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    They dont ship to my location :( they only ship clonex or the 500 ML rapid start.

    They dont ship to my location

    so i guess ill just stick with what i have for now as i said the Recharge got some humic acids and amino acids that will help with the root growth, what you think ?

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    You should be good.

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    long time no see. post some pics.

    bushmasterar15 Well-Known Member

    Sub'd to check out how things are going.

    VRZ711 Active Member

    it didnt work for me, i have planted plant 2 in soil, and canceled the whole DWC thing as root rot was not leaving me alone. i guess i need to go back to soil, as i thought the the DWC is something easy, but was not much luck for me.

    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    That sucks man.

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    how is soil goin on for you ?
    i planted 4 seeds in the same 10 gallon blue box after i drilled 10 holes blow, i mixed organic soil with 50% perlite, 4 days ago i noticed yellowing due to over watering. i dag down and it smelled like shit, dug some other holes all over around the plants to let it dry, now things are okay and the seedlings are still recovering. on my next watering what should i feed ?
    • Plain PHed water ?
    • plain water + 150 PPM flora trio gro
    • water with nutes and recharge.
    i also have a bottle of some organic fertilizer that has humic acids, amino acids and vitamin B complex, but it says dont water before 24 hours of application,
    what you think? i will not water until my meter says dry, i have humidity meter that helps me see the problem as i didn't see it before until plants stats having problems.

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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    to be honest, i just started some soil trees and have basically guessed. they look great though. i used a pk booster to get my clones/seeds started then switched them to 12/12. i add plain tap water as needed and add nutrients when i see deficiencies. ill learn as i go. i add water when the soil feels dry. about 1 knuckle deep.

    my hydro is coming out great. i just had a branch mature on one plant. currently drying it in a paper bag.
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