hola fro. Behind enemy lines


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New to forum but lots of experience. Grew outdoor many years, been indoor for 7 now due to the local political leanings.
3 grow areas, seedlings and clone, veg, flower.
Flower tent has closed loop ac, hlg550v2 rspec, is 10x4x8, and some fans to blow stuff around a bit and 4" exhast.
Veg room has 4" vent, meizhi 1200w(325 actual).
Seedling station is simply a dome and some Amazon blurples.

All grows are soil, happy frig usually, sometimes OF. Nutes are all emerald harvest system.

Strains at the moment are, skunk#1, the white og, alaskan purple, sour diesel and blueberry... all photos. Autos are trash weed in my opinion.

Well thats the basics. Suuuup stoners!