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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Balzac89, Jan 10, 2011.

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    This year I shall mostly be smoking sheep & rodents, they must have a sky high thc content with all that WW/ ATF ,SENSI SKUNK TO NAME BUT A FEW :(
    Rudi I&I Automan

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    Rudi I&I Automan

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    you are an English major? too? deffiendly? its, lil?

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    I talked to someone who use to be in the National Guard who would get as much info out of the tech guys that service the planes that the Feds use. What he said was that they use side scanning radar that relays the picture to a computer that looks for that Christmas tree shape...that it could do it in large areas per pass. If you grow around lots of other plants that have that natural shape needless to say that this method is not going to be as effective. They mostly would use it in areas with lots of hard wood trees- oak, maple, walnut, ect. I don't know if I believed the part about they don't scan for certain shades of green which is the one I always seem to hear people talk about. I quit growing outdoors because of all the sorry meth head rip offs that tend to live out in good places to grow.

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    This cut looks mouthwatering, will be getting her soon
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    Hey guys. Just wanted to throw a general question out about CO2 generation.

    I just bought a propane CO2 Generator and was wondering if i should buy a envirenmental governer that will keep the CO2 ppm at 1500. Or should i send the extra money to buy a envirenmental governer that i can customize the CO2 ppm from anywhere from 1000ppm to 2500ppm.

    I am using a small tent and will plug 1 of the 2 burners.

    These are the products i have lined up now. ares2.jpg atlas_2.png

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    this thread is about guerilla growing. im pretty sure u cant use a c02 for a guerilla grow lol
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    Im thinking about starting guerilla grow this spring on East coast. I plan on using my own seeds but I have no idea where to plot them. Is this typically the hardest part of guerilla growing is finding and securing a viable location? Any tips on searching for good location would be appreciated. Thanks
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    The thing is you don't want them too far in the woods bc you'll have to water them unless you can find a spot with a natural spring nearby.
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    I was planning to dig a small water hole lined with a tarp to catch rain water

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    the hardest part is driving home with a trunk full of dope

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    Finding a secure spot is absolutely crusal. Best bet is to blend it in with some type of tall annual weeds. Here in Mich. Its itch weed. They can get 10' or higher and are a little bit similar in looks. They also hold heat the same as ganja. So if choppers are flying with infrared scopes they won't stick out like a sore thumb. They also grow very tall because it is very fertile soil, itch weed that is. I always pre-dig my holes and fill them with an organic mix like ocean forest. OF has about 3 1/2 months of nitrogen in it, so its not heavy with nitrog. at the beginning to end of bud faze most importantly the end or you'll have some very harsh hitting bud on your hands. Be careful if you use this type of mix with ocean crustaceans in it. IT WILL attract varmints such as raccoons witch will dig up your dirt looking for that fishy smell they smell. Another reason why I pre-dig and fill my holes so that they get there curiosity out of the way before the plant is put in a hole. I also put chicken wire flat around the plant once in. Basically just covering the dirt with wire so they cant dig it up. I of course learned to do this the hard OK as far as water goes I always carry mine in. It's a major pain in the ass but it's RO water with any hydroponic feed nutrients you want premixed in it. I have also grown close to clear spring fed streams because they don't need feed every time you water and none at all for the first few months because its in the dirt. I've had spots that i can only go in at night and I've had spots I can only go to in the daytime. Never put all your eggs in one basket you should always have multiple spots. I've been growing outdoors since I was 12 (long standing family tradition) and I'm 43 now so I've seen it all anything that can go wrong I've seen it and been through it and learned from it. The worst being getting hit with a 20-year felony for manufacturing. I broke the golden rule and cardinal sin of having it on my own property. Very very stupid move don't ever do this. But I got away with it for so many pushed it one year too far. I did get it dropped to a $210 usage charge (first year of medical marijuana here in Michigan and the stipulations and laws were very unclear and grey). Boy did my Attorney get a good chunk of change on that one and almost cost me my marriage. Needless to say my wife was NOT impressed with that one!! Believe it or not I have 9 possession of marijuana charges on my record. Some years I harvest all the spots some years only one or two. I have learned to try to use strains that are done by October 1st because here in Michigan opening day of bow hunting season is October 1st. Not a good time to be wandering around by your plants. Also here in the northern hemisphere (the 45 parallel runs right thru upper Mich.) It is known to frost close to the beginning of October. I could go on and on and on but that's the basics right there. For me anyways. Good luck it's a lot of work and a lot of mosquito bites scratches and tears. But in the end when you can harvest them the benefits you reap are astronomical and you'll need to haul out WAY more then a trunk We can grow it in are backyard now days in Mich. as long as its covered top and sides with a fence of any kind and has a lock on the door. Very nice to be able to baby them all year long. Wow its just awesome. But of course it has to be watched 24/7 and guarded with your life from rippers!!
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    Another real quick trick that I have used to hide it from the choppers. I put fake bright plastic flowers all over it. I've literally watch them fly over it over and over trying to figure out what the hell it was and end up just leaving it be. These were right in my back yard in my garden before medical in Michigan. Absolutely hilarious to watch.

    Another very important thing is to not leave any kind of trail. Take a deferent route every time out. I make a big arch to mine. Never a strait line. Another is you leave a big dark spot in the dirt around your plant when you water it. This sticks out BIG time from an above view of a chopper or other flying machines. So take some weeds or leaves and cover up the wet dirt. Around here ultra lights are all over the place. Them d-bags can do one of two things if they spot it. GPS it and call the cops (there's a group in my area that has a competition every year to see you can find and turn in the most) or GPS it and come back on the ground at harvest and steal it. My wife said one flew over our house so low it damn near hit our roof the Sunday before I got popped. She told me you better pull them when I came home that night. She said he had to of seen them. But they were about 3 weeks from finished so I didn't. Boy did I hear some very upset I told you so's for a long time after the big State Police Helicopter spotted them 3 days later. I was home from work that day and woke up to the sound of the chopper searching the cornfields near my house that morning. It really wasn't nothing new there searching hard with the big fucker with infrared for about a month in the fall every year. But I had a real bad feeling that morning. Later that afternoon Im watching it going east to west about a mile and a half south of me way up in the air. Im standing there looking out the back door of my garage saying to myself don't turn don't turn don't turn don't. Well they turned north just west of me came right to my property did a big circle around coming down lower and then shot way up in the air so high I could barely hear it. I knew it was over right then, I was busted. Man what a horrible and helpless felling. I know all too well how the big chopper operates. It doesn't land like the small ones. It shoots way up in the air circles around keeping a very close watch on it with binoculars so it doesnt get pulled while the Suburbans are in route. No since at all in doing that you have no where to go with it. I also know if I would have pulled it dumped gas all over it and lit it up to burn it I would catch another charge for tampering with evidence. So I went inside hide everything in the house very very well and sat in a lawn chair in my garage waiting for them to pull in. Took just under an hour till 4 unmarked suburbans pulled up my drive way. They walk up and said hello how you doing today. I said not very well at all. And he said do you know why we're here? I just pointed in the sky and shook my head. Then he's like you got something you'd like to show me. I said no not really but I'm sure I don't have a choice at this point. And he responded no you don't. He said we see four of them is there any more on your property? if there is and we find them without you showing them to us your only gonna make it worse for yourself. I said yep there's one in the flower garden and one between the pine trees, so 6 total. They did have to go in the house but just to make sure there was no one else home hiding somewhere. Then the detective just said to me you've been honest with me so I'm not going to charge your wife only you and if you turn yourself in the day the warrent comes out I will recommend the judge to give you a PR bond. They can't arrest you until it goes to the lab and is tested to determine if it has THC in it or not. My wife was not home at the time and i had to tell her what happened when she got home she was not a happy camper. So i turned myself in the day the warrent came out. Went in front of the judge and that's when I found out I was being charged with a BIG felony because of my many many priors. Then he says to me you are going to be held in the Allegan County Jail on a $10,000 bond. I said to him wait the detective said I would get a PR bond if I turn myself in today. A PR is a personal recognizance meaning no charge to bond out. He laughed at me and said are kidding me you realize your being charged with a 20 year felony right? Just as he said that the bailiff walked up and handed him a piece of paper. He looked at me and said I can't believe you're getting a PR on this. Thats funny cuz the judge also said I can't believe you're only getting a usage on this at sentencing. The guy that went in front of him just before me with the exact same charge got 6 months in jail and a $6,000 fine. Boy would he have been pissed if he was after like I said above my attorney made a ton of money and he didn't have one at all. The medical marijuana law was brand new that year and it was written up by a bunch of pothead lawyers. So there was a lot of grey area and he found a loophole that probably would have got the charges dropped completely. But when they offered a $210 useage charge I said dude take it. Of course he wanted to fight it right to trial because that meant a lot more money for him. I said hell no I'm done with it today. Worst part about it was in Michigan you lose your driver's license for 6 months on any drug charge. But all in all I think I made out pretty damn well. Had a drained bank account and maxed out credit cards but very damn well. Pretty much the entire law was rewritten the next
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    camo netting can hide a multitude of sins, err plants :) and irrigation (drainage pipe) its a pipe you lay underground and it has small holes in it to allow moisture to soak away into the pipe and out the other end..

    try buying some hydro gell water holding granules. they use them in hanging baskets and work real well for gorilla growing

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    I agree with your second part about the hydro gel. But your first not for a minute in my neck of the woods. Camo netting and or irrigation piping would NEVER fly. Maybe in VERY remote areas you can get away with that. But not a chance any where here in Michigan and would have to say NO where that has human's near by or flight surveillance. That would be a real easy way to lose everything you put IDK I didn't read all these post by far. So I take it your not in the United States? Some jungle or something I'm guessing to get away with that. Most definitely not on the east coast of the United States anywhere! If that's who your responding to? If it is that's a very bad idea!
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    East coast USA, only looking to secure a couple plants nothing big.

    Blueback Member

    Do it right then. Very easy to conseal a couple plants and really do em up right. PM me I give ya some great ideas. What strains you plan to run?
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    TJ baba

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    Okay that sounds great, I have a few choices of strains I can run and I should have a good amount of seeds by spring time
    Rudi I&I Automan

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    WALES UK (rain, rain and more rain with a touch of rain in between showers.
    Next to an africanized honey bee or yellow jackett colony :)

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