LBH's 4 way lst tutorial (w topping sub-tutorial)


When you are getting ready to pin the 4 way down, do you cut the fan leaves/ trim under the 4 way? Seems like there could be some issues with the branches pushing the leaves down


did you actually read it?
Not for auto's? I guess you mean the 60-day mostly found auto's seeds on the market.
I'd try this with super autos, 100-120 days (from seed to harvest). I'm positive they don't mind topping and lsting. Bought some Nirvana Sky Super Auto seeds to experiment.


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This thread be old dude, click on the forums and comment on current threads there :-)
This has been going on in more than 1 sub latley. Well over a year old threds brought to the top because people don't read the dates. It's actually quite irritating.


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looking this at scrog tutorial at growweed easy and have 2 question

when he does training with U shaped spikes. clothes hanger deep do I go to ground and will I damage the root...
You see when the plant recover from that U training in the day or two the plant show 7/8 colas instead 8 in previus picture...
Can I make 12/12 switch then or let it grow for a couple a days more...

My first grow i just get 2 main fat colas because I just top once and 2 colas on side but not on same height and really like make my second grow with some training/topping/U shaped spikes training/defolation/dry ammandments and then 12/12
It is a bushy 100 indica afghan kush
Is this is a good plan


Hello everyone, I'm a little confused about LBH's description of the 2nd topping. Where exactly is he topping the 2nd time--at the end of the 4 mains that were spiked down, or somewhere on the 2 offshoots in the middle of the 4 mains? If the latter, then which offshoot is topped, and where? Thanks!