Im A Little Shocked! Someone Help


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hey all real baked bare with me

this is my first post on any forum what so ever, I usually just scourer these forums & steel the info without even saying thanks so thanks, to all the people who are keen to share their knowledge and own experience’s. So the reason for this post!!!

Dilemma ah yes my dilemma but possibly a good one infact the dilemma may be completely normal and I’m being a complete newbie
3.5 weeks ago I started 3 seeds 2 Jack Herer and 1 Ak 47 (feminized seeds) but I got the seeds mixed up in my hand (baked)
shortly after sprouting one died (ahhhhh) so I have two now 1 AK & 1 JH or 2 JH.
Both plants look good one is at its fifth node the other at 4,
anyway the thing the thing you've all been waiting for, the thing that has me stumped, is that smaller one (which does look a little more indica dominant) is already showing me beautiful white pistels
It can’t be can it,
I’m telling myself that this plant is not mature enough yet (nodes are still symmetrical) but I then say it must be because the plant has heaps of pistels, at all nodes bar the first, it’s not a light issue, its outside and its mid December here (gets light just after 5am & dark about 8pm)normal, ,

what does this mean, will I get massive buds (fingers crossed) as I have plenty of summer left, any thoughts

Matt Rize

what you describe is known as preflowering. good news is that plant is probably a female. i would bet its the AK fem.

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Preflowers are normal in such a light straved enviroment plus if i does flower let it. And then it could reveg in april march