Guide to Nutrient Deficiency or Toxicity


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There's some things you have to do to prep coco. Soak, rinse, prime it with nutes so in pH equals out pH. In general then you don't need nutes for this small. I never coco but learned a few things when I was thinking of. So search out starting in coco if you didn't already.


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Post information on your grow so that others can help you.
Grow medium, feeding / watering schedule, temps, humidity etc
Growing in promix bx, sensi a&b temps on average between 70-76 watering once a weeks except my blue sunshine they are hungry as shit. The only plant having a problem is my ssdd

nor cal 999

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Clay pebbles top feed
Roots always in 2 inches of water
Watering schedule 15min every 2 hours
Res temp 68 degrees
GH trio line up
Ph 6.0
Tap water 34ppm
Res 550 ppm 150 of it being calmag
500watt LEDs 30in from canopy
H2O2 every 5 days
Res change 7 days
Strain purple punch


Great post very informative and an interesting read. Thanks for sharing. As for being a god, I can't help but think of the line.
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Can anyone help? Lots of pale green leaves. Some yellow tips on a couple of leaves. Also pale green spots on some leaves. (have treated with neem oil in case of mites).

Have 5 different girls growing with only this one exhibiting any major problems (all different genetics). This is after 6 weeks. The problem plant is a WW auto (12 weeks life cycle according to seed bank). Not sure if I'm overfeeding or under feeding.

I switched all plants to bloom nutes at same time (to keep it easy) so maybe the WW needs more N? Problem is I also upped the feeding in the last week because we had a fair bit of rain so I was worried about run off so may have overfed?

Thanks in advance!

Here is original essay thread for some background.



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Can you guys help me figure out what’s going on? My temps are 77* 60% humidity and running co2. I can’t tell if I’m deficient or in toxicity on my phos nutes and cal mag? I think I’m deficient on them but this is my first grow on week 6 of flower on my autos. (Purple lemonade and skittles)