DWC Single GIANT Girl, Timelapse from zero


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Hey growers, hope you had a good year start!
At least about your gardening, like my case :eyesmoke:

In this thread i'd like to post a diary of the first girl I'm growing in DWC since a long time ago, DIY set up!
If anyone may be interested in more details about whathever I'll post more about the setup I've arranged, with a VERY LOW budget.. Still working to improve it, but already super effective

This time the newborn is a Cream 47 by Sweet Seeds, germinated in rockwool and put in the DWC setup after about a week.


Girl brutally topped, leaving just about 5-6 nodes as soon as she popped a ton of white healty roots, about two inches below the net pot.

Not a big deal as you'll see in the pics below, that's the magic of this method of growing :hug:
1th December 2020

After just five days.
5 Dec 2020IMG_20201205_194516.jpg

First training, 3 days later. Hell she grows fast!
I kept only the strongest 4 branches and started bending em.
8 December 2020

First real training with garden ties, after 5 days
(Don't matter the dying plant on the right, I had to fully switch to hydro and now she's in a better place :roll:)
13 Dec 2020

And After just 4 days :o
17 December 2020


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Gone wild! Trying to keep training her every day i have the time to do it

26 Dec 2020

Probably already rootbound in the 15 liters container, she drinks about half the water in the bucket in a day!
Starting to get root diseases like a bit of slime and brownishing, even with the right temps and bennies in the res..

One day after some more training, and most importantly, she had to be upgraded to a 10 gal bucket, with a res capacity of about 30 liters max.
Maybe I'm even overdoing it with the bubbles, 14 LPM total pump power with 8 airstones, that's about the double of the minimum amount usually suggested  :hump: but she seems to like it a lot.
Below, pics from 5 to 7 Jan 2021
IMG_20210105_182331.jpgshe claiming the 3x3 growbox all for herself!


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Training in progress nearly every day.
13 Jan 2021


The day after the training
14 Jan 2020
building some massive branches and a thick Woody stock, some fan leaves are as big as my whole face 1610672955040..jpg
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Leaves looks often all shriveled up and deformed due to the daily and constant training, but as you can see in one of the pics they look pretty healthy when left untouched for a couple of days.
The problem with leaving a bubbleponic plant untrained is that she will develop a ton of stretchy branches and overgrow the tent in a really short time, so i constantly remove leaves and stretchy (or overcrowded) branches to keep the right spacing between everything, as well as twisting and bending the mains to keep the nodes very tight and give them more POWER :fire:
I'll post the new healthy root growth soon!
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Couple Infos about this budget veg sistem:
3 x 3 tent, powered by Mars Hydro TS1000 LED.
Room temps always between 67 and 71 F, 50%Rh

Bucket 10 gal with DIY lid and net pot.
Two working pumps, total 14 LPM
Now that the plant is pretty big i only fill it halfway, leaving a lot of roots exposed to moist air, the res contains actually 5 gal of solution..

Basic GHE Tripart feeding (1m-1b-1g) with only addiction of CaMg and 4 ml/gal of Silicate. The silicate also brings the npk formula more balanced and helps to prevent lacks of potassium, as I've seen with this feeding chart
Started at 250 ppms, now the plant demands around 500-600.

I'm using TNC Bactorr13 (bennies and kelp-fulvic-humic) and some enzymes as additives..
Never had problems unless when the plant got rootbound in a small container, the bactorr powder leaves a lot of shit stained on the roots on the surface and on the bottom of the res but even if they are covered in brown residues, they are healthy and the new growth is super white.

She will surely overgrow this tent in a couple of weeks, so I plan to move her in the flower room as soon as possibile.. I hope she won't overgrow the 4 x 4 tent with the stretching but I'm thinking about placing a couple of scrog nets.
She will be a monster!
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