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    I'll try it next time thanks.

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    Just made my first MB2 tincture using glycerin (2 cups), lecithin (2 tbs) and herbs (1 oz) at 160° for 8 hours and added some vanilla extract (1 tbs) to the filtered extract. It tastes great but I am a little disappointed with the strength. To improve the result I was thinking of using a mix of alcohol and glycerin (2 parts glycerin to 1 part alcohol) and the reducing it with a 190° 1 hour cycle at the end. This should evaporate the alcohol without a fire.

    Has anyone tried a similar technique?

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    My second try produces a really bodacious recipe:

    glycerin (2 cups), 190 proof grain alcohol (2 cups), lecithin granules (1 tbs) and herbs (1 1/2 oz).
    130° two 8 hour cycles
    160° one 2 hour cycle (I found 190° to be too high for the ethanol mix)
    filter with double cheesecloth and then through the 90 micron filter
    If the result exceeds 2 cups you can use a double boiler to evaporate the excess alcohol.
    Add one tsp of vanilla extract the the mix to improve the flavor.

    The result tastes great and is much stronger than using glycerin alone. This recipe uses about 2.5 grams per oz liquid so it is quite strong. Also, it filters quite easily which can be a problem using glycerin alone. Note that a small amount of alcohol will remain in the mix and cannot be boiled out.

    My only bad experience this time was that the top of the MB2 handle pulled away from the machine and I now hear something rattling inside. I have not read about anyone having the same thing happen but I recommend that you be careful when picking up the machine while it is full.

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    do u have a recipe for a nice oil? I favor heavy hitters, and bingh - I would LOVE to make something even in the ballpark.... of the state of that ballpark. ol

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    I have not tried oils, but if you consider that my approach removes the alcohol from the tincture mix. Basically what I am saying that you can get any strength in the finished product. Using my recipe- reducing the glycerin will increase the potency of every drop. I would assume that the glycerin could be reduced to 0., I haven't tried it though, so use with discretion. I don't think that you should cycle the MB at 160° using just alcohol, use the double boiler method instead, be careful with the temperature here and make sure you exhaust the fumes.

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    Hi there. I have been holding on to a bottle of Clear Springs 190% proof for over a year now ( afraid to use I finally decided to try tincture in MB2. I decarbed 17 g good bud and 50 g trim in oven, then added that and 2 cups of alcohol to MB2 machine and made tincture (130 degrees for 4 hours). I wanted to get rid of the alcohol so I double boiled it down to 1 oz liquid tar.

    My questions are:
    1: Can I put this ounce of liquid tar, with 2 cups of glycerin back into the machine again to make a strong tincture out of it?
    2. If need be can I add more Clear Springs to get liquid tar out of container.

    I made two newbie mistakes: First when pouring out tincture I looked to see how much sludge was left and got a whiff of fumes. This put me out of commission for about and hour (could not stand Second, when double boiling off the alcohol I tilted top pot too far and got water in with my tincture. That is why I was only left with 1 oz tar, I had to evaporate water off.

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