1. S

    How I Screwed Up (Cocky Rookie with an Overwatered Plant)

    This is my first grow. I've been reading/watching stuff for a couple of years. Even though this was going to be a "practice grow", I was pretty confident that it was gonna be a breeze to grow and smoke my own stuff. So i had these bagseeds, 3 of them to be exact. And macgyver'd the shit out of...
  2. G

    Fluence Spydr LED with Mean Well driver

    Simply put I want to use the Mean Well series HVG series drivers to power Fluence’s Spydr series fixtures (example: Mean Well HVGC-650W Driver with a Fluence Spydr 2P. Firstly, are they compatible? Secondly, can I pull it off with a pretty basic knowledge of LED/wiring and a soldering gun? I’m...
  3. Milky Weed

    A DIY LED light using Samsung LH351H-C SMD (3535)

    I don’t think I have really seen any lights for sale with these SMD’s in them. They are much bigger than the 301b’s and are rated for a few watts vs .5 watts. These are specifically geared towards horticulture and have a lense, I assume you could mount them to star boards and make your own...
  4. SBBCal


    What’s up all, so the original plan was to toss these outside but with 2/4 females and winning the @Spiderfarmerled 4/20 giveaway it just made sense to do run with sf1000. - I popped more gg seeds so whatever females /8 will go to the hills. -these were vegged with the sf1000 alone but I’m...
  5. Tjingles

    DIY plant protein hydroslate

    Hey all. Been reading up on aminos which got me thinking if the possibility to make your own rough mixture would be possible? Similar to how you would make a fermented plant extract or fish hydroslate through microbial and enzyme fermentation. I know there are a bunch of products out there and...
  6. SBBCal

    Jelly Rancher-HSC

    What’s up ladies and gents. Started Humboldt Seed Co.-Jelly Ranchers -Fems. -2x4 tent , 6” ac infinity inline -seedlings under DIY 6 bar Samsung’s , Cree XP3 royals . Bars are 4K and 5k using a mix of lm561c and 281+ -Happy Frog soil mixed with extra perlite and Basic Miracle grow organic. 50/50...
  7. Youngster420

    GeekBeast Pro 630 grow journal in 4x8

    What strain Destiny Farms - Yeiti - Braindead Jinxproof Genetics - Kismet - Bumblebud - Morning Vibes 2.0 DEMONIC GENETICS - Bannanna Punch - Mandarin cookies x Punch 2.0 - Pebblepusher IBL Method : Hydroponics, 8 site RDWC with chiller Vessels : Buckets, PH of Water : PPM/TDS : Indoor or...
  8. GrowDogg

    RDWC Bacterial Growth CAN IT BE SALVAGED ?

    Hey guys, This is my first time doing Hydro, and things are going great, im using Current Culture H2O nutrients line with Bud Boosters Early and Late and also using Reverse Osmosis water. I have a custom built RDWC intermittent pump for 15 mins on and 15mins off to mitigate the heat issue. Its a...
  9. W

    Help with a Led Strip Build

    Will I need a Heatsink for Bridgelux 4ft EB gen 3 thrive @750ma?
  10. R

    Growmau5 ph automation build?

    Has anyone built this system and put it to the test? If so please let me know the pros and cons before i try to build it myself. My rdwc is pretty stable but a few times a week it goes crazy on me when I'm not around to monitor it so it would be nice to have this system.
  11. giantcola

    DWC Single GIANT Girl, Timelapse from zero

    Hey growers, hope you had a good year start! At least about your gardening, like my case :eyesmoke: In this thread i'd like to post a diary of the first girl I'm growing in DWC since a long time ago, DIY set up! If anyone may be interested in more details about whathever I'll post more about...
  12. SBBCal

    TrainWreck-H.Dream HSC- Run

    What’s up RIU:joint: Starting a run of humboldt seed co , Trainwreck and Humboldt Dream photoperiods from seed. -I’m always up for BS so feel free to comment. Cheers :peace::joint: Lighting: VEG: Samsung 22” Linear strips (6) 4K “s” Series (2) 5K “v” (21) Cree XPg3 -(6)660nm (6)440nm...
  13. H

    DIY Calcium Acetate - the fast(er) way!

    Hello friends! I've been a long time observer and grower, but never contributed to the community, because I thought that I don't have anything to share. Every time I have a question regarding my grow- I come here to read and to learn from those with more knowledge and experience. Now I'm in my...
  14. Cylis420

    Diy dry box

    I have built a diy cannabis dry box cardboard style I have only done hang dry with outdoor plants. This time it’s indoor and winter so I’m looking to lengthen my dry time you know for the sweeter smoother stronger flower.... I have 4 boxes one for each plant.. I guess what I really need help...
  15. P

    DIY amendment, Cannabis Meal?

    Cannabis meal, sort of like alfalfa meal but ground up cannabis leaves from pruning? Alfalfa meal is 2.5-0.5-2.5 Oak leaves are maybe half that I read. Anyone know what cannabis leaves are or do this?
  16. ddeck96

    Bucket for rdwc problem

    So I ordered these buckets (5.3 gallon black rectangular buckets) with snap on lids. They look great, but the only problem is once you get the lid to snap on, it’s sooo hard to get off (for me at least, I lost my left hand in a car accident so I’m working one handed lol) I’m worried that if I...
  17. PanJapa

    Tent 4x4 with 4 x Citizen CLU058 - 3500K + 2 x Luminus CXM-22 gen.4 - 3500K

    Hi Guys! I want to share with you how I am going to build my grow set. I hope to cover 1,2m x 1,2m and grow six plants under this. 4 x Citizen CLU058 - 1825C4 - 3500K - 90CRI run on HLG-320H-C1400B it gives min. 280w 2 x Luminius CXM-22 gen. 4 - 3500K - 90CRI run on HLG-120H-C1400B it gives...
  18. ddeck96

    RDWC setup question

    Still building that DIY RDWC waterfall system. My question is, how do you guys run your res out of your grow tent? The port holes in my tent are like 5.5 inches off the floor, and obviously I don’t want to install my piping that high up on my buckets. So, how do you guys do it? Any advice?
  19. SpawnOfVader

    DIY Design- First Build (input welcome)

    I'm about a month out from having the budget for my DIY bloom build and I'm looking to finalize my design/start ordering a few parts here and there as I have the $$. Planning on using these 44" samsung F strips (could be persuaded to change based on pricing BUT I like how condensed these LED...
  20. ddeck96

    RDWC set up questions.

    So I went to Lowe’s the other day and picked up some stuff. I bought 5 gallon commander XL buckets. The ones with the yellow lids. I’ve seen people using them on YouTube but I’m wondering if the plastic is safe for my plants? Also I bought some PVC piping. It says “schedule 40 - NSF DVW” on it...