Greenpoint seeds!!

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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Just popped 12 false teeth to give these a break after thus last fiasco.1 female.out of 9.
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member


    Thanks bud! I'll be hoping for one of those dank strawberry pheno's.
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    kingzt Well-Known Member

    How she growing for ya? I got one I just put in flower. The growth was and is real robust, thick stems and a definite indica. What kind of smells is she throwing down?
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    really looking forward to seeing those pics, bodega is on a short get list.
    every bubbagum cross Ive run was very popular,
    mosca has a killer version, best Ive run.
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    kingzt Well-Known Member

    Is anyone running the 92 og series yet. I got some mojito mint that is waiting to be popped but just want to see what to expect
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Night Rider is damn good and will yield decently. Not one bad thing to say about it.
    Purple veins

    Purple veins Active Member

    Won't be disappointed . .I pooped 5 ended up with 3 ladies 2 very colorful and tasty caked up cake ....1ogkb mutant that had frosty pea sized buds lol.

    ray098 Well-Known Member

    What did the foul mouth smell and taste like

    Cannagetasmoke Member

    Popped 5 purple badlands 48 hours ago and looking for a bit more info on the strain, 5/5 popped and looking good, just hoping I get at least 1 fem

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    2 for 2 on the Bodega Bubblegum.
    First to pop out of 6 strains

    rollinfunk Well-Known Member

    killed a shuteye x stardawg (I think i overwatered) baby and just popped another. It shed it's shell in 24 hours in paper towel. If I can just get through the baby stages! the last one that I killed stunk a lot on the stem rub at 5 inches tall

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Just got a killer deal on his "discontinued" gear sale... I-95 x Stardawg and Lemon G x Stardawg for less than $60/shipped.

    I have a half pack of TK x Stardawg in veg right now and they are super stanky in veg. Out of Karma's Headbanger and Bodhi's Wifi43 x Snow lotus, the TK stardawg is putting off the best smells.
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Another boy.down to 2 left with 1 confirmed female.the other 1 is looking male to also but still to early to tell.has the split leaf and the spades but I'm still holding out the other one might be female but it's still being stubborn as fuck.out of a full pack 1 wonder them bitches got discontinued.i wouldn't take another pack if they was free.a month of wasted space and electricity.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    You must be the most unlucky grower I have heard of, with 1 confirmed female out of a whole pack of seeds and the way you carry on about it, meh.

    I get that you make money off your crop so do yourself a favor and drive to Colorado or Cali and pick up some clone only strains, if you need guaranteed results. It's not that hard.

    My personal worst with Greenpoint strains has been Black Gold, with 3 females from a pack, not too good, right?
    Most of the Greenpoint seed packs have leaned in favor of the females.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    How about I buy a pack of seeds and get more than 1 female.that would be awesome as shit huh.i would be happy with 2 females.oh guess what.number 2 is a fukin I'm down to 1 and 4 now hoping 4 is a female lol.this shit is it bad luck whatever shit happens.
    I could drive but I don't want no diseases or mites or any of that crap back in my garden.i would rather get a pack of seeds and get more than 1 female lol.just putting this out here cause this strain was the least talked about and i was curious if anyone else had this issue with hickock.
    Check out this turd.


    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Trust me man shit sucks.especially when I got bad ass rooted clones I'm pulling up that I know in 3 weeks would be killing it.maybe I'll get the luck back on my next pack.
    Number 2 just got snatched lol.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I wont revisit KR for years , too much hotter fire in them sacks

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    The Night Rider with a "K" is awesome at my house as I am working through the first plant with friends and family. Good yield with slap face potency. Smells good and tastes good and burns to nothing but a tiny bit of white, super light ash. Way to smelly to carry a loaded Vapor Genie around.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    2/4 males in veg from Black Gold and 1/3 female from Dynamite Diesel in flower tent. Over time Greenpoint has been about 50%. Germination has been 9/10 or better. Potency on what I have flowered seems as good as any and better than most.

    I,be only completed Black Gold, Hibernate and Night Rider but at the moment @Gu is my preferred US breeder.

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    my camera is trash but she is fire. smells are diesel, sour rotten fruit, and a mix of floral notes. IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0039.JPG

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