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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by undercoverfbi, Sep 12, 2016.


    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    None lol I just eat em.
    My tolerance ain't too high. Usually 2 of the 80's with a few soma maybe a perc or two before it kicks in
    And I'm flying

    undercoverfbi Well-Known Member

    I just wanna be high forever. Everyday i pace myself a consistent high or still be feeling tingles from come downs.

    Speedballing and alcohol cant kill me cuz im already dead inside.

    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    I have lost every thing to cocain 2 times, (smoking it, buy good and make my own crack) I than lost it all again 3 more times to divorce, I almost died on rx's from my dr. my dr had me on methadone 10mg 4 times a day and 1 mg xanax 4 times a day, he had been writing me them rx's for 12 yrs at that time, I picked up a driving while suspended, I got 10 days in jail, the judge delayed sentencing so I could get my rx's and not run out while I was locked up,,,,,,so I get my rx's I go get sentenced, they march me to the jail and the jail admin says they are non narcotic (ogemaw county)!

    I bring 12 yrs of medical records with me and my meds, they say they can only give me motrin and few times a day! so to make a long story short, my old lady comes and gets me on a monday when I was to be let out at 12 am,,,,,,she goes to get me in ogemaw, they said they transferred me to clare county jail ( i dont remember any of this) so she calls clare and they say they have me and she can come get me,,,,,,She picks me up at 12:05 a.m and by 12;20am im in I.C.U in mid mich hospital with tubes all up in all of my orfice's!

    My dr. told me I should have died, ogemaw got rid of me because they couldnt find any where to put me in their old jail where a dt'ing prisoner didnt bother any one, so they shipped me to clare to die I guess! Clare had my med records and my meds that my lady picked up when she picked me up, I almost died from the drugs a few of you youngsters are joking about in here!

    I only hope none of you ever have to go thru what I went thru, I dont remember 6 days of my life, I lost my old voice and have this old crackily one now ( i used to be a d.j and karaoke host part time for extra cash) I cant do that any longer, and I only use mm for my medicine these days!

    It hurts me to see how people joke about rx's and street drugs on an mm site!

    I will try to avoid this kind of thread from now on it kinda brings back truly bad memory's and let's me see just how stupid I was!

    There are only 2 places for drug addicts to go if they dont stop on thier own, prison or the grave!

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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    I agree. a lot of glorification of hard drugs on this site smh. all fun and games til you lose it all.(best case scenario)
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    undercoverfbi Well-Known Member

    I need help dont know where to begin

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Go do something.
    In a matter of weeks you can have a new exciting career that pays +60k a year to start. Best part is you don't even have to stay in this country.

    If a nice exotic bitch in a Spanish villa or along a beach North of Guyana doesn't satisfy your need to overcome your bland life .....
    Try jail
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    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    I love Spanish women, never really found white girls that attractive, but I'm to lazy to learn another language
    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    there must be an app for that

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Nah all You need to know is mi amore and have any form of American currency.
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    politeness goes hella long way in foreign country but don't forget to haggle when purveying souvenirs.

    Spanish is an easy language.

    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    some methylphendiate and analogue fentanyl.

    drugs are bad
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    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    It night be drugs

    I dont even know what mdma really is

    Little kids back up

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    undercoverfbi Well-Known Member

    Ecstasy? Why not zoidberg (meff)
    Hope ya have fun StonedFarmer.

    Im really zoned/goofy high tonight, its not bad, but, im sitting here staring at random shit back and forth excessively, 1000 thoughts im all aware of at once in my mind. This high tonight feels almost like an alcohol and shrooms trip.

    Smoked me dabs, some flowers, some amps too but differently, i snorted a considerable amount instead of usual pipe, pipe, pipe.

    This song and shit got me all fucked
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    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    Terrible night actually, not from the drugs but mentally I been off this week. I was heading to a rave to meet a few people and hopped off the train and walked home inatead.
    Hopefully my pal pulls through and drops off for a serious talk.

    I got a considerable amount of mdma as a sample. it was a new supplier he got from. Doesnt look nearly as good as usual but has a satisfactory high. Im rolling heavy atm

    Other then coke and some rcs amps arent my thing.

    Opiates are my true love.
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member


    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    vial.jpg jib jab

    I got 3 different batches of coca today, all are pretty outstanding.

    dats really bad stuff m8


    ewww quality

    and then I got a few boats of these pills

    worked out to .20 a pill and each one is 200mg*mdma* trusted source presses them or maybe I heard it in a dream

    I haven't tried the coca yet myself but others are raving about how good it is.

    meh I always got that fyre eh

    oh and a bunch of kitty as well
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    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    let's spice this up a bit

    mdma, pills are good and all but plznthx mdma2.jpg
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    looks like sass [ MDA ]
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    StonedFarmer Well-Known Member

    It is actually just improperly washed mdma.

    The mda going around is a dirty brown colour.

    The properly washed mdma is 200$ more an ounce.

    If I log on Ill load a pic, I have mda also.

    Big rave tonight, gotta get prepped for it. Haircut and all that jazz

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