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    i do at work, ask me tomorrow if i dont remember to post it

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    Hi @CobKits and @chuckie86

    Actually, the heatsinks we use are the CPL10070-xxx in that kit which are rated for more than the 50 watts of power that the chips output. We consult regularly with Cooliance and other heat sink manufacturers to make sure our products are properly matched to our intended usage as our product line continues to evolve.

    Let me know if you have questions about Timber products - I'm happy to answer them.

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    Still struggling to find data sheets online for the gen 6 citizens so will look forward to you posting them tomorrow. Is there any difference with the fv on the gen5 to gen6 citi 1212s?

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    No they are in ideal holders.. the pictures are old.. the heat sinks can handle something like double what i have on there right now.. i can run them passively in the current setup but the fans are dual purpose.. they are 3000 rpm industrial fans that move enough air that i don't need anymore fans in the room.. every leaf in the 2'x4' space moves so it saves me room and excessively cools the chips as well.

    when I originally designed these I wanted to use 3 drivers and reflectors but price was a constraint.. now it might not be and maybe it is doable now...

    if at 1050ma 1212 gen 6 3500k is about 15-20% upgrade for 110$

    then how about options for 3x 50v chips per heat sink (12 total) at 700ma with relectors.. i looks like the HLG-240H-c700 will drive 6 and the current drivers i have will run 3 each and just dim them the same 700ma... what chips would you recommend and what efficiency gains would i be looking at? keep in mind that they would be run at 700ma.

    Thanks for the help by the way.. do you carry that driver?
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    oh i guess the 50v volt drivers at 700ma (35w) would draw about the same wattage at the 36v at 1.05 amps (38w). That works out to 75-80 watts per heat sink, I want to keep the power draw relatively the same as my current setup and just increase the amount of photons. That being the case maybe 3x 50v chips per heat sink at 500ma (75w per sink) would would be a better way to go. For sure would need reflectors but I would be getting more photons that are better spread out a the same wattage.. HLG-120H-C500 can run up to 300v so theoretically it could drive 6x 50v chips if they don't go over 50v, which is probably possible.. unless you have a better driver option to run 6x 50v at 500ma.. constant voltage maybe???

    what are the best options for chips in the 50v range?? according to the chart you posted above.. if I'm reading it right... at 25 watts the cxm22 are the best option for the price.. is this chart current?

    so now this is where i need comparisons.. if the 8x 3500k 1212 gen 6 for $110 gets me about 15-20% improvement and i see you have the cxm22 3500k for 19$... 12 would be $229 plus 2 drivers. what kind of gains would i be getting over the gen 6 1212?? sorry for all the questions but when i upgrade if you have all the parts i need i will get them from you. thanks again for the help.

    Also i thought you made sphere to do tests like this or was that someone else?? i have a flux meter i picked up years ago and used for 1 week of testing and setting up heights and sits in that same drawer as the Z4's led i mentioned earlier. I would love to test out a new setup again and maybe justify the cost of the meter a little more.

    you can see the previous test number here...
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    I dont carry any 700 mA drivers as the voltages they put out are far above any holders on the market. i would always recommend constant voltage drivers for such an application
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    Bump :)


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    Where are you man? :bigjoint:

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    just landed:
    gen 6

    1818 3500k 80
    1818 3500k 90
    1825 3500k 90
    1825 2700k 90
    1212 5700k 80

    should be up on site this evening
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    Creed Bratton

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    Hi @CobKits

    Made an order on your site on march 6 for some gen 6 1212's but I haven't received any shipping confirmation. Are they on their way soon? I live in Norway, so was hoping they would be getting here in not too long.

    My last order from you is working great by the way!

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    lemme look that up ill email you tracking
    Creed Bratton

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    Thanks, just received the email. Appreciate the discount!
    Raging Stalk

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    Cobkits should put up one of those pins maps to show where people over the world have bought from.
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    rather than retract my statement i will use the car analogy like so many here love using.are we to assume that citi cobs @ 12 dollars have the same high build quality as cree does at 40 dollars? if so it would be assumed that the ford escort has the same high build quality as a lamborghini ? surely the ford motor co just does it cheaper then right lol.
    @1KTrees as far as i know the only data we have comes from a citi vendor and more testing needs to be done imo.parallel wiring has been pushed here by alot of people wanting the cheaper priced cobs to be able to line up in comparison to the lower nominal voltage of cree,which if ran in series has tons of different driver options "imo" of course dont see side by side pics very often of the 2 so heres the cree 3590 next to the citi 1212 which gets compared all the time around here,maybe the voltage is close but thats about it.:wall:
    20170320_102253.jpg 20170320_102240.jpg
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    Trying to incite cob envy I see. It's not how big your cob is that's what you do with it that counts!

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    maybe the citi users have creenis envy because they couldnt afford the best lmao.

    its all in fun n games ya'all i dont care what chips anyone uses
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    Unfortunately Cree had been overstating their chips performance/ bins for some time now.....idk if their cobs follow the same tactic
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