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    Dog eat Dog world...............

    Yep..............unfortunately it's about $$$$$ now
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    In fairness isn't "trying to figure out how to grow the best for the fewest watts" also about money, if only at a smaller individualized scale?
    I am an LED n00b trying to adapt from the "dark ages" of HID bulbs. LED, for me, is just as much about heat production (and light distribution) as it is about watts.

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    @PSUAGRO. was referring to the big ego's and attacks that go on between all of these led upstart companies trying to be the first to market a tech and undermine each other with idea theft and copying.
    To me, may the the most genuine cat win in this game. The one ('s) who treat everybody with respect and decently. Weather they are noobs, master growers, or anywhere in between. No matter how "stupid" of a question someone where to ever ask of them. I know there are 3 that come to mind that have got their start right here on these forums that fit that description selling complete led fixtures and 1 selling parts.
    Then there's the Other guy, ya you know who you are - and I'm sure many would agree that the other night on sub's show the Hortilux guy slapped his dick all over the side of your face without engaging even a single one of your bs "what about the photons" non-sense jabs lol

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    DIY LED growlights can be alot of things to alot of people
    -saving $$$
    -reducing heat /managing environment easier
    -carbon footprint reduction
    -higher "quality of light"
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    I like to grow plantz under my LEDs... :)

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    I’m sorry but as 4th year botanical science student with the intentions of specialising in plant and cell physiology, I would have to completely disagree with the comments made by you and the "Hortilux guy"
    It has been scientifically proven that, plants have to down-convert blue photons to a lower (red) energy level to efficiently use them in photosynthesis = (wasted heat energy). Blue photons do have one very important roll though, and that is they inhibit auxin synthesis. This is advantageous because it creates stockier shorter plants with more bud sites during the vegetation period in angiosperms.
    PSI and PSII photosynthesis pathways require two photons, 680nm and 700nm. It doesn’t need to be specific to these wavelengths but the closer it is the less energy the plant has to waste in conversion.

    The Hortilux guy also directly implied that LED can only be successful in hobby growing where you’re growing a shorter plant, and is not viable in commercial lighting. So what he is basically saying is LED has no "penetration" which is a complete bullshit implication, photon density is photon density regardless from what light source it is being emitted from. It is just as useful as any other lighting source in commercial applications. High Quality LED lighting has the ability to be the most efficient lighting source on earth period.

    Green is also important as it aids in the absorption of other wavelengths in photosynthesis as well as the photomorphogenic aspects, but I won’t get into that as it gets rather lengthy.

    He also implies measuring photon density in watts per square foot, which is completely stupid and rudimentary . Is PPFD the best possible measurement no, but it sure as hell beats watts per square foot.

    How GreenGenes contained himself and didn't rip this guy apart, I don’t know. He sure has the capability, knowledge and intelligence to do so.
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    Don't forget the ability for an even light distribution across the plant canopy as well as the reduction in costs regarding changing bulbs and hoods.
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    I don't disagree with anything you have written here brother, the issue is in the last sentence as you say "rip this guy apart".
    Bringing knowledge in a respectful way and not turn everything into a degrading dick swinging contest as GreenGenes does at every chance he get's. Not to mention logging in under multiple user names to harass members here on RIU. Real sleezy shit in my book o_O

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    Fair enough.
    I don't particularly like him myself, via his internet persona (could be a great guy in person).
    But he is defiantly one of the most intelligent members on this forum and I respect the fact that he massively contributed to this forum, was one of the pioneers in COB and high end LED lighting.
    But who the fuck i'm I to judge someone... right:P
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    You need to take the personal out of it. Because exactly what you just said you like...is exactly what went down in the subcool stream that you are trying to quote differently. You may not like it because of your personal issues, but I was invited in as one of Sub's friends, to bring a little depth to SUB's GUEST on that show. So I came in and let him say his piece without jumping down his throat on some of the straight out marketing manipulated statements that he was trained by his company to say. I added a little clarification on what he was saying so our educated viewer that know what actually is needed in photosynthesis could pick up the clear discrepancies then react. We have done multiple several hour long shows on, my channel, and the roundtable now, so it was not needed to be bashing Subs guest to preach what is written in the official literature for decades, though easy it could have been.

    And also, this isn't like chicken and the egg...you should really check out your claims timeline...I was tags420 then changed GG707 and it was announced when it happened years ago...there was no "making of new a screen name" or secret business about the two as you like you to perpetuate.

    Very well written, and dead on.
    When you actually know what goes on at the base level and can take all products and companies out of the equation and talk just the science of the processes, you can't help but cringe when you hear or see false and/or misguided information being presented.
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    Blackdog Phytomax 800 driver breakdown......That's what I would expect when paying $2300 along with their highest quality Epistar emitters. I cannot imagine these drive the cost up much.


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    Lol i cant believe you guys made me watch that sub video,eye hort dude was squermin around in his chair,could barely make a point on hid let alone knows next to nothing about led haha.i thought gg was very polite and basically let him off the hook several times.god bless subcool for being original and also for his breeding of cannabis, but alot of his recent vids (last year or so) is either speculation or straight up misinformation lol.i like the guy alot,but dont take everything you see or hear on youtube as the gospel ;)
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    When you want to make profit but you don't want to or can't deliver the highest quality product you can do 3 things.

    You either price your lights according to their quality.
    If you can drive down pruduction costs you can play the delivers most performance per dollar
    Or you do the gamble which is to fool people into thinking you're producing top quality lights by pricing them as top quality lights.

    Blackdog took the gamble option.

    Their upgraded phytomax 2 has a umol output of 1.5 umol/j.
    That's probably about the same as a generic white light bulb that's 100 lm/w. Less if you also factor in that you can remove the diffuser on the light bulb.
    And there are already light bulbs hovering around 120 lm/w. (including driver and diffuser losses, provided philips and osram are honest)

    No reason to buy blackdog lights ever since they get outperformed by regular bulbs.

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    What happened to you???? Why have you become an asshat troll like 1/2 of RIU membership already is? This is nothing more than a personal attack, so keep it personal and pm him. We've enough space wasting assholes in these threads as it is.


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    i think its it kinda cool right now actually bro..back to leds, many cheaper replacements for crees cobs....greengenes cruising through every now n then..keepin us all honest..or something
    whats not to like..
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    sorry if i killed this thread..wtf..lol?
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    Thanks for the equipments detail, its helpful for us and select best companies germination chamber to germinate seeds if you need.
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    no 480v,............still only Lumigrow(ul) as of now?
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