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    so its been a jar 3 days now i opend it for 3 mins yesterday to see if it was wet but the buds were still all dry its 30-40rh and 75-80 temp should i try smaller jars or sumthin or is everything working out
    should i use the small jar in pic instead i have 2 and its just the right amount for both jars to be filled to the top
    theres 26 grams in it

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    I'd go smaller jar usually fill about 60-70% of jar is best. If it's really dry go buy a bovedia 62% humidity pack it will put the moister back in it. And my guess the reason it has dried up is ur jar probably don't seal right, mason jars are best

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    Or the bud was put into the jar way to dry to begin with....when I start my cure I have to pop tops at least once a day and even more than that the first few days ....we cure to pull moisture out slowly ....gotta have moisture in the bud to do that...but I also start my cure much wetter than most ...takes a bit more vigilance and work ....but the buds always turn out gorgeous and keep an awesome aroma ......GL
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