion formula they use. but i do as u said keeping it low.

    The ppm of my tab water is 130 and its 8.4 PH
    we have 2 other types:
    RO water they sell is supermarkets 2$ for 5 Gallon :
    Cal: 13 MG\L
    Mag: 6.5 MG\L
    Total Hardness: 60
    PH: 7.5

    there is some fountain water they also sell in supermarkets 5$ 4 Gallons:
    Cal: 3.4 MG\L
    Mag: 19 MG\L
    Total Hardness: 79 MG\L
    PH: 7.8

    (Im not planning to buy any cal mag)
    Hope you doing fine just take care man,

    I give it 5 ml of water before 10 hours, usually give it that much every 24 hours, should i make this more often ?

    Thank you so much for your support

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member


    I replied in the quote. Look for orange text.

    Happy growing:weed:
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    xitears Member

    So yes I usual have them tipping the net pots partially submerged.

    No nutes until second pair of leaves.

    I personally do 24 hour lighting until second pair of leaves then I switch to 18/6 until I feel like flowering which I do for 3-4 weeks.

    I move Rockwool into system after 1-2 days after germination.

    Sorry if there are duplicate answers. PM me if need help anytime bro.
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    xitears Member

    Personally I think you should invest in advanced nutrients line, I tell everyone if you want the best grow use them. No more need to have a ph pen (make sure you use distilled water).
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    thank you man, i guess ill keep them in rockwool until i start to see roots coming out, maybe 4 days after the germination, also ill be adding nutes in a small dose 1/4 strength, total PPM 300 should be safe, thank you again.

    VRZ711 Active Member

    Quick sad update, i was keeping the dome on as usual, and im keeping the tray on top of my mini fridge to give it some heat, today i checked and i have 2 stem webs white webs around the stem, i just removed the cover that i know there is much humidity here.

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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    cant use subculture on seedlings. throw the rockwool out and dunk the seedlings in a mild(3-7%) peroxide solution and rinse with tap. place in new rockwool or strait into hydroton. the seedlings will get devoured by the bennies.
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    VRZ711 Active Member

    the 2 seedlings are dead now, the other 2 are doing fine, just removed the lid , and they are on top of fridge, its warm, should i keep it on fridge or put it in someplace colder? i also have started new seed instead of the 2 i lost, as i said before i need 3 in total to start in DWC.

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    ambient temp in the room?

    i would say it's fine.

    VRZ711 Active Member

    temps in the room are 75 stable, but the top of the fridge is maybe 80, i think that the problem is the ventilation, as i kept the lid on, i got some peroxide, 6% strength what should i do now ?

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member


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