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    ROFL! extra point for the creativity with creenis, lol

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    why are you comparing cobs of two different sizes on price?

    you may be on to something

    im throwing away my bottle of reagent grade acid and going to the hydro store later to buy some diluted PH-down at $20 quart
    ill also be cutting up my $5 buckets from home depot to buy the $10 ones they sell there
    while im at it, im throwing way this crap Jack's nutes and going to buy the advanced nutrients. the cartoon character on the label looks pretty honest. at 5x the price im sure to yield 5X as much, right?

    while im in town ill be ditching these Wranglers for Guess jeans... im sure they'll last 3 times longer... thats simply logic, right?

    youre not looking very hard, im not the only vendor on this board that sells citi chips (or kits and fixtures). if im biased than Timber, Johnson/NGL/HLG surely must be as well. are you assuming these guys dont test their chips for performance before they put them in fixtures?

    not sure where youre going with this. every cree competitor has 36V cobs... the 1212s you are lamenting about here are 36V. vero has 36V chips. luminus has 36V chips. the 50V chips generally offer higher performance and in my opinion ar more future-proof. 36V 1212s are still my best seller.

    there is nothing about 50V chips that would force you to select parallel over series. in fact the way drivers are stepped, a 1400 ma driver at 36V is easily replaced by a 1050 mA driver at 50V. or 2100/1400, 3500/1750, etc. Again youre jsut spreading misinformation at this point. parallel and series drivers both have their place and they are completely agnostic as to the brand of chips they are running.

    i notice you omitted the larger 32mm LES chips from your comparison with cree's flagship chip. why is that?

    also why do citi 1818s and luminus cxm22 consistently outperform cxb3590 (at 50-75% of the price) despite being the same package size as the 1212 in your pic? one would assume that the cree has to be a lot more efficient just based on size, right?

    i get it, were all fanboys. you cant see where a noob would be confused by all the things in your post that were completely wrong?
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Relax cobby, Six is just having some fun.......
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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    Its also like believing that anything over-priced must be superior. And nice try, putting the 1212 against the 3590....... however, lets put it against the 1825 which is priced about the same as the 3590. real world tests done right here on the forum show it to out perform the 3590. So what FUD do you have for that? Even the 1818 can match the 3590 and yep, it does cost less, that must make it inferior right??? Or maybe Cree thinks its name makes price gouging worthwhile..........

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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    my Citi 1825 based Mod420 light has been on 24/7 since 10/13/2016 when I built it and turned it on for the first time

    Mod420 -10-21-2016.jpg
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    Just like that huh,no plants ? Weird lol.
    I guess it would be a cool spot to chill out with some sunglasses and a beer :)
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    nobody gets me i guess haha.

    but on a serious note,i remember you mentioned jerry sending you some db or dd nice to see all those tests you did with something other than a 3 year old cree just to see how things progressed since then bongsmilie
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    i have db on way from cutter now

    and yeah i get you bro, but i hope my points made sense

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    It might later when im not as stoned :eyesmoke:
    @PSUAGRO got it right the first time,im merely stirring le potz a much as you guys feel the need to hate on cree,i felt the need to give my thoughts on the appears to be mounted on tinfoil, bet if ya had about 200 you could glue up a nifty hat to keep the nsa from reading yo mind :hug:
    Let me know when the sphere is all ready to do work and you can show us the testing process and i will consider pulling 1 of my dd bin 3590 down to send in.but i still think 2700k 80cri bb bin is #1:hump:
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    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    i dont hate on cree at all. its a top shelf chip and proven performer. They know it and get a premium for it.

    just saying its one of several top-shelf chips out there and i personally cant justify the cost.
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Hey I Need A Piss On Cree Emoji . Best I Can Do For Now Is :spew:Cree
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    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] vero and [​IMG]shitizens
    cree rocks !!!

    Chronikool Well-Known Member


    Everyone who has common sense knowz that the shining light is the only one whose action is in the name : LUMINUS! ;)
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    doz Well-Known Member

    IDK, I am ok with paying $8-9 more for a CXB3590 3500k DB bin over the 1818. Hell, I paid more than that for my 3070 early adopter tax :) But they are still going strong at 45.5% efficiency :D
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    rock out with your cobs out!

    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    lets not forget whats important here

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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    tmp_15325-Luminus A and B and close ups-4-1275770087.jpg
    1st Pistols underneath the Luminus build

    KonopCh Well-Known Member

    What would you reccomend for veg + flower light?

    CLU048-1212C4-303H6K2 - 90CRI
    CLU048-1212C4-303M2K1 - 80CRI

    CLU048-1212C4-353H6K2 - 90CRI

    6x COBS at 1050 mA in 80x80 cm tent. Around 700 PPFD.

    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    any of those will veg fine

    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    just thought i would leave these here..... the first two pics are the citi 1212s at 37.5w and the right side in the third pic is cxm22 at 50w. i have plans to build air cooled COBs using my old magnum xxxl hoods by replacing the glass with 1/8 aluminum and mounting the heatsinks in the air cooled chamber. should be a fun project. thanks again to cobkits for all my LEDs :)

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