magical butter machine recipe fail...plllleaasee help


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so i just purchased a magical butter machine....

i decarbed 1oz quality hemp at 250F for 35 min (i use an oven thermometer to insure accurate temp.)...
Tossed the decarbed into the Magical butter machine with 2 cups of MCT OIL.
set the machine at 160F for 1 hr.

long story short, the oil has no effect and i dont feel anything...

i know the decarboxylation process is not the issue because i have eaten plenty of decarbed hemp with good results.

can anyone lend some pointers??
-should i use 2 oz of hemp and 1 cup oil?
-should i let it run for 2 hrs at 160F?
-add lecithin for potency??
-should i put the oil in the freezer overnight then put it back in the machine for a couple more hrs?

really need some input...thanks


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Hey. So I have used a magical butter for about 5 years now. Im on my second one machine. I have never used MCT oil, but I have used Coconut oil and it works great. For the cookie recipe that I use (Homemade) I use butter and people who try them including my wife are only able to eat half a cookie. As far as letting the machine run run for 2 hours while making oil I wouldnt suggest this. Also I use 2 sticks of unsalted butter for a half ounce. MB.jpgbutter.jpgcookies.jpg


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Sorry and to answer your question about putting it in the freezer, the answer is yes. but I wouldn't put it back in the machine nut keeping in the freezer will help with shelf life. Also make sure there is no light getting to your once in the container. I wrap mine in Duck tape


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thanks for your input. i am using it strictly for oil but i am definitely going to take your advice regarding coconut oil.
We use primarily coconut oil, and have long before I bought our machine. Primarily due to its very high THC solubility. Since THC is soluble in fat, the more fat in the oil, the better.

Coconut oil: 90%
Butter: 70%
Olive oil: 15%

We also like the taste and the health benefits of the coco oil.


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@spek9 what do you use your oil for
Cookies, gummies, cake, brownies, pies, anything. Sometimes I just eat it with a spoon. We're going to make some fruit rollups tomorrow.

After we filter the oil out of the product with cheesecloth, we tie the cloth shut with the product still in it. We then put these "balls" of product in a Ziplock in the freezer.

Next time we cook a chicken, we stuff two or three of these product remnant balls into the cavity. Makes for a really nice mellow eating. We then save the broth, and later make chicken noodle cannabis soup. Awesome for when you're ill, or just want to watch something on a lazy day. We like to get as much use as possible of the product.

Typically we do a bunch of oil at once. Four batches of oil, 2oz product per batch. I use a 75% bud to 25% trim ratio (give-or-take).


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How about the 190f and 220f temp setting on the mb machine??

if I’m using coconut oil, will using one of the two temp settings be okay?

Can anyone offer input?

btw, I’m using hemp not marijuana


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I have never used any other temp settings but the recommended 160. Just to stay on the safe side. But I do decarb before putting in the machine. Never done hemp